The appearance and feel of this FOPATO F75 Hanjiangxue mechanical keyboard of the Neptune axis are worthy of Amway

I have played a lot of mechanical keyboards so far. Although it is not at the HIFI level, at least I can become a veteran. The Tiger Batu F75 "Hanjiangxue" I recently bought is worthy of Amway in terms of appearance and feel. The latest Neptune switch, Gasket structure, LCD screen, rotating scroll wheel, hot-swappable support, RGB light effect, it can give you what is available in the mechanical keyboard market today. Han Jiangxue's appearance is very high, the shape is also very unique, the materials are exquisite, and it looks quite luxurious.

The gradient blue color of FOPATO F75 "Hanjiangxue" becomes lighter and lighter from bottom to top, giving people a unique and beautiful feeling. The keyboard uses the 75 arrangement that is currently promoted by major brands. It no longer uses the ordinary numeric keypad, but rearranges some commonly used keys to make the keyboard more compact, and can also use Fn + other keys. combination to achieve more functions.

At the bottom left of the keyboard, there is a very conspicuous Logo - Tiger and Eight Rabbits, using polished rose gold plating. The perfect combination of plastic and metal makes this keyboard look taller.

The keycap made of PBT adopts two-color injection molding process, which is also one of the most popular keycap processes among users. The cross holes at the bottom are all very standard. The benefits of this material will not change even after a long time. The gloss is shiny, the hand feel is the most comfortable, and the color adjustment is very accurate.

The Hubatu F75's Hanjiangxue shell is frosted, and the edges are changed from other mechanical keyboards that highlight the edges and corners. The whole is more rounded, looks softer and more refined. On the left side, the on/off key is easy to distinguish from other function keys, so you won’t make mistakes when you operate blindly.

On the right side of the keyboard, there is a switch key between Win and Mac systems, as well as a choice of three modes: 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired. Among them, the Bluetooth connection can support multiple channels, and multiple devices can be connected together. Use the shortcut keys Fn+ Q, W, E to switch freely. You can use a short press to connect or a long press to pair.

The upper right corner of the keyboard is a 1.14-inch TFT color screen, which can display the date, time, currently selected system status, connection mode, battery power, RGB mode, lighting brightness and speed. What's interesting is that it also supports photo playback, and you can put some of your favorite small animations in to increase the agility of the keyboard, and the volume knob in the upper right corner is not only functional, but also stylish in design.

The back of the keyboard is mainly blue, and the four feet have non-slip silicone pads. Here are two magnetic detachable and adjustable heights. The nameplate in the middle is also magnetic. 2.4G wireless receiver.

This time, in addition to the height-adjustable foot pads on the original keyboard, a pair of relatively taller foot pads are also equipped, so this keyboard has one more level of height adjustment than the previous magnetic suction.

After reading the appearance, let me show you the inside of the keyboard. The Gasket structure can effectively reduce the sound of pressing keys, making the keyboard more comfortable to use. It can also reduce the vibration and shaking of the keyboard, improve the stability of the keyboard, and make it more accurate. However, Because the Gasket structure has high requirements on the details of the positioning plate and the soft gasket material, the assembly is difficult, so the cost is relatively high, so it is generally used on high-end keyboards, and Hubatu uses this Gasket this time. structure.

In terms of the shaft body, Hubatu uses the customized TTC Neptune shaft this time. The overall pressing performance is very stable and smooth, the noise is well controlled, and the hand feel feedback is also very good.

The independent light guide column structure combined with the transparent shaft seat and shaft center can make the shaft body have double light-transmitting channels, further improving the lighting performance of the keyboard. Its single-stage spring can bring more linear and stable pressing feedback, and cooperate with TTC's silver plating process to improve the oxidation resistance and durability of internal metal parts, and also increase the service life, making it more reliable and durable.

For the driver, you can search for the official website of Hubatu to download. It is easy to operate and can be set accordingly. Except for the Fn key, which cannot be customized, the other 80 keys support macro customization. The various custom settings inside allow you to play with it for a long time and still enjoy talking about it. This is also the charm of the mechanical keyboard. The screen image settings in the upper right corner are also realized through this driver software.

Through the driver, you can choose RGB and other over-the-top modes. Of course, you can also switch between different lighting effects through the combination of shortcut keys on the keyboard. There are up to 22 RGB lighting effects to choose from.

Speaking of accessories, Hubatu should be the first in the industry this time. In addition to the aviation plug-in cable used on high-end keyboards, a separate cleaning kit is made, and the key puller is also placed inside for easy storage.

Equipped with this aviation plug-in cable, it looks more professional and high-end, and another section of wire can be replaced according to different needs of users, just like the audio cable I usually play.

There are a variety of cleaning tools in the box of the cleaning kit. The brush of the box itself is retractable. There is also a small watering can inside that can be used to hold water and then spray it gently on the keycaps, which saves the need for cleaning. It's a hassle to take it down and clean it,

There is also a small brush that can clean dandruff, dead skin, dust and other small garbage in the gaps of the keyboard, which is very convenient. The whole suit is as delicate as a girl's makeup box.

The current mechanical keyboard industry is really getting more and more voluptuous. This F75 of Hubatu has four colors to choose from. No matter which color you choose, it can undoubtedly give you the most comfortable percussion feel. And unique keyboard lighting effects.

The latest Neptune axis, Gasket structure, whether it is in daily work or playing games, it can have precision and reliability. The built-in battery capacity of 4800mAh can provide long-term use, coupled with the stylish design and high cost performance, it is a good keyboard worth recommending.

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