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The appearance is high and easy to use. Since I changed to a mechanical keyboard, I found that the membrane keyboard is simply an IQ tax.

I don’t know what everyone thinks about computer DIY. To be honest, the performance of the current computer is already seriously excessive. For ordinary users, there is no need to pursue a better CPU or a better graphics card. If it is only for office use, the 12th generation i3 is enough, even with a similar graphics card, the general large-scale 3A games can also be played very smoothly.

For ordinary users, the computer should be a landscape at home, with a better-looking case, and a set of easy-to-use, high-value keyboard and mouse, and the entire 4K display, full of high-level sense, I don’t believe you can’t Back to the computer desk. Playing on the computer is really more enjoyable than swiping the phone. At least looking at the 4K big screen is much more comfortable than lying under the covers and staring at the small screen. What do you think?

Recently, I was attracted by a Lofree Luofei Summer 1% Vitality Orange keyboard. To be honest, as a digital blogger, I am very picky about the choice of keyboards. Traditional brands make keyboards. I used to like all kinds of light pollution. In recent years, customization has become popular again. The switch body has also changed from the popular cherry switch in the past to the rise of various domestic switches. The progress of mechanical keyboards in terms of feel and design in the past few years is obvious. However, the only thing that is difficult to break through with mechanical keyboards is the appearance.

The appearance design of this Luofei Summer 1% Vitality Orange keyboard is particularly novel. The whole body adopts the design idea of ​​a transparent keyboard. It is very different. The key is that if the shaft inside the transparent keycap is opaque, it will make your hips stretch. Luo Fei is very smart and chose the Kaihua jellyfish Y-axis. The blue keycap corresponds to the fully transparent shaft, and the orange key Under the cap is an orange shaft body, so that the keycap and shaft body can be seen at a glance, and the shaft body cannot be seen at all without pulling out the keycap on a normal keyboard.

Before I bought it, I would have thought that Luofei made this kind of transparent keyboard to please girls, and it would definitely sacrifice the feel. After getting started, I found that the Kaihua jellyfish Y-axis feels surprisingly good, a bit similar to the red switch, but The percussion feel is very similar to the silver shaft, and it feels very comfortable in the hand. It’s really cool to operate, the key travel is extremely short, the operation response is quick, the bottoming feedback is particularly strong, the typing is very quiet, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your family’s rest when you code at night. The point is, the backlight of this guy is white, which is really good-looking, and the picture can’t show it. The transparent keycaps and different lighting effects switch, I especially like it. When typing, the lights follow the characters to form The special effects like ocean waves are very eye-catching.

So, for me, I think that instead of spending a lot of money to pursue top-end graphics cards and CPUs, it is better to change the keyboard, which has a high value and good configuration. It is used for office work and gaming. Such a beautiful computer desktop is also a good opportunity to show yourself. By the way, if you are a girl, let me tell you a little secret. The back of the Luofei 1% Vitality Orange keyboard can also be used as a mirror, which is a very interesting design.

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