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The best Durga keyboard at present, K610W out of the box

杜伽的键盘我有一段时间没有关注了,K310 K320 K330W等型号我基本也都玩过了,外观方面,我是觉得中规中矩,比较普通的感觉,但我在不关注的一段时间中,杜伽也出了一些键盘,其中热插播的型号也更新了一些,但最吸引我的,是一块K610W的全尺寸无线键盘,我本人是非常喜欢全尺寸键盘的,并且造型&配色方面也要优于K310W,这次的K610W也加入了热插拔,那一定是要来一把了,当然我也弄到了,那么下面我们进入开箱环节

On the outer packaging, the K610W has also become a double-layer packaging, which is very different from the previous packaging, and there is also a rendering of the product

I won’t say much about the introduction in eight languages ​​on the back

Pull out the shell, and the LOGO of Durga is printed on the second layer of packaging

Looking at the keyboard body, this time I deliberately chose the blue and white color scheme that I have been thinking about, that is, the fog blue color scheme. The whole is composed of three colors of blue, white and gray. Compared with the previous fog blue color scheme, it has improved a lot. For this color scheme I have no resistance to the keyboard

K610W also provides supplementary keycaps, considering the MAC system crowd, this is a good point

What I am most satisfied with about the K610W is the processing of the indicator light buttons, which used to be basically 5 reminder lights. The shape is really not good-looking, and now I specially made a decorative plate on the indicator light, anyway, I feel that I will bring it up after a while

The switch and TYPEC interface are on the left, and the TYPEC interface is a bonus item. Of course, this is Dujia’s daily life.

There is Dujia's LOGO on the lower right side, and the black border is still very nice

The shaft body used this time is Jiadalong’s customized crystal shaft customized by Dujia. I chose the tea shaft. The paragraph feeling on the hand is not so strong, but it is more suitable for office work.

The satellite shaft used by the big key, of course, is still tuned, and you can see the internal grease, but this time I feel that it is a bit too plugged

Supports hot swapping of bipod shafts, and there are quite a lot of universal shafts

The keycaps use the original height of the PBT two-color keycaps. The keycap has not let me down, but I hope there is also a version of the OEM height keycaps. Although the gap is not big, you can still experience different feel.

The back is still relatively neat, but there is also a wire slot for the data cable

The two-stage foot support has always been the standard configuration of Durga, so I won’t say much about it.

The standard receiver storage compartment is located on the left side of the keyboard. If you need to take it out, you don’t have to worry about the receiver being lost.

OK, let’s take a look on the computer. I just put a wired one on the mouse. To be honest, the white wireless one is more suitable.

The keyboard is still pretty good-looking, and because it supports Bluetooth, it can also be switched randomly on different devices

I took a look at the bluetooth link that supports two devices, and can switch seamlessly through the combination of keys. If I use bluetooth to connect to the computer, I only need to press FN+W to switch to the mobile phone or tablet.

One advantage of hot-swapping is that you can replace the shaft body with your own needs. For example, I prefer the crisper space bar, so I chose Kaihua’s BOX white. It feels like pressing a ballpoint pen when I was in school. It is very crisp and decompressed.

After changing the shaft body, let’s change the keycaps to see the compatibility. By the way, let’s share my keycap collection. I still have the keycaps in the ZOMO PLUS and Gundam joint keycap storage display box. The box is made of metal. Acrylic cover

I have both large and small keycaps. Large keyboards such as Enter can be installed with ZOMOPLUS out-of-print white shields. Others are some small keys. One Piece keycaps support more ALT and FN.

In terms of compatibility, Dujia will not have any problems, whether it is a cat's claw or a Gundam keycap, there is no problem, and it is relatively easy to use.

When replacing keys like FN, you need to pay attention to the height of the keycaps. This One Piece is a bit higher, and it is a little uncomfortable to use. My suggestion is that if you want to change the keycaps, it is best to replace all sets, like this If you want a personalized keycap, you have to cut its height before you buy it. If it doesn’t match the height of the original factory, it will be uncomfortable to use.

First of all, I think Durga K610W is currently the best full-size wireless keyboard in Duga series. Using it under G, the battery life of 200 days is basically invincible. The color matching of the keycaps is also quite good this time. Hot-swapping can freely replace the shaft body you want. I really can’t find any shortcomings. Of course, if it comes out again A set of OEM height keycaps would make this keyboard even more perfect!

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