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The best ones are from ten years ago - talk about my garbage keyboard

This is the second part of [Old Object Evaluation].

The mechanical keyboard clicked, and I double-clicked to scratch the wall later.

The island keyboard has poor rebound, and the typing speed is as slow as flying.

The Bluetooth multi-link design is good, and it is a bit frustrating to be indistinguishable.

ThinkPad is a true god, with a long life span of ten years.

As the time stretches to ten years, the use of keyboards keeps changing, and personal needs change constantly. I bought a lot of keyboards back and forth, because the price/performance ratio (poor) is not expensive. I threw away a lot, and after cleaning up the cabinets, there were still a few left, so I just took them out and counted them.

At first, I pursued usability, and then I pursued key travel, rebound, stability, etc. I wanted a feel, and then I wanted to connect more with Bluetooth. The ultimate pursuit is back to typing quietly.

But the demand keeps falsifying. Although it is not a fall into the trap of consumerism, but after going around, I found that the keyboard at the beginning is the one that gives me the most companionship and the most comfort.

The main reason to buy a mechanical keyboard is to play games. want is feel , the persuasion is double click and too noisy

My aunt has been shopping a lot, and she has always been so excited to play games on a mechanical keyboard. I was obsessed with DOTA2 again (veteran with 2502 hours of game time, an elite who has scolded 9 players with 1 person, and a current cloud player who is worried about why he didn't ban Mammoth).

I listened to the propaganda of an unknown forum before, so I bought a splash donkey for more than 100 yuan. After using it for about half a year, double-clicking + certain keys failed, so I threw it away.

In Xianyu, I bought a defective entry-level keyboard from a well-known "big factory" - Rapoo V500PRO. It only cost 65. Sure enough, in less than half a year, the most commonly used enter and space have been double-clicked. Playing games is actually okay, but typing is completely unbearable.

Works okay but breaks down fast

According to my immature experience, the rebound of the mechanical keyboard is really good. It really feels like a leap when you start using it, but it will be the same after a long time. And the feel of a good membrane keyboard is not bad. The first disadvantage is a common problem, that is, it is too noisy. When I started to use it at home, every night in the dead of night, when my left hand went up and down the range to show the audience, my wife often unplugged the power directly. The second disadvantage is that it is easy to double-click. This may be because my entry is too low-end, and it may not be a common problem. Later, I used it in the office, and was almost beaten to death by my colleagues when I worked overtime at noon.

Cloud players are gone, mechanical keyboards will no longer be used, and I envy those teenagers who still love light pollution, DOTA, and LOL.

The island keyboard I understand is a keyboard separated by one key, and the function positioning is mainly in pursuit of thinness. Most of the island keyboards are bought passively, and a small part is bought to meet specific needs. The feel is too bad to say anything.

I bought several notebooks one after another, including the stupid Shenzhou God of War, the more refined Lenovo Xiaoxin, Apple’s macbook PRO, the Rapoo K480 for typing on the iPad, and the Rapoo K480 for wireless and mute. The K8100M keyboard and mouse set. Strictly speaking, it should not be all isolated island keyboards. The main reason for being classified into one category is that the hand feel is equally bad, so it is convenient to complain together.

I don't mean anyone, I mean island keyboards are rubbish

Where is the difference?

most importantly key travel is too short . That is, the maximum downward pressure distance of the keyboard is very small. The short key travel causes the keyboard to go to the bottom as soon as it is pressed. I have not exerted force, and you are over?

followed by Poor rebound effect . When the letter is pressed, it takes a moment to rebound, which is similar to the feeling of playing Dota with a delay of 100 milliseconds.

after all it is Not nice to use. It can only be barely used in an emergency, and if it is used for work for a long time, it will definitely be rushed to death.

True love life, stay away from isolated islands.

Rapoo's K8100M and K480 are both Bluetooth multi-connected devices. The original intention of purchasing them is to use them for typing on IPADs, mobile phones and Huawei tablets in the future.

In other words, this demand is all imagined out, and it is actually useless. The software on the tablet and mobile phone is still suitable for mobile emergency office, and sitting at the desk to work seriously is still far away from the PC.

Speaking of Bluetooth multi-connection devices, for me who is confused, the biggest pitfall is that when I use it occasionally, I really can’t remember which device 1, 2, and 3 are. The K8100M has a key to distinguish devices, and the Bluetooth has a slight delay. It takes a while to switch to the correct device connection. Every time I always think that the switch is wrong, resulting in continuous switching and always failing to connect. You have to reconnect every time you use it. The K480's physical scroll wheel switch is okay, and there is a wheel that can assist in memory.

K480 has a physical switch wheel, which is much easier to use

After rambling so much, it's finally the turn of the player I'm going to praise to the sky.

Dangdang, THINKPAD X220.

Fighting for ten years, the glory is still

I remember when I first started ten years ago, it really surprised me. The notebook was small, thin and light at the time, and the little red dot in the middle of the keyboard gave people a sense of confidence. As the battery wears down over time, this small notebook is placed on the desk and used as a desktop computer.

However, the more devices I have used, I found out after a comparison that when it comes to keyboards, other young devices I have experienced are really only worthy of a sentence of rubbish.

On key process , can’t reach the length of a mechanical keyboard, but it’s enough, and it can have enough distance to exert force when pressed.

on rebound , not as hard as a mechanical keyboard, but the rebound is very fast. Perfect for my hand speed.

on button , the head is too big, with a slight curvature, and the pressure is smooth, and there is no feeling of falling down.

Moreover, ten years later, the feel is the same as before. Although the little red dot has always fallen down, although one of the touchpad buttons has fallen off. But this keyboard still rebounds strongly and responds quickly, like a loyal partner, diligently accompany me to continue fighting. The initial thought is that I'm going to have him stay with me until the last day he can work.

Sigh, is it worth sacrificing the feel of the keyboard in the pursuit of thinness?

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