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The big promotion is coming, the most suitable time of the year to buy cherries, if you don’t buy them, you will regret it.

CHERRY, the representative of mechanical switches and mechanical keyboards, its four kings (green, red, black, and tea) are highly sought after by players. Of course, as a rising star, silver switches are gradually accepted by players. For example, my favorite now is the silver switch, which has a short key travel and quick trigger. No way, I'm lazy, there is a keyboard that triggers with a single tap, why not choose, haha!

Although the price of CHERRY keyboards is not low, they have always had loyal fans. Of course, not all CHERRY keyboards are expensive, and there are also products with excellent cost performance. As a fan of CHERRY, I will recommend several keyboards and mice for you today, hoping to be a reference for you.

Cheap is king, the price of DW2300 wireless keyboard and mouse set is 100 yuan, it is worth owning! What do you think of JD.com’s Double Eleven price of 89 yuan?

Cherry (CHERRY) KC200 office mechanical keyboard, who said that you can’t use mechanical keyboards for office work, as long as you like it, it’s fine. Of course, it is recommended not to buy green switches, so as not to affect others. Of course, if you are the boss, just pretend I didn't say anything. Ha ha! At present, the double eleven black is 379 yuan, and the color is 469 yuan.

Cherry (CHERRY) MX2.0S wireless keyboard, with three-mode connection, 2. The 4G connection delay is less than 1ms, the unique steel-free structure feels more elastic, and the original CHERRY MX shaft. Considering the price, this configuration is still very good. The current double eleven price is 559 yuan, don't miss the chance!

Cherry (CHERRY) MX3.0S wireless mechanical keyboard, a keyboard I like, and the historically low price of 799, I bought it at the original price, hoot. Support three-mode connection, one-key switching, 2. 4G connection latency is below 1ms. It has an aluminum alloy frame and a unique steel-free structure that feels more flexible, CHERRY MX original switch, 16.8 million color RGB backlight, the only regret is that there is no silver switch. The daily price is 949 yuan, and the double eleven price is 799 yuan, which is suitable, really suitable.

Cherry (CHERRY) MX8.2TKL wireless mechanical keyboard, flagship product, 87-built design, if you don’t like full keyboards, then this one is definitely suitable for you, the keyboard has an aluminum alloy shell and panel, the original switch in the CHERRY ] area, double-layer noise reduction Design, eliminate noise, make the input experience more pure, three-mode connection, - key switch, 2. 4G connection delay is less than 1ms, aluminum alloy storage box, 16.8 million color RGB backlight and so on.

CHERRY MXMX8.0 wireless mechanical keyboard also adopts 87-key design, and the body is CNC aluminum alloy shell and panel. CHERRY MX's original shaft rebounds more simply, and the keyboard has a unique rotating multi-segment foot support, which is very effective. It has three colors of black, white and pink, RGB and monochrome white backlight, and a variety of joint models are available. Of course, there is also everyone's favorite aluminum alloy storage box. The current double eleven price is 999 yuan, and the daily price is 1149 yuan.

Cherry (CHERRY) MX-LP 2.1 three-mode wireless keyboard, supports three-mode connection, supports one-key switching, and the 2.4G connection delay is less than 1ms, the effect is very good. That is, the CHERRY MX original short shaft, compared with the standard MX shaft body, the height is about

35%, the trigger is about 40% faster, so the keyboard is about 35% thinner than the traditional mechanical keyboard. The 68-key compact arrangement is very good. Support 16.8 million color RCB backlight, Macaron color contrast design, a variety of color options. The original price is 849 yuan, and the eleventh price is 699 yuan.

CHERRY MX-LP 6.1 gaming keyboard also supports three-mode connection, one-key switching, 2. The 4G connection delay is less than 1ms. It also uses the original CHERRY MX short switch. Compared with the standard MX switch, the height is about 35% shorter and the trigger is about 40% faster. Aluminum alloy shell, feel and texture are very good. Make the keyboard about 35% thinner than the traditional mechanical keyboard. 68-key design with 16.8 million color RGB backlight, macaron color contrast design, a variety of color options, of course, the keyboard also has a double-layer noise reduction structure to eliminate unnecessary noise and bring a purer input experience. The original price is 1299 yuan, and the eleventh price is 999 yuan.

The keyboard recommended this time covers almost every price point, covering 68/87/104 configurations, and you can choose according to your needs. Produced by CHERRY, it must be a boutique. There is no need to worry about its quality. I usually feel that it is okay to buy it, but this eleventh will start tonight. If you miss it, you will have to wait until next year's 618. After all, the big promotion once a year is the most suitable time. If you like it You can pay attention to it, after all, the flagship product discount is more than 150 yuan, full of sincerity.

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