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The brightest star on the keyboard-Starry Sky Axis

The earliest cognition of Xingui brand is still in Internet cafes. Not long ago, I got started with Xingui GM840-Pro Guochaofeng mechanical keyboard. After I got it, it completely overturned my old impression of Xingui. I have to feel the lack of domestic brands in the past two years. Continue to make efforts. Recently, the upstart joint name Kaihua launched a new custom-made switch—the star switch. Next, let’s experience the feel of this switch.

The color scheme uses a transparent shaft cover with a dark blue shaft seat and a light blue shaft center. Using the same color depth to compare the stroke color difference, the look is fresh and comfortable. In addition, sequins are added to the shaft cover made of transparent PC material by using the sprinkling process, which makes the look and feel more prominent under the light. Nylon bottom shell and POM shaft core, the classic combination of the two combinations can effectively provide users with a longer lifespan of smoothness. The star axis is a five-legged axis with a large opening for the light position, compatible with front and back LEDs and plug-in lamp beads. The bridge-type cover is not used. Due to the characteristics of the PC material, the strength of the cover is still very high, and it is not easy to break the light position of the cover. When pulling out the shaft, the small claws of the key puller will still get stuck between the upper cover and the bottom case with a probability.

The star shaft adopts the POM wall cross shaft core, which has high pressing stability and little shaking. And the trigger is pressed from all positions of the keycap, and the consistency performance is very balanced. Even if you deliberately find the edge and press hard to the outside, the performance is similar. The shaft lubrication scheme is also very restrained (dry film of the guide rail + grease of the shaft center + grease of the spring bottom ring), just to restore the light and dry feel. But I don't know if it is purely handmade, or there are still a few of them that have noise.

The star axis also uses a single-segment lengthened spring, which triggers a light rebound and follows the hand. In terms of parameter calibration, the trigger pressure of the star axis is 40g, the trigger stroke is 1.9mm, and the total key stroke is 4mm. Competing product 3g pressure difference with friends is not obvious, finger perception is not obvious, after a short operation, players with muscle weakness choose hi +1! It will be easier to type in the daily office, and it is even more powerful in the game scene. For me personally, it is a pity that this is not a fast trigger shaft. If the shaft can be lengthened and the trigger stroke shortened, the difference can be more prominent.

Whenever I can't find the meaning of existence

whenever i get lost in the night

The brightest star in the night sky, please light me up

With the support of sprinkling technology, the transparent top cover with sequins makes the star axis more dazzling when it transmits light. Although RGB is more cool, I think white light is more in line with the star axis itself. It is so harmonious with the small size X1 PRO.

It can be said that this starry sky switch jointly branded by Xingui and Kaihua adopts the light pressure linear feel route, which is indeed the preferred feel of the key ring. However, for the price of 2.56 pieces, the performance is quite satisfactory, and there is nothing particularly eye-catching. It is also a bit difficult to break through today's customized axis body, but. According to the introduction of the official group, 618 has activities for 118-18 and 299-45, the price has come down, and the cost performance has been reflected. Finally: Our goal is the sea of ​​stars, and the innovation of key rings continues.

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