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The change of traditional big factories starts now——CherryMX8.2 Xaga Obsidian experience sharing

As long as the mechanical keyboard is mentioned, Cherry will never be bypassed. Even a few years earlier, Cherry was synonymous with mechanical keyboards.

After all, if the current mechanical switch goes back up, it is the MX switch invented by Cherry in 1983.

However, with Cherry's MX shaft patent expired in 2007, domestic shaft manufacturers such as Kaihua, TTC, Goto, and Jiadalong have emerged one after another in China, which can be said to be a pack of heroes.

And because of some problems in quality control and operation of Cherry, the word-of-mouth and reputation among players are not as good as before. It has gradually become the "Top Ten Best Gifts for Boyfriends" on Douyin.

Today, I will show you a flagship product recently released by Cherry: Cherry MX8.2 Xaga Obsidian.

Let's take a look at how Cherry, as an established manufacturer, responds in such a market where there are many heroes.

The outermost black paper packaging will not be displayed, and there is nothing to look at when it is all black.

Look directly at the iconic "arms box" packaging of Cherry Keyboard, no wonder it is often selected as "Top Ten Best Gifts for Boyfriends" on Douyin.

Among other things, this sense of ritual is full anyway.

Unlike the rich accessories in other keyboard boxes, Cherry MX8.2 accessories only have an anti-static glue line and a 2.4G wireless receiver.

But this time the 2.4G is completely different from the previous 2.4G on MX3.0S and MX2.0S.

It is equipped with a new Cherry technology: CWAT, which is Cherry's new ultra-low latency wireless technology.

In the wireless link state, the return rate can reach 1000Hz per second, and the ideal state can achieve 1ms delay.

However, this 1ms should be tested in the laboratory. When you actually use it, it should be higher, but it is also lower than the traditional 2.4G delay.

In fact, on April 17 this year, which is Cherry's 69th anniversary event.

Cherry has already released MX8.2, and the Xaga obsidian version I got this time is a small upgrade of MX8.2.

The main upgrade point is to upgrade the solid-color keycaps on the MX8.2 to the three-sided light-transmitting keycaps, and the RGB lighting effect is more prominent.

Friends who pay attention to the keyboard field should be familiar with this kind of keycap. As early as May this year, similar products were launched. Fingertip Wenchuang's "Morse Code" adopted such a three-sided side-through design.

The keycaps this time also come from Fingertips, and the theme is "Meteor".

The overall keycap color scheme adopts a gray-blue gradient similar to the night sky, which is simple and calm.

But one thing to note is that the three sides of the obsidian series are not fully transparent but translucent, so the dark keycaps are inferior to the other two light-colored ones in terms of lighting effects.

If you care about lighting effects, the other two colors of "Nebula" and "Zhaoxia" will be more prominent.


Let's take a look at the lighting effects on three sides from different angles.

The "Meteor" color scheme in my hand, the lighting effect is a dark green meteor across the upper right corner of the keyboard under the light blue light, and each color scheme has its own exclusive lighting effect.

However, I think the three-sided side-through keycaps this time are not as good as the previous solid-color keycaps in terms of finger oil resistance.

Although the previous solid-color keycap version is made of ABS material, it handles finger oil very well, and the finger oil on it is almost invisible.

This time the keycaps are made of PBT. Although PBT has better resistance to finger oils, the surface of the keycaps this time is particularly smooth, and a little bit of finger oil will be particularly obvious.

After reading the appearance and accessories, do you feel a little bland?

Don't worry, this shaft smells great.

The version I got is the Cherry brown shaft, which is my favorite Cherry shaft, and it is also the one with the most special feel among Cherry shafts.

The first feeling is that it is moist. This is the smoothest cherry tea shaft I have ever used. All the cherry teas I have used before are particularly crisp compared to it.

The cherry tea on the MX8.2 is obviously moisturized before leaving the factory, and it doesn't feel astringent at all.

Press a little harder to trigger the paragraph, the trigger is small but very clear.

The spring tone is the part that surprised me the most about this keyboard, after all, it can be called Cherry's "anti-counterfeiting" mark.

Cherry players have a mutual ridicule: If the cherry keyboard you bought has a spring tone, then congratulations, what you bought is genuine.

If there is, there is, and we can't be blind.

There is still a bit of spring sound on the MX8.2, but you can hardly hear it unless you listen closely.

It is difficult to detect the spring sound of the shaft body or the resonance sound on the entire keyboard during normal typing.

Although these are basic operations compared to other keyboards, the sound performance of MX8.2 has improved a lot compared to other Cherry keyboards.

This is Cherry's best-sounding keyboard right now.

Needless to say, the feel of the big keys is as good as the feel of the small keys this time.

The satellite shaft of the large key is also lubricated, but it is not as crazy as the domestic manufacturer to oil the large key.

Ye Qingjie, Cherry actually started to moisten the satellite axis of the big key.

Unscrew the 11 screws on the front and disassemble the keyboard, which is a very common sandwich structure.

The PCB is extremely thick, and a batch of solid materials is almost as thick as the metal plate of the upper cover.

The upper cover and the middle frame are made of aluminum alloy, and the bottom is made of ABS to ensure the transmission of CWAT signals.

However, the texture of this bottom case is very good, it does not feel like cheap plastic, until I disassembled it, I found that it is not metal.

Hey, have you discovered something amazing?

That's right, the silicone pad under the shaft and the sound-absorbing bottom cotton made of poron, and the double-layer spring in the right cavity is used for shock absorption.

Players who pay attention to customization are no strangers to this set of things. The sound-absorbing treatment can make the keyboard sound more "HIFi".

This is not a big deal for customized players, but this is the first time that Cherry has given the keyboard sound-absorbing treatment when it leaves the factory. Before, there was no cotton or pad. If you want sound absorption, you have to change it yourself, and if you change it, you will lose the warranty.

Now Cherry has finally done sound absorption, even double-layer sound absorption.

Compared with the previous Cherry, it has improved a lot, and it is also because of this double-layer sound-absorbing treatment that the sound effect of MX8.2 is so good this time.

无线芯片采用一颗NORDIC NRF52833。

This is a Bluetooth Low Energy and 2.4 GHz private wireless connectivity solution that supports the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol.

The chip uses a 64 MHz 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor with 512KB flash memory and 128KB memory.

This chip is responsible for processing Cherry's CWAT wireless protocol specialized for low latency.

The keyboard IC uses three VA12L20A from Weisheng Semiconductor, but no relevant parameters have been found. It is guessed that Cherry is an exclusive customized IC from Weisheng. Mainly responsible for functions such as the RGB backlight of the keyboard.

The battery capacity is 2800Mah, and the supplier is from Yongbang New Energy.

According to the actual measurement, the RGB backlight with the highest brightness in 2.4G mode can be used for two days. However, because I take notes and code words in class, I use the keyboard more frequently than ordinary people.

If you only play games for a few hours at night, I would estimate that it should be charged about twice a week.

There is also a SWR button on the PCB, but I don't know what it means.

I guess it is used to reset the connection of the 2.4G wireless receiver, and someone who has knowledge of related fields in the comment area can help to add.

As my title says, MX8.2 is the beginning of Cherry's change.

Cherry's products have not been Cherry's biggest problem, its arrogant attitude towards the market has been.

But on this keyboard, we can see that Cherry has made many first changes in order to meet the needs of the current market.

Run shaft for the first time: Whether it is a normal shaft or a satellite shaft, Cherry moistened them all this time. The brown switch of this keyboard is the best cherry tea in my opinion, and it can even be said that this is the best cherry tea in mass production.

The first factory sound-absorbing treatment: The silicone pad under the shaft and the sound-absorbing bottom cotton made of poron material, and the right cavity is also made of double-layer spring shock absorbers. Cherry obviously knows that there are some problems with the sound of their keyboards, and they are now gradually improving. This is a good thing for players. It is difficult to turn a big ship, and the most difficult thing is to start.

The first three-sided side-through keycap: MX8.2 Xaga Obsidian is the first finished keyboard on the market equipped with three-sided side-through keycaps. Let's push forward, the technology on Cherry is always a beat slower than other companies. Sound-absorbing processing and low-latency 2.4G wireless are only now being added. This three-sided side-through keycap is the biggest signal that I think it symbolizes that Cherry has begun to change. It has stepped out of its previous arrogant thinking and started to actively pursue new things and new products in the market.

MX8.2 Xaga obsidian version, the three colors are all 1799, which is 200 yuan cheaper than the standard version of MX8.2. Upgrading the keycaps is also 200 cheaper, this time it is an upgrade without increasing the price.

Although MX8.2 is the beginning of Cherry's change, what has not changed is the price of Cherry.

Even in 1799, this budget is not the budget goal of many people.

If you have always been an MX keyboard user and have always been a fan of Cherry. Then you must try the MX8.2 this time, it is completely different from any previous MX keyboard.

This is the beginning of Cherry's change, and you can feel Cherry's attempts and progress from this product.

But since ancient times, it is difficult to turn a big ship, but I hope that Cherry can rely on nearly 40 years of experience in the field of mechanical switches to complete this turn this time, and create more products that players will like in the future.

After all, all domestic shafts start from imitation, and the imitated brand is called: Cherry.

(Next year will be the 40th anniversary of the MX shaft, so there won’t be hot-swapping, right?)

The author declares that there is interest in this article, please respect the author and the content shared, communicate friendly, and make rational decisions~

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