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The charm of hip-hop is unstoppable: this! It's hip-hop joint keyboard and mouse, let's talk about things other than appearance

This year my daughter started to take dance classes, but I found that she was a bit obsessed. She usually sings and dances rap at home, and often watches dance-related variety shows and online classes with a Xiaomi tablet. The daughter said that the teacher suggested that they could go and watch "This! It’s Hip-hop”, so I went to Baidu for this variety show. I didn’t expect it to be so good. The young people in the show are full of energy. Even I, an old man who is running around four times, get goosebumps after watching it. It’s so youthful! Recently, A4Tech Shuangfeiyan's trendy play peripheral Feidai and "This! Hip-hop 5" launched a keyboard and mouse co-branded by fashion masters, national trendy peripheral brands and popular large complexes, let's see what kind of sparks they can create?

In order to unify the desktop style, I bought a joint three-piece set. "this! The three joint keyboard and mouse products of Hip-Hop 5 are A4Tech Shuangfei Yanfei Era FS98 Keyboard Trendy Master IP joint model, A4Tech Shuangfei Yanfei Era FM30 Mouse Trendy Master IP joint model and the same joint model FP80 large mouse pad.

Let’s take a look at the FS98 mechanical keyboard first. There are a lot of accessories, including stickers, keyboard cables, spare space bar/shift key, and a dual-purpose clip that can be used to pull out keycaps and mechanical switches.

FS98 is a 98-standard mechanical keyboard, and this time it is jointly named! It's the hip-hop theme, and the main color scheme of blue and purple is quite eye-catching (lucky party)! It also has three other color schemes, all of which are very good-looking. If you are interested, you can go to Tmall to have a look.

The keyboard is full of co-branded elements, even the chassis! The details are also in place. For example, there are rubber gaskets on the two-stage support feet for better grip. There are grooves on the USB-C port where the cable is inserted, and convex grooves on the cable plug. The stability of the connection is also better.

There are three-way cable management grooves on the keyboard, which can make the desktop more tidy.

Compared with the traditional 120-key specification, the 98-key keyboard mainly lacks the number keypad, and the overall length must be shortened, which is very friendly to users with limited desktop space.

The switch body on FS98 is a custom red switch made by Master F1. The trigger stroke and pressure grams are specially tuned. As a red switch party for many years, this keyboard is still very easy for me to use.

All of its switches are hot-swappable, with good versatility. Players can replace frequently used buttons with other third-party switches to improve the gaming experience.

The large keys are designed with the satellite axis, and the feel is consistent with the small keys, but the space bar is very special, it has 2 springs inside, although it looks... a bit odd Weird, but the consistency of the feel is surprisingly good!

Its keycaps are designed for CAO's own custom cut corner keycaps. Usually we see mainly ABS or PBT material, or ABS two-color injection molding, but FS98 actually integrates PBT and ABS to make two-color injection molding. So the final result is: not only solve the problem of keycap oiling, but also bring a more transparent lighting effect!

Come see the same for this! It is the hip-hop co-branded FM30 mouse, which has four co-branded colors just like the keyboard.

FM30 is a symmetrical mouse, suitable for both left and right handed users, and weighs only 78g.

The F/S button behind the scroll wheel can be used to switch between multimedia, office, and game modes in the default drive-free mode. Through the mouse master software, you can customize them to suit the player's preferences. In fact, the seven buttons on it Each button can be customized, as long as you set it in the software, you can define a mouse that only suits you! In addition, the chassis has a CPI key, which supports four-stage speed adjustment, and supports CPI custom editing and saving 3 custom configuration files at the same time.

The wire is wrapped with the common nylon rope material on gaming mice, which is very soft!

Finally, let’s take a look at the co-branded FP80 large mouse pad, the size is 750X300mm.

Its details are done very well, the joint printing on the cloth surface and the stitching on the edge are all handled very delicately.

Put it on the table and see the effect of the full set of Paige~ By the way, this set of blue and purple collocation is quite a match for my white tabletop.

In terms of lighting effects, the manufacturer has done enough effects for it. In addition to some common RGB effects, it also designed 4 lighting effects according to the joint team. The color performance is very good, the font lighting is very transparent, and the effect of the marquee is also good. Very good, under closer inspection, there is almost no obvious vignetting in each letter, and the overall effect is still very good.

In terms of keyboard feel, I mentioned earlier that I am a perennial red switch party. This keyboard uses the custom master F1 red switch. Although the red switches are different from each other, even if it is my first contact, it is not difficult to get started. , Straight up and straight down is my favorite style, the key travel is moderate, and the speed is fast when inputting text. The keyboard supports full-key without punching. The fluency is very satisfactory.

In terms of games, I am just a casual gamer, and the only one who plays a lot is LOL. This kind of game requires very few buttons. The red switch is my favorite, so I have nothing to do with this keyboard. place to complain. As for the mouse, the visual lighting area is only the LOGO and the scroll wheel on the P stock. Although it is not as exciting as the keyboard light, it still feels good in the hand. It weighs only 78g, and the smoothness of the co-branded mouse pad is very good. There will be a little bit of damping when moving, but it does not affect the micromanagement in games like LOL. In terms of the feel of the buttons, its main keys are very crisp, without any plastic feel, and the side keys are soft, with a slight rattling sound when they touch the bottom. Overall, this mouse can meet the needs of ordinary gamers like me.

Regarding these three joint products, it is not necessary to have a complete set. Players can choose and match at will according to their own preferences. Personally, I mainly want to reflect the consistency of desktop peripherals, so a set of Pages. I don’t think I need to brag about the appearance. The 4 team colors are very good-looking. I have nothing to complain about in terms of ease of use. In terms of price, Shuangfeiyan has always taken the cost-effective route, and this time it has brought the cost-effectiveness to the extreme. , I think it mainly has a lot to do with its joint theme, which is a bonus item. Generally speaking, peripherals that follow the theme style actually don’t add too many elements. At most, they add a color scheme or some Simple patterns, this set of joint peripherals embodies this everywhere! It is the theme element of street dance and war team, which directly fills the effect! Do you like their appearance, welcome to leave a message below, let's chat together.

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