The choice of urban beauty, simple and elegant, Dimo ​​F87 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Women have long been no longer synonymous with weakness, and more and more women in the workplace play an equally important role as men. The calm, dignified and elegant atmosphere of working women deeply attracts our attention. She let us understand: women in the workplace can not be beautiful but they must be well-groomed, exuding the beauty of maturity and wisdom all the time.

The most prominent labels of women in the workplace are capable, shrewd, and elegant. Therefore, the work desk of women in the workplace will neither be as messy as straight men, nor have so many cute elements like newcomers in the workplace.

If the desktop of a working woman needs to travel frequently, it may be as simple as a notebook; if the work is mostly indoors, a little thought will be spent on the desktop. For example, storage boxes, greenery, lighting. Of course, if you want to improve work efficiency, in addition to desktop storage, it is also a good choice to change to a powerful peripheral.

In the past, the company's business computers and membrane keyboards were used in the workplace. Although it did not affect the work, it was inflexible and inconvenient. It is also for this reason that more and more friends choose ultra-thin notebooks or even tablets for office work. After all, the mobile smart terminal can be taken away directly, which is convenient to meet various work needs.

However, whether it is a tablet or a thin and light notebook, the input experience is average. Especially when it involves a large amount of text entry, copywriting refinement, etc., touch control will not be a very good experience. What I recommend to everyone is the three-mode mechanical keyboard F87 from the professional e-sports brand Dimo.

Although it is said that Dimo ​​is the main game equipment, excellent peripherals are not limited to gamers, and are also suitable for workplace personnel with high work intensity.

I believe that for peripheral players, you can know how to play Dimo ​​F87 just by looking at the family portrait. Considering the perception of professionals in the workplace, I will briefly explain it here.

Dimo F87 is an 87-key mechanical keyboard. The 87-key is to simplify the numeric keypad on the basis of the conventional 104 full keyboard. It is not suitable for industries that often deal with numbers. However, with a compact layout and 87 keys, the desktop space can be greatly released, and the keycap size and layout of the full keyboard are retained. The three-mode means that it supports 2.4G wireless connection, Bluetooth connection and wired connection.

Moreover, the Dimo ​​F87 is also interchangeable, so a tool for changing the axle is provided. As for the Thor accelerator card, it is mainly prepared for e-sports games, and professionals may not necessarily use it.

Our regular keyboards are all wired. The biggest advantage of a wired connection is the low latency, which is especially important for e-sports gamers. The Dimo ​​F87 uses a detachable Type-C port connection, which can be connected to the data cable when using the wired mode. Of course, the DIMO F87 with a built-in 3000mAh lithium battery is also powered through the Type-C port, basically a single charge can meet the usage requirements of nearly 100 hours. And because it is a Type-C universal interface, a mobile power supply can be charged in case of emergency.

In addition to the conventional wired connection, Dimo ​​F87 also provides two different wireless connection methods for everyone, so that we can easily get rid of the shackles of cables. The two wireless methods are one-to-one 2.4G wireless connection, which has lower latency and can meet the latency demands of e-sports players; and the universal and powerful Bluetooth that can support computers, mobile phones, and tablets across platforms and devices Wireless connections.

For digital enthusiasts with more equipment, or friends who like to use tablets for office work, the three-mode connection can provide more convenience.

As for changing the shaft, it takes some time to explain to the goddesses. To put it simply, each key of the mechanical keyboard corresponds to the shaft, and the shaft is like a lady's lipstick. It looks almost the same in appearance, but in fact it is as different as the color number.

Because different switches will bring different feel, the classic green black tea black MX switch corresponds to the green switch with a strong sense of paragraph, and the sound is crisp but loud; the red switch feels soft, with low noise and no sense of paragraph; Obviously, it has the advantages of both the black switch and the blue switch; the black switch is straight up and down, and the response is quick, but it is hard, suitable for playing games but not suitable for a large amount of text entry.

And now the axes on the market have already reached the era of tens of thousands of axes, and it also brings new fun to players who like to play with peripherals. Of course, if you want to have strong versatility, it is enough to directly order the tea switch. After all, the claim of universal switch is not unfounded.

Dimo F87 can change the shaft, so that everyone can experience a different feel. In terms of shafts, all MX-standard shafts can be replaced. As long as you want, you can install them and toss slowly.

I believe that professionals who use the keyboard heavily will encounter two troubles, one is the obliteration of characters, and the other is oiling. The former is because the keycaps of membrane keyboards are basically silk-screened due to cost issues. To put it bluntly, the characters are only a little ink on the surface, which will inevitably fade away after a long time.

The problem of oiling is mainly because the human body will inevitably secrete a certain amount of oil, even if it is often taken care of, there will be some residue on the keycaps, and oiling will inevitably occur over time. This is an inevitable problem with ABS material keycaps.

One of the reasons why I recommend Dimo ​​F87, a mid-to-high-end mechanical keyboard, is because it uses PBT keycaps. From the appearance point of view, the ABS surface is more delicate, silky, good gloss, very beautiful. PBT has a matte texture. Although it is not as smooth as ABS, it is not rough after processing, but it makes the tapping process more sensational. From the perspective of essential characteristics, PBT material is higher than ABS in terms of temperature resistance, strength and toughness. That is to say, the corrosion resistance, thermal stability and impact resistance are better, so the quality and grade of PBT material are slightly higher. However, after processing, the two materials, no matter which one is very good, are also high-end and first-class keycap materials on the market.

After reading the professional part, let's look at the experience-related ones. Dimo F87 adopts the design of six rows of keycaps with four levels of height, which presents an arc shape as a whole, so as to fit the physiological signs of the human body.

Two-stage height adjustment is adopted to meet the usage habits of different groups of people.

There are non-slip foot pads on the four corners of the bottom surface, which are more suitable for high-intensity use.

87-key compact design, all four borders are extremely narrow, the high standard meets the requirements of e-sports players, and at the same time, it has a variety of different colors to meet different groups of people. And unlike the first-generation mechanical keyboard, it uses a silent switch and there are two layers of sound-absorbing cotton inside, so it will not disturb others even if it is used in the dead of night.

It comes standard with a detachable magnetic suction large hand rest, and supports 16.8 million color RGB backlights under wireless mode. It can be said that in terms of appearance, configuration, and functions, the Dimo ​​F87 three-mode mechanical keyboard is full.

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