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The combination of appearance and strength, cheap donkey RS6 mechanical keyboard

Now we have entered an era of science and technology. In the era of science and technology, the keyboard is indispensable. Because the keyboard is the most common in daily life, its functions are also divided into subdivisions. Now it has been divided into many There are so many keyboards, so how do we choose them? After a long period of research, I finally got the Jianlu RS6 mechanical keyboard. Let’s take a look below.

First look at the outer packaging of the product, the whole packaging is still very distinctive, there is a very huge product rendering on the surface of the packaging, and its model is written on the left, so you can see it at a glance

After reading the outer packaging of the product, let's take a look at the appearance of the product. The appearance design of the product is still very good. The whole body adopts a 96-key design. This design may be longer in volume, but its functions are really very good. Especially the numeric keypad on the right, for someone like me who likes to use it, it is simply amazing.

In addition to the very good design of the keyboard, this keyboard is also very good in terms of color matching. This keyboard adopts a color matching design, with a little blue in the black. This design makes the whole keyboard not so dull. , looks more lively.

The whole shell adopts color matching color design, which is very suitable for matching and looks very sci-fi. Not only that, it also uses a metal back panel, which makes the whole keyboard look very metallic, and the whole product looks more high-end atmosphere.

The separate multimedia volume knob is more convenient to use, allowing you to control the volume of the computer as you like, and the convenient way is full of thoughtfulness.

Of course, the most important thing about a keyboard is its function, and this product has a lot of functions.

First of all, it has three wireless connection methods, namely Bluetooth connection method, 2.4G wireless connection method and wired connection method. Various connection methods can meet our different needs.

In Bluetooth mode, this keyboard can support the connection of three devices, and can quickly switch, which can be said to be very convenient.

In 2.4G mode, wireless connection can be used, and this wireless connection is also very powerful, which can achieve extremely fast response and bid farewell to delayed experience.

The last one is our most common wired connection method. There is basically nothing to say about the wired connection method, which is similar to daily use.

The Jiadalong G PRO shaft has a stable shaft center and is more stable. It is very good in the actual experience. Not only that, this shaft is also self-lubricating at the factory, which can effectively eliminate the sound of spring shrapnel. The contact adopts the gold contact which can see oxidation, which greatly improves its service life.

In order to achieve the ultimate noise reduction, he also adopted the setting of noise reduction cotton plus cavity sound. The built-in EVA noise reduction cotton can effectively offset the knocking of the shaft body, making the sound of the entire keyboard even better.

Since it is a keyboard, it is unavoidable to plug and unplug. This keyboard supports quick plug and fast plug, and you can switch at will according to your needs. It is compatible with most of the switches on the market. It can be said to be very good for DIY.

The PBT two-color keycap has fine texture and is durable for a long time. The oil-free design brings a more comfortable operating experience, and the overall design is really considerate.

In addition, in terms of some details, this product is also very well designed, such as its own RGB illusion lighting effect and large-capacity lithium battery, these are its detailed advantages.

Generally speaking, my experience with this product is still very good. Whether it is the appearance design or the percussion feeling brought to me by the entire keyboard, this product is excellent, and it is very suitable for all kinds of people to start with. , Come and try it too.

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