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The cost-effectiveness of stacking materials is full, the king of introversion, Maicong K980 mechanical keyboard user experience + dismantling

Usually I use the computer more

keyboard is essential

A few days ago I received Maicong K980 mechanical keyboard

Its configuration is quite high

Full key supports hot-swappable shaft replacement

With tri-mode connection and RGB

Open the package, there is a keyboard cover inside

Can protect the keys very well

There are many accessories and replacement keycaps

Spare shaft Key remover Data cable

The keyboard is very heavy to hold

The red, blue and white color PBT keycaps are pretty nice

The layout of 98 keys is 99 keys with an extra delete key

With a small numeric keypad

The overall compact saves space

Also with RGB lights

Support 20 modes of switching

Brightness can be adjusted

After turning off the light, the approximate effect is as follows

RGB can effectively enhance the user experience

Anti-slip corner pads on the back of the keyboard

There are also support frames two section height

The receiver storage compartment is magnetic

Usually less easy to lose

general computer user

Just plug in the 2.4G receiver directly

Bluetooth is more convenient for mobile devices

There are two switches below

One is a keyboard switch

One is the switch between WIN and MAC

In terms of configuration, Kaihua BOX V2 white shaft is adopted

The paragraph axis has a clicking sound and a strong sense of rhythm

still very good

Compared with ordinary membrane keyboard

It feels so much better

Then disassemble the front cover for snap design

Difficult to remove the first time

Can only do miracles

Then remove all keycaps

Removed some screws

can be separated from the base

There are two lines in it to pay attention to

3300mAh battery inside the base

and huge silicone mat

Can reduce shaking and noise

The shaft supports hot swapping

Remove all shafts to separate the whole

The above is a steel version, a bit heavy

middle silicone pad

It’s full of configuration, no wonder it’s so heavy

In terms of battery life, the battery is 3300 mAh

Can be used continuously for 94 hours

It can last about half a month on a single charge.

Summary Nowadays, mechanical keyboards are more serious inward volume

This is all I can give

Good-looking appearance and good hand feeling

Multi-mode support for various devices

Only the battery feels a little smaller, but it's enough

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