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The "Crystal" keyboard you have never seen before, the domestic product finally has a good design

1% is unwilling to be mediocre

1% is the proportion of inspiration

1% is unique

1% is the dividing line from good to great

When it comes to peripheral keyboards, many people may think of the old Razer and Logitech first. Of course, many excellent domestic peripheral brands have emerged in recent years, so if we want to buy a keyboard and mouse, we still have many choices. For many people, the frequency of daily use of the keyboard and mouse may be second only to the mobile phone. No matter work or game, a good keyboard and mouse can completely affect our mood.

If you want to say which brand of keyboard is the best, and which color of the key shaft is the most convenient, I know that many friends here will have their own answers. But if you want to ask me which brand of keyboard is exquisite and looks good. I will definitely recommend the brand LOFREE to you. The first time I came into contact with this brand was their "Xiaoqiao" 68-key mechanical keyboard (left), which is almost brand new after a year of use. At 618 this year, because I often need to use two computers to work at the same time, I bought this 68-key keyboard (right) with a cement gray base "Summer Invasion Project" keycap.

As a long-term user, I am very familiar with LOFREE's keyboards. My love for this brand begins with its appearance and is loyal to its quality. It is no exaggeration to say that LOFREE is a "heterogeneous" of domestic peripheral keyboard circles, because it not only puts a lot of effort into the use experience, but also creates a precedent for DIY keyboard appearance. In terms of product appearance alone, it can be said that not only domestic brands are not capable of fighting, but even other non-domestic old brands are also powerless.

Among all the current keyboard products of LOFREE, the one with the highest appearance or the most expensive price is the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard. After entering my complex psychological activities as a loyal fan, I still bought it for myself on the day of Qixi Festival. In fact, I thought about buying it before, but I just suffered from a lack of stock.

As for the packaging accessories, I won’t go into too much detail here, let’s look directly at the keyboard itself. The 1% transparent mechanical keyboard, as the name suggests, has no word games and no wrong version. It is indeed transparent! The reason for leaving a "1%" may be because the base part is not completely transparent. But this doesn't affect the feeling of "Fucking X" when everyone sees it for the first time.

The 1% transparent mechanical keyboard uses imported high-transparency PC shells, and the keycaps are treated with pad printing + UV technology. It feels like the characters are printed on the inside of the keycap, so don't worry about the wear and tear of the characters on the keycap after using it for a long time. The touch of the entire keycap is "silky".

There is a saying that this transparent keycap is definitely the only one on the keyboard ring, and the crystal clear effect is like ice cubes. Just seeing it in summer feels like typing on an "ice cube". The silky touch and translucent appearance changed our impression that the keyboard is either black or white.

Different from the previous Xiao Qiao, this 1% transparent mechanical keyboard is equipped with a keyboard light. In fact, through the transparent keycap, you can already vaguely see the lamp beads below. You can compare the effect of the power keyboard light on the left and the light off on the right. When the keyboard light is on, the crystal clear effect of the transparent keycap is more obvious.

I took two photos of the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard lighted up in the dark. Does it look more like sparkling crystals? 1% dual-mode mechanical keyboard with 7 different backlight effects. Press Fn+Backspace to switch the lighting effect mode, press Fn+up and down keys to adjust the brightness of the overall backlight, press Fn+left and right keys to adjust the frequency of light flashing.

The bottom shell of the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard is made of high-quality ABS material, and a texture effect of aluminum alloy is created through high-gloss plating process. The high-transparency PC surface shell wraps the ABS material bottom shell, and the crystal bright effect is further upgraded. There are various well-designed texts and decorations around the base, which further fills up the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard!

The two models I purchased before are powered by AAA batteries, but this time the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard is powered by a built-in battery. So you can see a Type-C charging interface. 2000 mAh built-in battery, the official data can be used for 60 days. Of course, the specific use time depends on the daily use of the keyboard, and I will actually feel its battery life later.

The 1% transparent mechanical keyboard supports wired and Bluetooth dual-mode connections, and mobile phones, tablets, and computers all support connection and use. Windows, Apple, and Android systems can also be connected, and the connection operation is also very simple, just turn the switch to the corresponding mode that needs to be connected.

The 1% transparent mechanical keyboard uses the Kaihua MX jellyfish switch body. I took a look at it. If you look at the price of the switch body alone, it has exceeded 600 oceans. From my actual experience, the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard’s tap feedback is not as strong as my previous two small warps. The overall feeling is more silky and soft, especially when typing at night, it will not make a loud noise. Typing for a long time will also be easier than the other two Xiaoqiao. Of course, these are just my personal subjective experience. How can the actual feedback be possible? You have to experience it yourself!

In order to let everyone see the various details of the 1% transparent mechanical keyboard more carefully, I have put a lot of real pictures above. I know that this unique fully transparent design may not be everyone's favorite, some people like it and some people don't like it so much. Just like the saying in Luofei's advertising slogan: "Sometimes doing something you like is more passionate than sticking to the rules." The 1% transparent mechanical keyboard is obviously a product that does not stick to the rules. Of course, people who like it will most likely be a passionate and thoughtful person who is not so conformist.

I don’t know how much you like this 1% transparent mechanical keyboard after seeing the pictures I shared. 10 points out of 10, give me your answer in the comment area!

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