The customized keyboard is really fun~ The first experience of the GK75 three-mode wireless keyboard kit

Hello everyone, I am Nightmare Piaolei~

I counted it recently, and there are seven or eight mechanical keyboards that I have handled, and I like mechanical keyboards more and more. However, all the keyboards I bought before were finished products assembled by the manufacturer, and I always felt that I was not free enough, so I couldn't help but want to try the road of customizing the keyboard.

I bought the GK75 keyboard of the little nerd before. Although I like the structure of the Lite Gaske flick version very much, I still want to play with the keycap and the shaft body. At that time, I used the wired version and used it too much. After that, I still feel that the three-mode wireless keyboard is more convenient.

Considering the recent test by some big guys in the circle, the delay of the small bug wireless keyboard is very low, which is close to the first-tier international manufacturers. It just so happens that the little nerd is promoting its own "Crazy Kit Festival" on March 3rd. The three-mode wireless module uses the Nordic low-latency anti-jamming chipset, but the price is only 200 yuan, which is really delicious, so this time directly Made a set of three-mode wireless GK75 kit to test the waters.

Compared with the finished product of GK75, the packaging of the kit version is slightly thinner, but the overall design is still the classic design of the GK75 series. The solid color packaging is printed with a keyboard icon, which is very simple and clear at a glance.

The inside of the package is also very simple. In addition to the kit body, it also comes with a transparent dust cover, manual, Type-C data cable and a small C to A adapter.

The shell of the kit is still the familiar black-gray translucent material, and now it seems that this translucent and fully transparent effect is more popular in the circle. The shell itself has sharp edges and corners, and the internal structure can be vaguely seen through the shell. Of course, the most eye-catching thing about the whole kit is the golden positioning board, which is very thick and strong, which is very helpful for improving the feel.

Observe carefully, the positioning plate of the space part is fixed by screws alone, which can be disassembled and replaced with the split space positioning plate registered by the exclusive patent of the nerd.

When many friends use the space bar, they actually tap it with the thumb of one hand. At this time, a large part of the length of the long space bar is wasted. The split-space design of the nerd is to divide the length of the original long space bar into three key positions, and each key position has an independent shaft body and keycap, so that through the control of the driver software, it can realize more functions.

By borrowing a photo of a big shot in the circle, everyone can see it more vividly:

Remove the positioning plate in the space area to intuitively feel that the material is really thick and strong:

Let's continue to return to the theme, and carefully observe the positioning board, we can see that there is a thick layer of translucent white silicone cushion between the positioning board and the keyboard PCB, and there are also thin pads of the same material around the shaft seat, which is also Lite Gasket core of the structure.

The Gasket (gasket) structure was first invented by foreign customized players. Gaskets are used to fix the soft connection on the edge of the keyboard. There are no screws or rigid structure support inside the keyboard, so that when the keyboard is pressed in the up and down direction, due to the gasket If it exists, there will be a certain buffer, which makes the pressing feel softer and more pure.

However, this kind of cushioned structure around the keyboard will cause the positioning plate to deform when the keyboard is pressed, and it is difficult to agree on the pressing feel of the surrounding and middle parts. Moreover, due to the influence of processing accuracy, the overall stability of the keyboard structure is also a problem. Problems, so many manufacturers have improved on the basis of this structure.

On the basis of the Gasket structure, Xiaobu uses flexible and elastic silicone gaskets to fill and support the inner cavity of the keyboard as a whole. In this way, on the premise of ensuring the consistent feel of each area, it also retains the advantages of the Gasket structure, which is pleasant to hear and easy to use. The stability of the overall structure of the keyboard has also been further improved.

Through the holes in the PCB board, you can also see the black sound-absorbing cotton below it, which is the key to further reducing the sound of the keyboard cavity.

In addition, there are 6 shaft seats on the GK75 kit that are different, and there are four more round metal contacts. This is also the patented design of Xiaodu Chong, which can realize the hot-swappable exchange of the shaft body and the knob. It is really running in the knob tuyere of the keyboard industry.

That is to say, we can install up to 6 knobs on this kit, and each knob supports three modes of pressing and two-way rotation, and the function expansion is directly full.

I feel that this time, Xiao Chong attaches great importance to his first kit festival. The materials and workmanship of this kit are very conscientious. There are 5 non-slip mats on the back of the keyboard:

In addition, the three-way exit of the data cable and the storage compartment of the 2.4G wireless receiver are all very neat.

The height-increasing foot support still uses a two-stage structure, which can adapt to different height preferences. But this time, the little fool even equipped the feet with non-slip mats, and the workmanship is much finer than before. It is really hard work.

Here is a reminder to everyone, if you want to disassemble the kit, remember that there is a fixing screw under each of the two feet. If you don’t unscrew it, you may not be able to disassemble it:

Because of the three-mode design used in this kit, there is a connection mode switch lever on the back of the brand LOGO, and it also supports Windows and MacOS two key schemes, and the feel of the lever is surprisingly good, and there are no faults.

The GK75 wired keyboard I bought before felt that the standard keycaps were a little flat. I personally didn’t get used to using the keyboard after adding the palm rest, so this time I bought the MDA-height GMK fog keys by myself. cap:

This set of keycaps is randomly selected by myself because it looks good. It is made of PBT material and dye-sublimation transfer printing process. In terms of hand feeling, it has a matte texture with relatively obvious friction.

Then look at the nozzle on the back, the workmanship is pretty good, there are no burrs. This set of keycaps is only more than 60 yuan, and it feels quite worth it.

As for the shaft body, because I use most of the keyboard code words in my daily life, I prefer linear shafts with small pressure grams, especially TTC’s gold powder shaft V2, so this time I didn’t buy the shaft body from the little idiot, but I also bought it on Taobao. Some.

The satellite shaft was started from a small nerd. There is grease inside the shaft body, and it has been factory-run, which saves you the trouble of lubricating the shaft yourself.

There is nothing to say about the shaft installation part. As a hot-swappable kit, just plug the gold powder shaft V2 directly into it, and novices can easily handle it:

You can see that in the above picture, I have reserved two shaft seats on the right side to install the knob. The knob module of the little nerd has a good workmanship. The shaft body is made of transparent material. The shaft body and the knob are separated by orange silicone software. The metal knob is also processed with anti-skid knurling, which feels great.

After the knob is installed, it looks like this:

The so-called RGB is combat power. Although the price of this keyboard kit is less than 300 yuan, it still has lighting effects, which is quite beautiful and cool.

Similar to mainstream RGB keyboards, this kit also uses the FN key combination to switch lighting effects. It seems that 5 schemes are preset at the factory. After installing the driver, there are dozens of lighting effect schemes for setting.

In addition, the function of the knob on the kit can also be set by the driver software. By default, the functions of these two knobs are to press to mute, turn clockwise to increase the volume, and turn counterclockwise to decrease the volume. Of course, they can also be set to zoom in and out of the picture window by rotating.

However, because I use PageUP and PageDown more often, I set the knob below to these two operations. The knob will have a certain sense of paragraph when it is rotated. At the same time, due to the design of metal material + knurling, the hand feel is also very good.

In the process of specific use, I feel that the effect of Nordic's low-latency anti-jamming chipset is really good. I don't have professional equipment to test the delay. I can only summarize it as "following hands". This kit is used to code Writing and playing games is basically the same as plugging in the operation, and it will not hinder you. And the high-standard wireless module not only brings lower latency, but also the best among the three-mode mechanical keyboards I have used in terms of Bluetooth connection speed and stability.

In terms of feel, it is quite comfortable under the dual effects of the small worm Lite Gasket structure + gold powder switch V2, and it does feel soft and elastic when typing, and the cavity sound is small. However, I think this MDA height keycap is still not suitable for me, and I may replace it with other OEM height keycaps in the next step.

Having said that, being able to freely choose keyboard accessories according to your own needs is not the original core of customization~

In general, I am quite satisfied with the GK75 customization kit I bought this time. Three-mode wireless connection + Lite Gasket + RGB lighting effect blessing, the shaft keycap is generous and frugal, can be matched with trendy and easy-to-use metal knobs, and split spaces are optional, and the keyboard can be set on demand through the driver. The degree of freedom of tossing is really high. Combined with the price of 200 yuan or so, this wave of little nerds has already filled up the cost performance, which is very worth recommending.

However, it should be noted that the boss may not be able to make money because the price is too high. It seems that during the Little Bug Kit Festival, this kit is sold in limited quantities, so friends who want to buy it still need to grab the time to buy it in advance, so as not to missed opportunity~

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