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The daughter-in-law saw it and exclaimed that it looks good, and the Hubatu F75 Hanjiangxue keyboard is out of the box

In the past two years, the mechanical keyboard market has suffered serious involution. Since last year, the new products of various companies have not only competed in configuration and price comparison, but also began to differentiate in product appearance design. New entrants have also frequently brought various surprises to the market. An eye-catching product for players.

The Hubatu F75 keyboard shared today is a new product just released by Hubatu. It has three modes, Gasket structure, TTC Neptune axis, and TFT color screen. As a product aimed at female users, Hubatu F75 can be said to be unique in appearance design, even my wife praised it when she saw it.

The outer packaging is designed in a heaven and earth box. The white packaging box is matched with the sketch of the F75 keyboard printed in hot stamping. From the outer packaging design, you can feel the light and luxurious style of this keyboard.

Open the package, there are accessory boxes on both sides, and the keyboard body in the middle is embedded in a hard sponge package, covered with a dustproof protective cover. The package can be said to be very tight.

In addition to the keyboard, there are also a lot of accessories, such as a keyboard same-color aviation plug-in cable, a pair of magnetic feet, shaft pullers, and an all-in-one keyboard cleaning tool set.

Anyone who has played with the customization of mechanical keyboards knows that in the past, this kind of aviation plug-in cable cost more than 100 yuan to buy individually.

The all-in-one keyboard cleaning kit includes a keyboard brush, stylus, vacuuming felt and more.

Color matching is the biggest highlight of Hubatu F75. There are four kinds of color matching: Drunken Gold Fan / Moonlight Chanjuan / Furong Rouge / Hanjiangxue. The best-looking, blue keyboard body with gradient keycaps, the value of the appearance can be said to be the ceiling of the current commercially available keyboards.

Hubatu F75 adopts 75% arrangement, which can be regarded as a relatively popular arrangement at present. In addition to the main keypad, the F key, arrow keys, and 4 function keys are retained, which saves more desktop space than the 98 array, and is more practical than the previously popular 60 array.

The keyboard is designed with a large number of rounded corners, and the edges are excessively smooth. The metal decorative nameplate in the lower left corner is printed with the logo of the tiger and the rabbit, which is also a very cartoon design.

The top of the keyboard adopts a beveled design. Inside the runway-style decorative frame, "RICH OVERNIGHT" is printed on the left side, and the keyboard color Han Jiangxue is on the right side.

The Tiger Batu F75 adopts a three-mode design and supports three connection methods: wired/Bluetooth/2.4G. The wired uses a USB-C interface, located on the left side of the keyboard, and supports charging the keyboard at the same time.

On the right side of the keyboard, a three-mode switching key and a win/mac system switching key are reserved, as well as a side-mounted knob key.

Compared with many keyboards that use the front knob design, the knob design of Hubatu F75 is also very distinctive. The silver knob and the silver frame of the side frame buttons make the whole keyboard a little more luxurious.

There is a TFT color screen in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and now more and more keyboards are equipped with small screens, which is also a market trend. During use, it can display the date, time, power, connection method and system mode. Players can also customize GIF animations through the driver. The screen is not big, but the display quality is not bad.

After talking about the side, let's look at the bottom of the keyboard. In the middle of the bottom of the keyboard, there is a metal nameplate engraved with the doll image of the Tiger and Batu brand. It is also the storage compartment cover of the wireless receiver of the keyboard. It has a magnetic suction design and can be removed by lightly pressing the bottom.

Magnetic foot support, users can adjust the tilt angle of the keyboard by replacing the foot support, which is convenient for users with different input habits.

Keycaps and shafts determine the typing feel of a keyboard. Hubatu F75 uses PBT double-color injection keycaps, which are not easy to oil and have good durability. It is also the preferred keycap material for high-end mechanical keyboards.

PBT material + two-color injection molding, long-term use will not cause the problem of oiling and fading.

In terms of the shaft body, the Tiger Batu F75 adopts TTC's latest Neptune RGB shaft body. The structure adopts an integrated direct insertion bottom cover and comes with a 6mm long slide rail, which makes the pressing experience smoother. In terms of shaft parameters, the Neptune shaft is a linear shaft, with a trigger stroke of 2.0mm, a trigger pressure of 41g, a total stroke of 3.8mm, and a shaft life of 100 million times. Both the feel and the workmanship are considered relatively high in the industry. It’s not that I’m saying that the feel and stability of the high-end shaft made in China are really much better than the original cheery. Don’t be superstitious about the original cheery shaft in 2023.

The large key position adopts the satellite shaft scheme, and the bottom is covered with a silicone pad, which can effectively reduce noise. In actual use, the hand feels stable and the rebound is comfortable.

Hubatu F75 adopts the current hot Gasket structure in structure, transparent PC positioning board, silicone pad and bottom noise-absorbing pad, and the internal parts are closely fitted, which can effectively reduce the noise during typing and ensure the keyboard input. The sound is also crisper.

Let’s take a look at the lighting effects of the keyboard. Tiger Batu F75 has 22 built-in lighting effects. You can adjust the brightness, speed, and mode of the lights through the Fn+ adjustment key. , Treading Snow Without Trace, etc.

In terms of battery life, Hubatu F75 has a built-in 4800mAh large-capacity battery, and the maximum battery life is 400 hours in the wireless connection state (turn off the backlight and small screen). If you pursue battery life, you can do it for a month without charging.

In terms of appearance design and configuration, this Hubatu F75 keyboard is definitely the most eye-catching existence in the current key ring, with excellent appearance design, Gasket structure, TTC Neptune shaft body, full-key hot-swappable, 1.14-inch TFT color screen , and three-mode, multi-system support, etc., as well as the Type-C aviation plug-in cable, are all my favorites.

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