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The desktop transformation still lacks a personalized keyboard, free assembly, Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao, get it done

As the saying goes, fire prevention, theft prevention and boudoir best friend protection must also protect friends and best friends. No, after changing the layout of the computer desk one after another, I thought it was time to come to an end, but I posted a post on Moments, but a group of bad friends and buddies slammed the keyboard in various ways, you are ruthless! Change the keyboard, arrange.

Now that you have decided to change, what kind of keyboard should you choose? First of all, it must be a mechanical keyboard. After all, it is not comparable to ordinary keyboards in terms of feel and performance; secondly, if you don’t play e-sports, you don’t need those dazzling ROG light effects. …Finally, to be suitable for long-term use, it is best to change the keycaps from time to time to change the mood, and it would be even better if it also supports changing the shaft.

Under the premise of such a demand, I have been satisfied in the small program "Luo Fei Building". There are so many shells and keycaps in it, it really dazzles me. Considering my own keyboard usage habits, I directly chose the Lofree 100-key cement gray shell. At first, the keycaps were "Tiger Cub is very busy", but because the Tiger Cub is very busy, the 100-key series is temporarily out of stock. My daughter-in-law also asked me to consider the overall color combination of the desktop, so I finally chose "street attitude". What changes has this combination of Lofree 100-key cement gray shell + street attitude brought to my desktop? I will share it with you here.

Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100-key cement gray shell is a three-mode mechanical keyboard, which supports three modes of use: Bluetooth 5.0/2.4G wireless and Type-c wired. FN+1/2/3 keys pre-store three groups of Bluetooth device pairings, which adds great convenience to the rapid switching between multiple devices in daily use. In addition, it is not pre-installed with keycaps, so you have to buy additional ones according to your own needs. For example, I just matched them in the small program "Luo Fei Build", and I placed an order and waited for home.

The Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard is pre-installed with Jiadalong's yellow axis Pro, which can be well considered in both gaming and office environments. The total stroke is 4mm, the trigger stroke is 2mm, and the key trigger pressure is 50gf . It will not feel muddy when typing, and the most important thing is that it is quiet and feels smooth, which is very suitable for people like me who often need to enter a lot of content.

Why do you say that Jiadalong's yellow axis Pro is pre-installed? The main reason is that the Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard provides sufficient space for the user's personalized transformation. Not only can the keyboard be replaced according to preferences, but the hot-swappable shaft design can also replace the shaft body as one likes.

In the primary election, "tiger cubs are very busy" is because the zodiac is the tiger, which happens to be the year of birth, so everything is considered "tiger flavor" when buying. In contrast, the "street attitude" keycap is matched with the cement gray shell and the metal silver-gray monitor stand, and the overall desktop effect will appear more harmonious, simple and low-key without losing personality, which is what you want.

The combination of black, white and gray with creative graffiti makes this low-key keycap of Street Attitude appear full of personality. The keycap material is PBT, which has good performance in high heat resistance, excellent toughness, fatigue resistance, hot water resistance, alkali, acid, oil, etc.

The font/pattern on the surface of the keycap adopts the sublimation printing process, and the characters are extremely wear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wearing it out even if it is used for a long time. It has to be said that facing the traditional keyboard design all day long, such a creative keycap design can quickly catch the eye.

Wen Chu also mentioned that I am not an e-sports player, and I am not really keen on the ROG light effect, even the backlight of the notebook keys is usually turned off. The Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard is extremely appropriate and meets such requirements. It is not equipped with ROG and key backlights, and only retains two prompt lighting effects of "caps and keys", such as "caps and caps" keycaps The light dyeing channel is reserved, which not only brings me a reminder of the lighting effect, but also avoids the phenomenon that the lighting effect renders the surrounding area.

Fitting the keycaps to the case is a meaningful process, just like Lego bricks. At the beginning, I was worried about breaking the switch body, but I found that it was unnecessary. I aligned the switch body and pressed the keycap down. Although I couldn’t feel the “click”, there was an obvious sense of locking.

Since the keycaps are individually fixed and packaged, it is enough to move them to the shell one by one according to the position of the keycaps. But there will always be accidents in everything. I accidentally knocked over the keycaps during the installation process. At this time, I can either find the old keyboard to match one by one, or find the original version in the small program "Luo Fei Build" against the dress code. If you accidentally put the keycap on the wrong case, the key puller provided with the keycap can be used. If I buy other keycaps in the future, I can also easily remove it through this key puller.

Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard provides two series of 100 keys and 68 keys. Its key layout is obviously different from the common 104 keys, 107 keys, 87 keys and 61 keys. Although it is compact, each key is unique. There are enough intervals, and the commonly used number keys, letter keys and function keys are retained, which is compact but will not make the input uncomfortable, and it also has a sense of beauty.

In terms of shape, the Lofree 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard lives up to its name. Its body is slightly tilted forward, and the gradually rising key layout makes the remote keys easier to reach.

The support frame of Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard is not designed to be stored, and it has a 9° curve slope with the disk body, which conforms to the ergonomic design and can well relieve finger or wrist fatigue caused by long-term coding sense, and further enhance the comfort when knocking.

On the right side of the support frame, the switch/mode switching knob of the Lofree 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard is hidden. When using it, just select the corresponding mode according to my environment, without any threshold; Lofree 100 three The modular mechanical keyboard is compatible with the current mainstream Windows8/10, Mac/iOS and Android systems, no need to worry about incompatibility, plug and play.

The knob also hides the status indicator light, such as mode switching/wired mode, there will be a corresponding light display in the middle of the knob. The light of the status indicator light is extremely soft, even when the lights are turned off, there will be no light staining, and the details are handled very well.

The shell on the right side of the support frame can be disassembled. Here is the battery compartment of the Lofree 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard and the storage compartment for the 2.4G wireless receiver. This keyboard uses 3 AAA batteries, and the use time is about 3-4 hours. Zhou, there is basically no big problem; and for friends who have been using it on a fixed desktop for a long time, the Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard can directly provide a wired connection for power supply. I have tested that it supports not only wired mode but also 5.0/2.4G wireless mode under the wired connection power supply, the difference is the power supply source.

Let me talk about the experience of using the Lofree Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical keyboard. The biggest feature of this keyboard is personalization. I only need to buy the shell, and I can choose the style I like from the many keycaps in the small program "Luo Fei Build", and the style is always updated, so I don't have to worry about myself. Can't keep up with the trend; What's more, you can combine a variety of keycaps to create your own uniqueness, and you can change the shaft body according to your needs later.

In terms of basic functions, three connection modes, support for hot-swapping and battery/Type-C power supply, add a lot of convenience to use; the overall knocking feel is smooth and crisp, without muddy performance. The last is the humanized disc slope design and noise control. Even if I record under high pressure, my wrist still does not feel tired, and I will not disturb my family when coding at night.

Write at the end:

I thought desktop modification was a very simple matter, but after I did it, I found that it would be addictive, and the pursuit of personalization is endless. From a large perspective, Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao 100 three-mode mechanical key has given me a lot of room for operation in the role of the keyboard in the desktop layout. Find what you want in "Fei Build". There is no end to the desktop transformation. With the entry of the Lofree 100 three-mode mechanical key, I also found the next goal of the transformation, which is the mouse. After the desktop transformation, the red and black Lofree Lofree potato chips, and The overall style is a bit different, it's time to arrange.

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