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The Digital Life of Malan Shrimp Chapter 152: Summer-like cool feeling, Rapoo MT510 PRO multi-mode mechanical keyboard

Looking at things and thinking about feelings must be the common emotion of all human beings. Looking at her or touching her, you can think of the good things in the past. The Pennefather MT510 PRO multi-mode mechanical keyboard I am using recently reminds me of the coolness of summer, the blue sky, clear water, sandy beach, and iced drinks, how fascinating and pleasant it is. This is the performance of a good product, which can subtly and silently bring people a wonderful experience. Let's take a look at this keyboard with me.

It can be seen from the outer packaging that this is a keyboard with a clear theme, and the elements of the holiday are outstanding. This is the advantage of the mechanical keyboard. Different appearances can be achieved by changing the keycaps. This is also the long-term prosperity of the mechanical keyboard. One of the reasons for the decline.

This keyboard adopts a compact design with 84 keys. Its appearance is similar to that of the VT700 series of the same period, but some details have been changed. The main difference is the color matching. The color matching of this keyboard is more suitable for its theme , giving people a cool and elegant feeling. Although the VT700 has a variety of colors, it gives people a deep and steady feeling overall. The feelings of the two are completely different.

Since some keycaps use full patterns instead of function labels, there is an additional key function identification card in the accessories, which is convenient for understanding the functions of the keys when you first get started. In addition, there are regular accessories such as manual, Type-C cable, keycap puller, and 2.4G receiver. I didn't see the keycaps for the Mac system, it seems that it is not compatible with the Mac system.

The size of the keyboard is 310.1x120.2x35.5mm, and it weighs about 787g. It feels relatively heavy. The frame is made of silver-white aluminum alloy, cut by CNC process, sandblasted and oxidized, and the cold metal texture is more in line with the design theme of the keyboard. The buttons are designed in a floating style, and each trigger is very light.

The bottom shell of the keyboard is also designed in white, with white non-slip rubber pads, white height adjustment brackets, and white keyboard switches. There are also non-slip rubber pads on the contact surface of the stand, which makes it very stable on the table.

On the whole, the keyboard is relatively high, and the floating buttons feel higher. If you use the keyboard for a long time to work, it is recommended to equip it with a pillow.

The edge of the upper edge of the middle frame of the keyboard is designed with a Type-C interface, which can be used for charging or connecting to a computer. The keyboard has a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery, which can be used while charging. After being fully charged, with the Rapoo low-power wireless technology, it can be used continuously for up to 2 months.

The charging indicator is designed under the space bar, the red light is on during charging, and it is off when fully charged.

From this angle, we can see the minimalist design of the keyboard. The floating buttons and the metal middle frame show the ultimate industrial design and industrial level. With the blue backlight, the appearance is very high. This is what makes a product attractive. The edge of the middle frame identifies the Rapoo brand LOGO. Compared with V700 series, there is less LOGO backlight.

The keyboard supports three connection methods: Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, and wired. The five keys of 12345 respectively identify these three connection methods, which can be switched among Bluetooth (connecting three Bluetooth devices), wireless, and wired three-mode connections. The connection process corresponds to The indicator light of the key will light up.

Replacing the keycap is a major feature of the mechanical keyboard, which has a certain degree of playability, and you can choose keycaps of different colors according to your own preferences. It’s just that the standard red keycap puller is not very easy to use. The key puller legs are made of plastic, which is not long enough and tough enough, so it is easy to break. It is recommended to replace it with a wire key puller later.

The cap is made of PBT material, which is durable and wear-resistant, and the fingertips feel delicate, and the surface is not easy to be shiny after long-term use. The character pattern on the front of the key cap is made of sublimation technology, and the characters are clear and soft, and are not easy to fade and wear, which is most suitable for long-term typing.

The font on the surface of the keycap is also specially selected, which is cute and interesting, and fits the theme of the keyboard. The four direction keys also use patterns with a sense of direction, which are recognizable and feel like a very thoughtful design.

The backlight system of the keyboard has chosen a unique blue color, ice blue. The white keycaps are like the icebergs, creating a kind of coolness on the face. In the official words, the lighting effect is elegant and clear, fresh and refined, with both elegant charm and awe-inspiring visual feast. This is indeed the case. Compared with the common white backlight, even if there is only one color, it is still dazzling.

You can also set 7 groups of backlight effects through the supporting driver, and you can switch through the constant light mode, breathing mode, curve mode, starry mode, single light mode, and ripple mode in sequence through FN + the right ctrl key. The seventh custom mode requires Set in the driver software via a wired connection. In addition, brightness and frequency can be adjusted by key combination.

The keyboard uses a satellite shaft design, and two shafts are added on both sides of the large key shaft of the keyboard to ensure consistency even if both sides of the large key are pressed. The application of the satellite axis can also be seen in the space bar (enlarged) in the picture below. The satellite axes are connected by metal rods. It is effortless, the feedback is sensitive, the rebound is quick, and the feedback can be given with a single touch. The overall feeling is very comfortable.

The keyboard uses Rapoo’s self-developed mechanical switch, Kuaiyin switch, with the Rapoo LOGO marked on the surface, the trigger travel of the switch is 1.3±0.5mm, the trigger pressure is 45±10gf, and the service life can withstand 50 million knocks. 1.3mm ultra-short key travel, strong and fast rebound, can bring shorter key trigger time, and can complete operations faster in games, it is a switch body suitable for playing games.

In the press test of the shaft body, you can feel the trigger feedback of the shaft body, and the overall silky smoothness, but the sound is still a bit loud, which is related to the metal fixing plate it uses, which is worse than the customized multi-layer mute structure.

Compared with another keyboard with the same silver switch, 1.3mm actuation stroke and 45gf actuation pressure are compared with 1.2mm actuation stroke and 43gf actuation pressure. In terms of feedback speed, Rapoo’s long key travel is slightly inferior. It is determined by the hardware conditions, what kind of parameters will have what kind of results. This is the charm of mechanical keyboards, you can choose the one that suits you from a variety of switches.

The actual typing feels particularly crisp and feels great in the hand.

The keyboard supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4 G wireless and Type-c to USB wired three modes to connect five devices, full coverage to meet the current work and life scenes, you can switch between computers, mobile phones, and tablets at will, and the 2.4 G wireless adapter has been redesigned Design, lower latency, faster response, more stable output.

Note: Since the keyboard does not have a conversion mode for Android and iOS (MAC), when connecting these devices via Bluetooth, some keys may fail.

Through the supporting driver software (only supports wired mode), all 84 keys can be programmed independently, and the keyboard lighting mode can also be adjusted, such as custom lighting effects, single-key lighting effects can be set; single-key combinations can also be set Function or macro setting, realize tedious and complicated operation with one key. The keyboard supports saving multiple sets of configuration files, and can switch operations in multiple scenarios by logging in to the V-series smart cloud storage.

In addition, the keyboard also supports the setting of full-key without punching (only in wired mode). The 84-key arbitrary key of the full keyboard can be input at the same time, and each key can accurately respond and execute. But in wireless mode, only any 6-key simultaneous input is supported.

These functions belong to the standard configuration of mechanical keyboards. Various quick operations can be realized through rich custom settings, satisfying the control of gamers at the beginning. However, as mechanical keyboards enter daily office life, they are gradually accepted by more people. The step setting function is actually rarely used, but it cannot be denied that it is an essential function and basic quality of an advanced keyboard, laying the foundation for future potential use requirements.

The 84-key layout of the keyboard is really small. The design of separated keys and lines reduces the space occupied by the desktop and is easy to carry, which is conducive to creating a simple and orderly desktop game space. In fact, such a minimalist design has made a lot of sacrifices, and it may not be able to meet the needs of most people, so choose according to your own situation.

This keyboard is a holiday memory about Xiaomeng, the beach, and the sunrise. A little fun, a little cute, a healing, creating an extremely lazy and relaxing holiday atmosphere. Isn't this our yearning for a better life! Using it to code is full of happiness.

This is a keyboard with a clear theme, fully expressing the designer's intention, full of relaxed and pleasant holiday memories, with soft and lovely colors, fresh and refreshing backlight, it is very comfortable to look at or use. Now I am typing on the keyboard, looking at the withered leaves outside the window, I regret not cherishing the summer time, if time goes slower, I will definitely enjoy the coolness of summer.

1. Unique theme setting, distinctive style, good craftsmanship and design, and high overall appearance.

2. Refreshing blue backlight design, and supports seven lighting effects.

3. The self-developed Rapoo switch reduces costs, and the overall keyboard is cost-effective.

4. Three-mode connection mode, which can support three Bluetooth devices, and can connect up to five devices.

5. Full-key custom programming to expand the playability of the keyboard and meet the needs of advanced players.

1. No proprietary Android, iOS mode, no Mac keycaps, poor compatibility.

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