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The first choice for a joint keyboard? IKBC C210 Gundam Banshee Mechanical Keyboard Experience

Mechanical keyboards have been very popular in recent years, and there are more and more switches in various colors. I have also fallen in love with mechanical keyboards in recent years. Although I already have a few at home, I always buy the next one from time to time. As for the choice of the shaft body, it seems that I have tried all kinds. Whether it is the sense of paragraph or the rebound strength, the red shaft is my favorite. ikbc is a brand that everyone in the circle likes very much, and there are more joint models, such as the joint name with bilibili, the joint name with GODIVA, and the joint name with Gundam. ikbc has more authorized cooperation with Gundam series, and launched Gundam 1.0 , Gundam 2.0, Gundam Freedom and other series of keyboards, this time the Banshee series mechanical keyboards are launched! The styles are very different, let's take a look together.


▲The exterior color of the keyboard follows the body color of the "Banshee": black + gold, all in black, the most afraid of loneliness and obscurity, a little enthusiasm and vitality can stir up the overall joy and surprise. The addition of gold also makes it more calm and atmospheric, creating the image of a lion's mane. The long horns one by one shone with a golden color, lighting up the all-black body with bright colors.

▲This keyboard is in the form of a 108-key full keyboard, with a size of 443*137*42mm and a total weight of 1.2kg. For a mechanical keyboard, this weight is not bad. After all, you will not run around with a full keyboard Bar. In terms of version, there are wireless and wired red switches to choose from.

▲ There are quite a lot of Gundam elements on the keycaps. Various marks representing identities are printed: GUNDAM for the space button, "EFSF Earth Federation Space Force" for the button in the upper right corner, and so on. It's really full of wind.

▲In terms of height, the overall height of the keyboard adopts the OEM height. With the curved keycap, it is more in line with ergonomic design, and the long-term text input experience does not feel tired.

▲In terms of keycap material, it has always been the usual material of ikbc: durable PBT material, strong wear resistance, this keycap has a strong grainy feel and is not easy to slip, except for some customized keycap fonts. Compared with ABS, it is more wear-resistant and oil-resistant. The characters printed on it are clear without burrs, and the font feels good.

▲The design on the back is relatively simple, with height-adjustable feet, two non-slip foot pads below, the product nameplate in the middle and the battery compartment on the right.

▲The power supply uses two AAA batteries, and the wireless receiver is stored in the battery compartment. Officially, it can be used for 6 months. There is nothing to worry about battery life, but do you prefer charging power supply or battery power supply?

▲The ikbc's foot support is adjustable in two levels, and with the inclination of the keyboard itself, it can better adapt to people with different usage habits. There are non-slip foot pads at the bottom of each height, which are the standard design of ikbc.

▲ In terms of the shaft body, I chose the CHERRY cherry red shaft. The red shaft should be the lightest of all the cherry shafts. Straight up and down without paragraph feel. Personally, I prefer the feel of this kind of shaft, the smooth and smooth feeling, and because of the low pressure, it is also very suitable for long-term coding.


▲The 108-key keyboard is the most convenient for coding. The convenience of the small keyboard does not require the use of various combination keys, especially when entering numbers. The small keyboard is much easier and faster than the numbers on the letter area. The sound of the red axis is lower than that of the green axis. It is also very comfortable to type on. Of course, if you like the feeling of falling, the green axis will be better.

▲ In terms of connection, the 2.4G wireless connection should be the most stable. There is no repetition or pause during use, and the start is normal. The keyboard supports full-key no punching, which can ensure accuracy regardless of coding or playing games. However, according to my usage habits, up to 4 buttons can be used at the same time, which is more than enough.


The mechanical keyboard imported by iKBC adopts the most classic mold, and provides red switches, black switches, brown switches, green switches and Cherry switches for several choices of switches, which are basically not broken in normal use. PBT keycaps provide an extraordinary feel, matte texture, wear-resistant and non-slip, not easy to get oily, all designed to maintain fast input.

If you also like Gundam, then this Banshee keyboard is a mechanical keyboard worth buying, no matter in terms of the appearance and color matching of the keyboard, the detail design of the keycaps, or the feel of use!

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