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The first choice for "cat sucking", the first experience of IQUNIX super cute cat keyboard mechanical M80

As a female digital blogger, when purchasing digital products, in addition to product cost performance, performance, and quality, "look online" is also very important! At the same time, I personally like cats very much. I caught up with the 618 promotion and quickly bought a mechanical keyboard that is both good-looking and has cat-related elements: IQUNIX cat keyboard mechanical M80.

Let’s talk about the IQUNIX brand first. I am no stranger to the IQUNIX peripheral brand, but my impression of its mechanical keyboards is still relatively traditional, retro, and well-regulated keyboard design. I did not expect to break the rules this time. Introducing a cat theme keyboard! Let the heart of cat lovers start!

In terms of color matching, white, pink, and orange are selected. Most of the buttons such as letters and numbers are clean and pure white. Some function buttons on both sides are orange. Large function buttons such as space and enter Use red keycaps for embellishment! Gives a very fresh, matte feeling!

In addition to the white pink orange color, there are also two color combinations of white blue and white yellow to choose from. It seems that three different cats are showing their charm!

What attracts me the most about the keyboard is the two "cat ears" of the cat keyboard, which are so cute that people can't help but want to touch them. Made of silicone material, it feels very comfortable to the touch, as if real cat ears are moving, haha!

In order to better fit the cat theme, the arrow keys, enter key and other function keys of the keyboard are also printed with cats, fish, milk and other prints, which are very cute and charming!

In terms of the appearance of the keycap, it gets rid of the traditional square and retro round keycap appearance, and adopts a unique cat head shape design. Every time you code, it seems that many cats are jumping.

The keycap adopts a concave design, which fits the pulp of the finger better, ensuring a more comfortable hand feeling when coding! The keycap is made of PBT material, with sublimation technology, which is very wear-resistant, not easy to slip, and has strong stability. The characters are also very slender and look more refined!

In terms of arrangement, the keyboard uses 84 key positions, which is similar to the arrangement of a notebook keyboard, and has a complete F area, which is very suitable for daily work or occasional games.

In addition, in order to adapt to the MAC and take into account the habits of Apple users, four MAC replacement keycaps are also presented, which is very considerate.

The keyboard uses a fixed height and cannot be adjusted, which is a bit of a pity. However, after using it for a period of time, the height of the original design of the keyboard is quite comfortable.

There are shock-absorbing anti-slip pads on the four corners of the back of the keyboard.

The keyboard supports three modes of Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G mode, and Type-C wired connection to meet the needs of different scenarios.

And it is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, etc. It can be connected to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

In terms of the shaft body, Kaihua KH (semi-high shaft)-red shaft is used, which is relatively shorter than the traditional shaft body and fits the cat theme better. Let the keyboard look small and cute as a whole, not bulky.

In terms of hand feeling, it is straight up and down, relatively light, without effort, it can be triggered with a light touch, and there will be no too much sound. Whether it is daily coding or playing games, it can meet its needs.

In terms of lighting, pure white lights are used, and more than ten lighting modes can be switched through combination buttons.

Finally, to summarize:

Super cute cat shape design + cute cat keycap shape + a variety of cat-related keycap printing, so many rich cat elements are integrated into one, this cute cat keyboard is believed to be a must for most cat lovers It was "love at first sight"!

What are cat slaves still hesitating about? Start sucking cats now! !

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