The first choice for home office, Dareu cinnamon dog keyboard, performance and appearance coexist

Recently, I was planted by Daryou's new Yungui Dog joint series keyboard. It happened to be with me for 5 years, and the keyboard that was already oily and pulped was broken, so I decided to buy this keyboard back. After experiencing it After a period of time, I can only say that this keyboard is really a big favorite. Let me give you a simple unboxing to see how the experience of this Dareu cinnamon dog keyboard is.

The color matching of this Dalyou cinnamon dog mechanical keyboard is really in line with my aesthetics, with a little light blue, which has a small and fresh feeling, plus the keycaps of small sugar cubes, matched with the cinnamon dog The pattern simply shows the cuteness vividly and exquisitely. My girlfriend's first reaction when she saw this keyboard was "Wow, this keyboard is so beautiful, can you give it to me?"

This Daeryou Yugui Dog mechanical keyboard not only has a good appearance, but also a very good experience in use. It is not only equipped with a relatively quiet light-sound axis, but also equipped with a customized high-toughness noise-absorbing silicone pad, which is very convenient for daily typing. , basically no noise is produced.

Moreover, this keyboard adopts an ergonomic design, and there will be no wrist pain after long-term use. We must know that many office workers now use computers for a relatively long time every day, so that many people suffer from tenosynovitis, often suffer from wrist pain, and may even be unable to carry things in severe cases. Therefore, the importance of this ergonomic design is self-evident.

In addition, each button of this Dalyou cinnamon dog mechanical keyboard is relatively compact, so you don’t have to worry about the gap between the buttons being too large, dust, hair, etc. are easy to accumulate, and the daily cleaning is relatively simple. Moreover, the keyboard has its own lighting effect, and the white soft backlight is neither dazzling nor hurtful, which makes the keyboard look full.

It is worth mentioning that this Daryou cinnamon dog mechanical keyboard has three connection methods, namely Bluetooth 5.1 connection, 2.4G connection, and Type-C connection. These three link methods meet the vast majority of usage scenarios, and you don’t have to worry about device link issues whether you are carrying it out or using it in the office.

In addition, the battery life of this Daryou Yugui Dog mechanical keyboard is also very good. The keyboard has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, and the use time is about 15 days when the light is turned off. You don’t have to worry about the battery life when you go out, and the keyboard also uses Type-C charging. port, the charging efficiency is fast, the use is more worry-free, and the battery life is longer.

In general, this Daryou Cinnamon Dog mechanical keyboard performs very well among keyboards of the same price in terms of appearance and user experience. Friends in need can go and have a look, you should not be disappointed.

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