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The first time I experienced a customized keyboard, it may be a test for me from heaven.

Last year, I was tired of using the mute red with big L, and I really wanted to experience the customized hot-swappable keyboard set. At that time, domestic manufacturers hadn’t produced their own aluminum shells in large batches. I took a look at the Glorious GMMK Pro 75% hot-swappable keyboard set. At that time, the publicity was quite hot, so I fell into the pit. It was still a deep pit, so that after playing last year, I just put the keyboard away and stuffed it where I couldn’t see it. It’s out of sight and out of mind. I’ll see it again this year Suddenly, I even wanted to have a chat.

Now the product has written a new batch of products, maybe the manufacturer also knows that there is a problem with the old batch, so it is marked on it. Before entering the custom kit, many people do not recommend that novices try it, but novices will never be able to become a veteran if they don't try it...so all they pay is tuition fees on the way to growth, and the iron is hard.

The weight of the aluminum tuo is indeed relatively heavy, even the box and packaging are heavy, the brand is foreign, domestic production, and there are many English words in the packaging.

At that time, a large part of the purchase was because I liked the appearance of this model and the design of the bottom. Later, I saw that the appearance of domestic products is basically the same, and the price is quite cheap, such as AKKO.

The front design is relatively simple, the border is very narrow, the height is also suitable, the positioning shaft is transparent, the pcb is white, the overall appearance is good, the price of the keyboard is 1000+ and it does not include keycaps and shafts, so use It's not cheap to buy the whole price.

When the keyboard was first received, I found a small problem. There was a small hole in the middle positioning plate. When I contacted the after-sales service, the after-sales service told me that it was a punch hole inside. After I disassembled it, I found that there was indeed a round hole. This is a design problem. , I think it can be avoided completely, and there is no way to change it but to accept it reluctantly.

Because the original version of the old version has too much grease on the lubricating positioning shaft, the large key is extremely fleshy, and it will only rebound after a few seconds after pressing it. It is annoying to use, so I have to disassemble it. I have a greater distress.

During the dismantling process, I also encountered a relatively big problem. The screws on the keyboard were actually broken. I tried many methods but failed to unscrew the broken screws. It is difficult for obsessive-compulsive disorder to accept. I saw that many people who modified this keyboard said that the screws that come with the keyboard are relatively soft, and it is recommended to replace the screws that come with it. Unexpectedly, it is impossible to replace them before they can be replaced.

After simply wiping the positioning shaft, I found that there was a big spring sound, so I needed a separate lubrication shaft. At this time, my mentality collapsed, and I struggled for several days. Later, I saw the q2 kit made by Beijing, and I decided to start.

Q2 is manufactured by Keychron, and now Keychron has its own store in Jingdong, Jingzao, and the products are removed from the shelves. The kit uses Baidu with shafts and keycaps, and the keycaps with abs can be replaced with a set of PBT. The positioning shafts are all adjusted. The noise-free rebound is very good, and it also comes with the same color aviation plug-in cable.

In terms of experience after buying two keyboards, a good mass-produced keyboard can firstly be used by users without any fuss. Just like this one made by Beijing, you can use it immediately after receiving it. , the pursuit of the ultimate can also be deeply modified.

I have also received a lot of experience in these two times, such as buying a keyboard without a switch keycap. Although the unit price of a switch is not expensive, the number of keys on the keyboard is relatively large, so the sum is not small. And what kind of shaft is more comfortable to use, and you have to keep buying and trying. The price of the keycap is not cheap. You can buy a small full set for about 100 yuan, and the price is still expensive. It’s outrageous, but the quality is not necessarily good. I bought the keycaps from Cai Caijia, and it cost more than 400. There is still a small hole on the surface of the keycaps that were molded. , Akko's two-color keycap injection molding process problem, the chrysanthemum is rotten and incomplete, so learn from the experience.

Glorious GMMK Pro, I hope this keyboard can remind me often not to waste money when I am at home.


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