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The game operation ability has reached the bottleneck? Which powerful peripherals can effectively improve the level of competitive games

If you want to choose the most popular form of entertainment for modern young people, video games must be among them. As a senior game player, I have a deep understanding of this point. After a busy day at work, I enjoy playing two games and immersing myself in the virtual world, which is very relaxing for my body and mind. Effect

Of course, certain skills are required to play games, especially in various FPS and MOBA competitive games, operation and awareness are very important. Many friends have made rapid progress when they first come into contact with a new game, but after playing for a while, they always feel My own level has reached a bottleneck period, and it is difficult to continue to improve. In fact, according to my experience, if you want to have a quick response and exquisite operation, you can not only rely on your own technical level, but also the selection of external peripherals is also very important, so here I recommend several peripheral products such as keyboards, mice, earphones, etc. I hope that everyone's game level will be improved and further

Keyboard and mouse are necessary peripherals for any PC competitive game, and there are great differences in the use of different grades of products. A set of high-quality keyboard and mouse can not only greatly improve the feel of use, but also make our games The operation is smoother, and it is undoubtedly the most direct and effective way to improve the level of competition and replace a set of keyboard and mouse.

In terms of keyboard selection, I recommend CORSAIR's flagship series - K100 RGB optical axis mechanical keyboard. This product is worthy of the flagship level in all aspects and is especially suitable for gamers.

▼K100 RGB mechanical keyboard is very "dominant and exposed" in appearance, and adopts a full-size arrangement, but the detailed design is very different from conventional products.

▼The most striking thing is the iCUE control knob in the upper left corner. This knob combines beauty and practicality. It is my personal favorite design in the K100 series , there are buttons for switching configurations and locking Windows on the left and right sides of the knob.

▼There is a full-color RGB light ring around the edge of the control knob. Different colors represent different functions. When the knob is pressed, the color of the light will also change, and the function of the knob will also switch accordingly. Through the iCUE software of Corsair, you can Set according to the user's needs, so as to realize various functions such as adjusting the brightness of the backlight, fast forward and rewind, switching applications, vertical/horizontal scrolling, zooming pictures, etc., and can even replace the mouse to a certain extent, which greatly improves the user experience. Convenience.

▼There are six programmable macro function buttons on the right side of the keyboard. Users can also set the functions of these buttons arbitrarily through the software. In games like DOTA2, you can record macros to achieve multi-skill connection with one button Effect (Of course it is not allowed in the game). There is a large distance between the macro function keys and the main keyboard area, and the design and feel of the keycaps are completely different from the conventional keys. After getting used to it, there will be almost no accidental touches.

▼ Corsair's classic metal scroll wheel and multimedia buttons are also equipped, users can easily adjust the volume, control the playback of media, etc.

▼After introducing the appearance, let’s talk about the most important shaft part of the mechanical keyboard. Corsair K100 RGB is positioned as a high-end gaming keyboard, so there are two main types of shafts, namely CHREEY’s silver shaft and Corsair’s own OPX optical switch, the two switches have a slightly different feel, but both belong to the switch with a very short trigger stroke, especially the optical switch in my hand, the key stroke is only 1.0mm, and the optical trigger does not have the delay of traditional physical contacts , is currently one of the fastest response axes.

▼In addition, Corsair also has the exclusive AXON super-speed processing technology, through which the polling rate of the keyboard can be increased to 8000Hz, and the response time is as low as 0.125 milliseconds, which is eight times that of the conventional keyboard. The needs of contestants, for ordinary users, the operation is more handy, which can naturally improve the level of competition in disguise

▼The feel of the switch body is also very outstanding. The trigger pressure of 45g is not easy to accidentally touch in daily use even if the key travel is short. It is not only suitable for games, but also very useful for daily text input.

▼K100 RGB uses the translucent keycap of PBT two-color injection molding process. The ergonomic design is used at the position of the contact surface. The keycap is slightly concave inward, which can fit the user's fingertips better. , The texture is very good, so that users will have a more comfortable experience when typing.

▼When it comes to pirate ships, we have to talk about the lighting effects , which can be said to be fully reflected on the K100 RGB. The keyboard adopts a borderless design, and RGB light strips are designed on the three sides. Viewed from the side, the switch body and the light strips light up at the same time, which is very beautiful.

▼The three-sided light strip will also bring users a better lighting atmosphere in daily use, especially suitable for RGB lovers like me

▼The keyboard is preset with a variety of different lighting effects, which can be switched through the software. Here I will show you through a video:

▼As the “King of Lighting Effects” in the industry, Corsair’s lighting settings are more than that. The most special feature is that it can be customized arbitrarily in the software through the official iCUE software. The lighting effect can be accurate to every button or even It is each lamp bead on the light strip. Multiple settings can be superimposed, some layers similar to PS, and finally form a highly personalized lighting effect, for example, I designed a set of 7-layer lighting effect presets in the software, 1~6, WASD, arrow keys , keypad, side light strips, global buttons, etc. are all set to different effects.

▼The final effect is shown in the figure below. Everyone has different preferences for lighting. Through such settings, a unique and personalized keyboard can be created, which has strong gaming attributes and playability

▼In addition, Corsair K100 RGB has many excellent designs for games, such as super thick data cables and expandable USB ports.

▼The design of cables and even dual USB ports ensures the power supply capability of the keyboard, which is very important especially at ultra-high polling rates.

▼A set of magnetic leather wrist rest is also attached with the keyboard, so the wrist will not be tired after using the keyboard for a long time.

Taken together, the Corsair K100 RGB is definitely a "fever-reducing" keyboard. Whether it is response speed, feel, function, and lighting effects, it is the top level among keyboards. After buying this keyboard, it is basically "no desire" for any other keyboard. no need" , Friends who love to play games must not miss it.

As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and with a flagship keyboard, the mouse must also keep up with the grade. Here I recommend Corsair’s holy sword SABER RGB PRO gaming mouse.

▼Different from the keyboard, the mouse needs to be constantly moved during operation, so it will be more comfortable without the restraint of wires and will not affect the operation. So although SABER RGB PRO has both wired and wireless versions, I personally recommend the wireless version. This mouse also continues the fine tradition of Corsair. It is equipped with RGB lights at the position of the palm LOGO, which can display the current status of the mouse.

▼Ordinary wireless mouse has a high delay and is not suitable for games, but SABER RGB PRO uses Corsair's unique SLIPSTREAM wireless fast connection technology, which makes the wireless mouse delay as low as 1ms, which can be said to have both high-speed transmission and wireless use Advantages, there is no problem with playing games . In the way of wireless transmission, there are also two connection methods of 2.4G and Bluetooth, which can be easily switched through the switch at the bottom to meet the different usage habits of users.

▼The hardware configuration of the mouse is also full. Omron’s micro switch + customized PMW3392 sensor, the native DPI can reach 18000, and can support 1DPI precision adjustment, which is completely enough for users who love to play FPS games.

▼This mouse also has a distinctive feature in terms of feel, that is, it is very light and lightweight. I actually measured it, and the weight of the mouse is only 80g, which makes it easier and faster to move.

▼Of course, this mouse also supports wired connection. When wired, the polling rate of the mouse can also reach 8000Hz through software, which is a perfect match with K100 RGB

▼The ergonomic design of the mouse is also very good. The size of the mouse is neither too big nor too small, and it fits perfectly when held by a man with a big hand or a woman with a small hand.

▼Corsair’s K100 RGB with SABER RGB PRO can be said to be even more powerful in the process of daily game play. Although I am already a Buddhist player, I am playing "DOTA2", "CS GO", "Titanfall 2" and other various When playing online games and stand-alone masterpieces, you can still clearly feel the smooth feeling brought by the high response speed, and experience the technological improvement brought about by hardware upgrades. set up

▼If you want to go further in terms of feel and lighting effects, you can also consider buying the same brand of MM700 RGB oversized game table mat:

▼The size of this table mat has reached 900*400mm, and there is still a lot of space even if you put a keyboard and mouse on the table. There is no need to worry about the mouse sliding out of the large-sized table mat during operation, which can reduce operating errors.

▼The surface of the table mat is optimized for high-performance mice, with proper friction and better positioning effect. There is a circle of light strips on the edge, and the overall workmanship is also very online.

▼There are 12 different lighting effects preset on the table mat, which can be switched through the buttons on the controller. This table mat also supports iCUE lighting control, which can realize the lighting synchronization effect with other devices.

▼There is also a docking station with 2*USB-A interface on the table mat. Through the docking station, you can connect mouse receiver, U disk and other devices, which is also very convenient to use.

Headphones are also very important in e-sports. Similar to a mouse, a wireless design headset will be more convenient to use. Here I recommend the Corsair HS80 RGB wireless gaming headset.

▼This headset is available in black and white. I personally prefer the overall color scheme of white body + silver connecting rod + light gray earmuffs. It looks fresh and fashionable.

▼The earmuffs adopt the most common large-ear design for gaming headsets, which can completely wrap the auricles inside. The surface is made of fabric, and the sponge is also very soft, so you don't feel uncomfortable wearing it for a long time, and the comfort is still very high.

▼The buttons, interfaces and microphones of the earphones are all concentrated on the left earmuff, including a switch button and a volume adjustment wheel. There is a TYPE-C interface at the bottom for charging and wired connection. The earmuffs on both sides are also equipped with Faith Lighting and lighting effects can also be adjusted through software.

▼The headset is connected to the computer through a USB transceiver, and the method of use is also very simple. It only needs to be plugged into the USB interface of the computer, and it can be used normally without a driver. The way of the USB transceiver also enriches the use scenarios of the headset, not only can it be connected to the computer, but also can be connected to game consoles such as PS4/PS5 and Switch.

▼A strip of elastic fabric is equipped under the head beam, and the tightness of the fabric can be adjusted through the Velcro on the inside.

▼When worn correctly, the fabric will stick to the head to provide sufficient support, and at the same time ensure that the scalp will not come into direct contact with the aluminum alloy head beam, and the comfort is still very good.

▼In terms of sound quality, the Corsair HS80 RGB is also remarkable, the sound is clear without any noise, even though it is a wireless connection, it does not feel the slightest delay. The direction and sense of space of the sound are particularly accurate, and the midrange part has been strengthened to a certain extent. It can be clearly felt that the performance of the human voice and the sound of guns is better. Not only is the effect excellent when playing games, the earphones also support Dolby Atmos, and the sound quality is particularly good when listening to music and watching movies, and there is no problem at all as daily earphones.

▼The headset is also equipped with a foldable omnidirectional microphone, which has a broadcast-level sound pickup effect and is completely barrier-free to communicate with teammates

In addition to peripherals, the appearance and stability of the computer host are also very important to gamers, so here I recommend a case and a power supply.

▼This 4000D AIRFLOW mid-tower case is also available in black and white.

▼The tempered glass side panels can be disassembled without tools, and can easily display internal accessories. If you also choose the water cooling and fan of the Corsair, you can adjust them uniformly through iCUE, and the lighting effect is simply not too cool

▼The internal space of the chassis is sufficient, the largest E-ATX motherboard can be installed, and it supports 360 cold row and the longest 36cm graphics card, which can be adapted to most PC hardware. The large space of the chassis can also ensure the internal cooling effect, which is more suitable for games Players use.

As a supporting power supply, I recommend the Corsair RM850x full-module power supply. The ultra-high power of 850W is enough even with an RTX 3090 graphics card.

▼The power supply has passed the 80PLUS gold medal certification, which is power-saving and durable.

▼All Japanese industrial-grade capacitors are used, with stable performance, especially the ten-year warranty period , The side also shows the brand's confidence in the materials and workmanship of the product.

▼I also like the start and stop of the fan of this power supply. When the load of the whole machine is not high and the temperature of the power supply is low, the fan will automatically stand by. At this time, there is almost no noise, especially when surfing the Internet or typing. It will not be noisy on the desktop, and can bring users a particularly quiet working environment.

▼The full module design of the power supply is matched with the RAPIDROUTE easy cable management system of the chassis, so that the wiring is easy and not messy. The combination of the two is very cost-effective.

With so many excellent products on display, I think everyone can feel that CORSAIR is really a treasure brand in the peripheral industry , its various products have unique and outstanding appearance design, strong and stable performance, and various black technology blessings can allow users to easily improve their gaming level. They can also be managed uniformly through iCUE software to create a personalized and cool desktop environment. It just happened to be 618 recently, and many products have great discounts, especially the products recommended in this list, which are especially worth buying. If you have a need to upgrade your peripherals recently, don’t miss it. .

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