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The Gasket mechanical keyboard at the civilian price, Dareu A98 has done it, and the effect is good!

What did you buy on this Double Eleven? You can feel that there are fewer routines and less discounts this Eleven, but I feel that the purchasing power is not as strong as before. Everyone is reducing expenses. After all, it is not easy to make money now, haha! This Daryou A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard is one of my trophies on Double Eleven. After all, it is such a big discount. I am sorry for the merchants if I don’t buy it, hehe. This Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the LiteGasket structure, and its feel and appearance are very good, and it is also very in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. Control it if you need it.

【Simplicity is not simple】

The packaging of Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard looks very simple, and the brand logo can be seen on the front. The bottom of the front of the package is the shaft analysis of this keyboard, as well as the size of the keyboard. The other side is a stick figure of the keyboard, so I won’t show it too much here, let’s look directly at the family portrait of the keyboard:

The family portrait is as follows: Dareu A98 three-mode keyboard, themed keycaps, data cable, cap puller, switch body introduction card, simple manual and complete manual, etc. It has to be said that manufacturers are now making differentiated products, only in this way can they attract players more.

Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard has 3 different theme styles: mecha version, industrial gray (mine), and riding the wind and waves version. As for which one to choose, it depends on personal aesthetics. In my opinion, these color schemes are very beautiful, but I prefer this industrial gray.

Have you noticed that many manufacturers are releasing 98-key keyboards recently? It seems that this design has become the mainstream. Although 108 keys are comprehensive, they are too bulky, and the 87-key keyboard lacks a digital area. It is more or less difficult to use. Inconvenient, and 98 keys really neutralize the advantages and disadvantages of the above two keyboard specifications, it can be said to solve the pain points of users.

The white and blue-gray color contrast design has a very strong visual impact. When you change the theme keycaps, it will be another scene. If you think this is plain, then you will definitely like it next time!

There is nothing wrong with the saying "a man depends on his clothes and a horse depends on his saddle". After putting on the theme keycap, does it have a different feeling? Of course, the keycaps of mechanical keyboards can be replaced. If you find something you like online, you can buy it and install it, but you must check whether the keycap supports the installation of the shaft before buying.

There is a toggle switch on the left side of the Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard. I prefer this design, which is simple, direct and easy to use. Through this switch we can switch between Bluetooth, wired, and 2.4G.

The power display, this is really good, you can intuitively know the remaining power of the keyboard. When I used a wireless keyboard before, I didn’t know that the keyboard was out of power until I lost the connection. Now I can see it at a glance. I have to say that the design is more and more user-friendly.

The 2.4G receiver is located on the right side of the keyboard. It was hard for me to find it at first. It’s well hidden!

Of course, the combination of multimedia keys is impossible, so you should be familiar with them before using them.

【Key cap and shaft body】

The keycaps are made of PBT material, OEM height, two-color injection molding process, the color of each keycap is very uniform, and the touch is delicate. PBT material keycaps are more wear-resistant and durable than ABS. Everyone knows that ABS is easy to "grease", but PBT material has no such problem. If you are an editor or a serious game enthusiast, it is recommended to choose PBT material.

The large key position uses a mature satellite shaft design, so as far as the current technical adjustment is concerned, there is no need to worry about the feel at all. Of course, there is still a little difference in the rebound strength from a single small button, after all, how big is this volume. As for the non-existence of noise, in fact, this is the advantage of the Gasket architecture. The cavities are all filled, and there will be no more noise at all.

The switch body of this keyboard is the sky switch V3 manufactured by Huannuo under Kaihua. Personally, it feels similar to the traditional red switch, and it feels very warm. The official introduction of this shaft body introduces that the inner spring is replaced with a gold-plated short spring with higher smoothness, and the shrapnel is also replaced with a gold-plated contact, so the feel is improved a lot. In addition, everyone knows that good things are not cheap for what you pay for. The market price of this shaft is more than 2 yuan per piece, which belongs to the ranks of excellent shafts.

Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard supports hot swapping, if you like, you can buy your favorite switch body and replace it. This is the biggest feature of the customized keyboard, you can replace the shaft body by yourself. In fact, I prefer the silver switch, mainly because the key travel is short and the trigger is fast. In fact, to put it bluntly, I just want to save effort, haha! lazy! Tripod shaft, but the base of the keyboard has five holes, so you don’t have to worry about restrictions when you replace the shaft yourself, but you should also pay attention to it when buying the shaft.

Next, we will talk about the Gasket structure of this keyboard. A brief summary is that it is fixed by the soft connection of the sound-absorbing silicone pad, which can effectively reduce the cavity noise while taking into account the feel and softness of the pressing performance. It can be seen from the diagram that the keyboard adopts flexible connection, the plane is fixed as a whole, the surrounding and middle support of the keyboard is sufficient, the overall structure is more stable, and the cavity sound and noise are effectively eliminated.

Oh, the appearance on the desktop is still very good, and it will be even more perfect if it is paired with Dareu's flagship mouse. The current battery life of this keyboard can last for 7 days with the backlight turned on, and 45 days with the backlight turned off. If you just want battery life, you can really consider turning off the lights.

【Lighting display】

The light transmission of PBT keycaps is not as good as that of ABS. This is recognized in the industry, even if it is placed on the Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard. Of course, poor light transmission does not mean that the lighting effect is not good, and you can still clearly see the colorful lighting effect in daily use.

You can change different lighting effects through shortcut keys. Of course, if you want a longer battery life, it is no problem to turn off the backlight. In fact, this is what I do. What I want is wireless and feel. As for the backlight, I tend to It has a longer battery life.

Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K

Motherboard: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE TI WIFI DDR4 (MS-7D31)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 ( 10 GB / Gigabyte )

Memory: 32 GB ( ADATA DDR4 3600MHz 16GB x 2 )

Primary HDD: GLOWAY Basic1TNVMe-M.2/80 (1024 GB / SSD)

Monitor: MSI MSI3DC0 MPG321UR-QD (32 inches)

Power supply: MSI MPG A850G PCIE5

Chassis: MSI Blade 100R White

Heat Dissipation: MSI Ice 360R White Water Cooling Radiator

I use MSI MPG321QRF-QD gaming monitor on my desktop, which is equipped with a new generation of fast LCD IPS panel with quantum dot technology, color gamut 95% DCI-P3, 144% sRGB, 2K resolution, and supports 175Hz refresh rate (DP Connection), GTG corresponding up to 1ms, greatly improving the problem of screen smear.

Let's brush up the upgrade material, the effects of the keyboard and monitor are very good. It's a pity that Yuanshin doesn't support high brushes, otherwise the effect will be even better. The feel of the keyboard is also quite good. Of course, I bought a palm rest here. A mechanical keyboard with a palm rest is a perfect match.

It is said that the high latency of wireless keyboard and mouse is not suitable for playing games. In fact, with the advancement of technology, the latency has been optimized to be very small and can be ignored. Of course, if you are really entangled, then connect to play online. After all, this Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard has multiple connection methods.

MSI's Blade 100R white version adopts a pure white design. Needless to say, its appearance is very beautiful. The white chassis is excellent in terms of workmanship, materials and detailed design. In particular, the factory comes with 4 ARGB fans and the RGB light strip on the fuselage, which makes the "light pollution" vividly displayed. If you like white style, then this new chassis must be worth considering.

Since the main body is white, other accessories also choose white, such as this MSI Ice 360R white water-cooled radiator, which has an integrated design of the cold and drain pump, and the cold head supports 270-degree rotation, with Dragon Soul LOGO in the middle, and ARGB Lighting effect, pure copper mirror base. The water cooling has three 12cm fans, which also support ARGB lighting effects. Double ball bearings are used. The maximum fan speed is 2000RPM and the maximum air volume is 78.73CFM.

MSI MPG A850G PCIE5 uses all Japanese 105°C capacitors, the maximum output power of +12V can reach 850W, has passed the 80Plus gold certification, supports active PFC, half-bridge LLC resonance, and DC-DC circuit structure design, and the overall parameters are good. It also supports mainstream ten-year warranty after-sales.

Module output interfaces, including five 8Pin output interfaces, can easily meet the power supply requirements of the motherboard with dual 8Pins and the graphics card with three 8Pins. When the load is low, the cooling fan of the power supply can be stopped to further reduce the standby noise.


In general, this Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard is worthy of recognition in terms of appearance design and materials, but the 98-key design provides users with a full-featured keyboard. The customized design allows users to replace the keycap and shaft body by themselves. Of course, there is a more excellent Gasket structure, which comprehensively improves the user experience of this mechanical keyboard. More importantly, the price of this keyboard is surprisingly affordable. If you like this kind of customized keyboard, Dareu A98 three-mode mechanical keyboard will be a good choice.

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