The Gasket structure is matched with the TTC giant's heart shaft, and the Royal Axe L98 tells you what is the benchmark of the keyboard!

Do you know what is the Gasket architecture?

Among other things, the mechanical keyboard of the Gasket architecture has really become popular in the past two years. In fact, this structural design has existed for a long time. It's just that the price of the keyboard with this design is very expensive, and those who are not keyboard enthusiasts are really reluctant to buy it. However, with the popularity of the Gasket architecture, the price has finally come down, and ordinary players can also own mechanical keyboards of this design. The Gasket architecture keyboard has an excellent feel and a very good mute effect, because of the flexible connection used as a whole, which is why it can achieve a win-win effect of silence and feel. In the past few days, I have bought my third Gasket-based keyboard, which is also the most satisfying to me. It is the three-mode mechanical keyboard of the Royal Axe L98 keyboard. So how is this keyboard? Next, let us take a look together. !

The packaging of the Royal Axe L98 three-mode mechanical keyboard looks very textured, and the overall use of silver-gray lines outlines the panorama of the keyboard and the brand logo. The logo in the upper right corner of the box indicates that this keyboard supports full-key swappable shafts. The back of the package is relatively simple, only marking the main four features of the keyboard: LCD color screen display, multi-device connection, full-key hot-swappable switches and magic lighting effects.

Family portrait: keyboard body, key puller and cap puller, 8 keys, detachable data cable, manual, and 4 switches.

Let’s take a look at the appearance of the Royal Ax L98 keyboard. I have to say that the appearance of this series is particularly excellent. The perfect 98-key layout not only has comprehensive functions, but also takes up less space than the 108-key keyboard. It is currently favored by many players. identified as the perfect solution.

Royal Axe L98 currently offers 3 colors: moon rock gray, sharp white blue, and ivory yellow. Each face value has its own characteristics, you can choose according to your own preferences, with the 8 attached buttons, you can match your favorite style as you like, and you can also purchase keycaps to match your personality keyboard style.

The Royal Axe L98 keyboard is full of cyberpunk style, and every detail is designed in place, so that players can fall in love with it at first sight. The left and right sides of the keyboard are decorated with gray material, which has a very full visual impact. Of course, the finishing touch is the LCD display on the top right side, which adds a lot of sense of technology to this keyboard.

The left side of the keyboard integrates Caps Lock, NumLock, power indicator, mode switching key and ROYALAXE (royal ax logo). At first I thought it was a modular design, but later I found out it wasn't, haha!

The multi-function keys of the Royal Axe L98 keyboard adopt side-engraved logos, bluetooth switching, terminal system switching, lighting, sound, etc., which are very convenient for daily use.

The Royal Axe L98 keyboard is also designed with an LCD display. Although this design is already very common, the displayed content is quite different. But it is very rich, as shown in the picture: date, power, brightness, connected system and connection mode, etc.! When playing games, I often forget the time. You can remind yourself by looking at the keyboard, haha! On the top of the keyboard, there are TYPE-C, power button and a 2.4G receiver storage port on the right side.

The design on the back is relatively simple, not much different from common keyboards. In the middle is the nameplate of the keyboard, on which some basic information of the keyboard is marked. Designed with 4 non-slip foot pads and 2 sections of support feet, it is convenient for users to adjust daily.

The keycaps are made of PBT material, ASA height, two-color injection molding process, the color of each keycap is very uniform, and the touch is delicate. PBT material keycaps are more wear-resistant and durable than ABS. Everyone knows that ABS is easy to "grease", but PBT material has no such problem. If you are an editor or a serious game enthusiast, it is recommended to choose PBT material.

The keyboard has two switch bodies to choose from: TTC giant heart mechanical switch and TTC rabbit switch. There are still some differences between the two switch bodies. As shown in the figure, which shaft to choose depends on your usage habits. In addition, the keyboard supports hot-swapping, and is compatible with three-legged and five-legged switches on the market. If you have a switch you like more, you can buy it and replace it yourself.

The TTC Giant's Heart Axis RGB version follows the feel and parameters of the TTC Giant's Heart. The upper cover is changed to a hollow structure and equipped with a TTC condenser. transparent.

The next step is to talk about the Gasket structure of this keyboard. A brief summary is that it is fixed by the soft connection of the sound-absorbing silicone pad, which can effectively reduce cavity noise while taking into account the feel and softness of pressing performance. It can be seen from the diagram that the keyboard adopts flexible connection, the plane is fixed as a whole, the surrounding and middle support of the keyboard is sufficient, the overall structure is more stable, and the cavity sound and noise are effectively eliminated.

The light transmission of PBT keycaps is not as good as that of ABS. This is recognized in the industry, even if it is placed on the Royal Axe L98 keyboard. Of course, poor light transmission does not mean that the lighting effect is not good, and you can still clearly see the colorful lighting effect in daily use.

You can change different lighting effects through the shortcut keys. Of course, if you want a longer battery life, it is no problem to turn off the backlight. In fact, this is what I do. What I want is wireless battery life and feel. As for the backlight, I prefer Because of its longer battery life.

Below the keyboard, there is a long strip of magic lights, and the flowing colors indicate the difference of Royal Axe L98.

Yufu L98 is a three-mode keyboard, wired, 2.4G and Bluetooth. I have to say that the connecting cable that comes with the keyboard is really good, and the design is excellent. If you use Bluetooth connection to connect three Bluetooth devices, you can use the device switching key (FN+QWE) to switch daily. In addition, through FN+IOP, the keyboard can also adapt to IOS, MAC and WIN. By the way, the keyboard has a built-in 6000mAh battery, and the longest battery life can reach 75 hours.

The driver can greatly improve the playability of a keyboard, and can also improve the player's user experience. So an excellent keyboard, a perfect driver is a must.

There are seven pages in the Yufu keyboard driver, which are main settings, lighting settings, macro editing, sketchpad mode, project sharing, sharing pictures, personal center and support, a total of 8 pages. I will not introduce them one by one here, everyone wait When the keyboard arrived, I slowly realized it, haha!

The feel of the keycaps is very good. If you are used to the PBT material, you will find that it is more comfortable than ABS. Of course, the excellent feel of the keyboard is inseparable from the Gasket structure, and its buffer layer design greatly improves the user experience.

CPU: 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700K

Motherboard: MSI MAG B760M MORTAR DDR5 Mortar

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 (24 GB/Zotac)

Memory: Kingston DDR5 5200MHz 32GB

Hard disk: KIOXIA-EXCERIA PLUS SSD (1 TB / solid state drive)

Monitor: MSI G274QRFW

Cooling: MSI Ice 360R water cooling radiator

Power supply: MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply

Chassis: MSI Blade 100R White

Playing games with an excellent keyboard requires an excellent host, and the new 13th generation Core is here.

This MSI G274QRFW Gaming King Kong is currently the hottest product under MSI. It is characterized by all-white design, high refresh rate (170Hz refresh rate), 1ms response speed, 10bit high color display, and G-SYNC tear-proof technology. And this monitor uses AUO FAST IPS panel with 2K resolution. This resolution does not put a lot of pressure on the graphics card, so there is no need to invest too much in the graphics card. In addition, as an e-sports monitor, it also adds dark part brightness enhancement technology and auxiliary front sight design, which is even more powerful for players who like to play FPS games. Don’t forget to protect your eyes after playing games for a long time, so MSI also specially added Rheinland-certified hardware anti-blue light technology to improve eye protection. Of course, what I like the most is its price, which is very cost-effective at 1799 yuan.

The gaming screen with Yufu L98 three-mode mechanical keyboard is really silky smooth. I have eaten chicken several times in the past few days, and it is also handy to play Yuanshen. The new equipment has brought me confidence and strength, haha.

After the 13th generation motherboards are launched, you will definitely find that the shipment of Z790 motherboards is far less than that of the B760 series. The main reason is that the price of motherboards of this generation continues to rise, which makes players feel the pressure. The B760 series with excellent performance and cost performance has become the first choice of players. This MSI B760M mortar D5 is cheaper than the Z790 series as a whole. If you don't need CPU overclocking, B760M is enough. MSI's motherboard adopts a 12 (75A) +1+1 phase power supply design, and the CPU power supply is a dual 8Pin design, which can output 75A current in a single phase. It can be seen from the data that this motherboard can run stably even if it is equipped with i9-13900k. Of course, everyone has it and will not configure it like this. The standard configuration of i5, if you want higher performance, then go to i7 level. In addition, the motherboard is equipped with four DIMM DDR5 memory slots as standard, which supports up to 7000+MHz. At present, memory prices continue to drop, and 32G is currently less than 1,000 yuan, so let’s go.

Zotac RTX 4090 AMP EXTREME AIRO, Zotac’s new generation card king, is better positioned than Apocalypse. It adopts 4nm TSMC’s AD102-300 GPU, has 16384 CUDA cores, CPU frequency up to 2580MHz, and uses 24GB 21Gbps GDDR6X memory , the memory interface width is 384 bits. And the performance of RTX 4090 with DLSS 3 can be improved by up to 4 times. As for power consumption, it is the same as other brands at 450W.

The metal backplane, a standard configuration of high-end graphics cards, not only improves the strength of the graphics card, but also increases the cooling capacity of the graphics card. Compared with the previous generation, the fan page area of ​​this graphics card has increased by 50%, the height of the fan has increased by 60%, and the height of the fins has increased by 30%, which achieves the ultimate in heat dissipation in a limited space.

MSI Ice 360R integrated water-cooled radiator, as a mid-range product, has a high value for money. The display design of the flagship product is not used, after all, many people feel that it is not needed. This water cooler adopts a rotating design and is designed with a dragon pattern with RGB lighting effects. Because it supports rotation, you don't have to worry about the logo being incorrect when installing.

The fan uses wear-resistant double ball bearings. When the fan reaches 2000RPM, the air volume and air pressure are beyond the normal level. The lamp beads are on the PCB at the center of the axis, and will not occupy the fan blade area. The fan blades are made translucent for light transmission, and the ability to resist centrifugal force will be lower. There are shock-absorbing pads at the corners. This detail is fine. The water cooling supports mainstream platforms such as the LGA 1700 interface, and has good compatibility. And it supports a 3-year warranty. If the leakage is caused by quality problems, it supports full compensation for the hardware.

MSI MPG A1000G PCIE5 power supply is MSI's flagship product and the first product under the ATX 3.0 standard. With a newly designed PCIe5.0 power supply interface, it can easily supply power to the RTX40 series with a single line. In addition, the PCIe5.0 power supply interface can also be converted to dual 8Pin power supply lines to supply power to the previous graphics card, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. MSI MPG series is positioned as high-end, so it is very beautiful in terms of appearance, and the fan cooling grille is designed with exquisite and eye-catching alloy parts.

In terms of quality, 10-year guarantee/all Japanese capacitors, support fan start and stop, with a native 16 PIN (12VHPWR) PCle cable, 600W of power is delivered to the PCle5.0 graphics card. In addition, the active PFC circuit, LLC, single-channel +12V plus DC-DC design inside the power supply are also current mainstream flagship solutions.

Light pollution has always been the most sought after by players, so many players first look at the RGB lighting effect when purchasing a chassis. This MSI Blade 100R case with a stunning appearance is designed in white, comes with 3 RGB fans, and also designed an RGB waistline, the effect is very outstanding. The big MSI logo on the front is also very recognizable. If there is an upgraded model this year, I suggest replacing the logo with RGB lighting, which will look better.

Comes with 3 white RGB fans, you can switch the lighting effect through the MSI control software or the LED lighting control button on the top. To achieve uniform lighting, the effect is better and better. As a mid-tower case, you don’t have to worry about the internal space. Even the RTX4090-level graphics card is more than enough, but it is recommended to buy a graphics card support frame, otherwise the graphics card will sag.

In general, this Royal Axe L98 three-mode mechanical keyboard is very good, whether it is appearance or performance, it makes users very satisfied. The customized Gasket structure design, combined with the eye-catching "small screen", and the ability to replace keycaps and shafts by yourself, can be said to have comprehensively improved the user experience of this mechanical keyboard. Daily games or office work can meet the needs of users. Finally, I still want to talk about the RGB mechanical switch of the heart of the giant. It feels really good in the hand. I hope you have the opportunity to experience it.

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