The global limited edition is not the only highlight. CHERRY MX3.0S Scout Signature Player Edition unboxing

Ah Lu has always believed that in addition to computer hardware with excellent performance, computer peripherals cannot be ignored for a good gaming experience. A larger monitor with a higher refresh rate, a keyboard and mouse with a better feel, and a more comfortable ergonomic seat can also play a role. Great addition to the gaming experience. Ah Lu bought the CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless keyboard two years ago. The excellent feel + wireless experience is really great. If you are interested, you can click the portal:

It happened to be around May 1st, and my cousin came to my house as a guest. He said that the computer I installed for him was very good to use. The fly in the ointment is that the 84 mechanical keyboard I bought at the beginning was a bit uncomfortable to use. I still need a 104-key traditional layout. . In view of this, I let him play with my CHERRY MX 3.0S Wireless, and as expected, he was planted immediately.

正所谓买新不买旧,啊鲁给表弟推荐最近Cherry新出的MX3.0S选手版&SCOUT签名限量版键盘,这是CHERRY 70周年推出的产品,限量999把,每把配有独立的编号。而且配置了全新的玉轴,啊鲁判断这货会有升值的潜力,加上表弟又蛮喜欢玩LOL,看在1K不到的售价,就果断下单了。

Goudong arrived the next day after placing an order. It was packed in a bag without a carton, which is a bad review. Speaking of the keyboard, the MX3.0S Scout Signature Player Edition uses an all-black package, which is consistent with the MX3.0S series.

It is limited to 999 pieces, and this one is 109. For Cantonese people, it will be even better if you can buy 108. After all, it must be released, haha. However, 109 can also superimpose buffs when playing chicken: Be sure to fight until the end......

The accessories are relatively simple, just raise the feet with the manual and keyboard.

The appearance maintains the design language of the MX3.0s player version, with a 109-key layout. Since it is positioned as an e-sports class, it is a wired design. Full key, no punch, no steel plate, these are basic exercises.

F1~F12 all have shortcut keys with more functions, such as volume, lighting effect adjustment and so on.

The keyboard indicator light is placed above the direction keys, and the brightness is soft and not dazzling.

The essential CHERRY LOGO, the high-gloss texture contrasts sharply with the frosted frame.

The edges on both sides of the keyboard are treated with glossy + matte.

The fusion of plastic and metal frames is natural and looks unobtrusive.

The curvature of the keycap fits the fingers better, and the edge of the space bar is rounded, so that the thumb will not cut your hand when you tap it. This design detail is well received.

The 70th anniversary new product of MX3.0S is not just a signature version, it uses a brand new MX jade switch, which brings a brand new feel to players. Due to the design without a built-in steel plate, the shaft body is connected to the circuit board, and the keyboard feedback feels softer, without the hard force feedback of the built-in steel plate. I believe that many friends who choose Cherry keyboards prefer the non-steel plate series. I don’t know if I guess it right?

The starting pressure is 40cN, the trigger is 2.0mm, and the total key stroke is 4.0mm. It will run without issue until retirement. If you want me to say that the actual feel of the jade switch is a little harder than the tea switch, but it is not as hard as the black switch.

Do you think it is a TypeC interface? Since it is the 70th anniversary edition, of course it is a micro USB port. This is called a classic re-engraving, understand?

It is also a basic operation for the data line to have a magnetic filter ring.

The wire has an easy-to-plug design, which is both beautiful and easy to use.

It can be said that the installation of the raised column is very hard-core, just screw it on. Compared with the traditional plastic buckle, it is obviously more textured.

Let's take a look at the RGB effect. Even under the illumination of the screen hanging lamp, the brightness of the keyboard lighting effect can still be clearly seen, soft and not dazzling.

Install the official driver to let the keyboard enter the world of light pollution: up to 10 lighting effects such as ripple, spectrum, breathing, neon, curve, reentry, radiation, etc. are available for users to choose.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the lighting effects above.

不得不说MX3.0S选手版&SCOUT签名限量版既做到了有Cherry70周年纪念的意义,又能为玩家带来更出色的体验:在机械键盘最为关键的轴体方面使用上全新的Cherry MX玉轴,加上其900不到的售价,对玩家来说真是诚意满满了。而且70周年+限量999把也有着收藏的价值!让我这个MX 3.0S Wireless老用户也感到羡慕,感谢各位阅读全文,欢迎打赏点赞。

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