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The gold powder shaft is really surprising! HELLO GANSS HS 87T three-mode mechanical keyboard experience! 【Mechanical keyboard recommendation】

When it comes to the brand HELLO GANSS, some friends may not be familiar with it. Among the peripheral brands, GANSS is still familiar to many people. As an old brand of domestic mechanical keyboards, HELLO GANSS, as a high-end brand of GANSS, has gradually entered the sight of users. What I want to share with you today is HELLO GANSS HS 87T, which is equipped with GC-07 Chunhui purple keycaps. As a three-mode hot-swappable switch mechanical keyboard, let’s find out how it will perform!

Let’s unpack the box first, the packaging box gives people a colorful impression, and the design is quite fashionable! After disassembly, you can see the main keyboard, dust cover, key puller, shaft puller, data cable, dry battery and manual. In addition, other keycaps with 108 configurations and a USB to Type-C adapter are also presented. Looking at a pile of keycaps, I still feel happy in my heart, which makes people feel that they have a lot of weight!

In terms of appearance, the HELLO GANSS HS 87T adopts a narrow frame design, a white shell, and a three-color keycap of Chunhui Purple. The combination of white, purple, and green looks fresh and has an online appearance. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The battery compartment on the back of it is in the upper right corner, and it can be opened to put in two AAA dry batteries. It has a long battery life of more than 60 days. Compared with the built-in charging keyboard, it is also very convenient. You can change the battery at any time without worrying about the battery life. It also solves the shackles of cables.

The two foot supports of HELLO GANSS HS 87T are well designed, and there are rubber on them, which can play an anti-slip effect! In addition, there is a small "organ" hidden below, that is, the 2.4G receiver is hidden in it, and the details are quite clever. The foot support supports two levels of height adjustment, which can meet the needs of different users!

HELLO GANSS HS 87T adopts a three-mode wireless solution, supports full-key hot-swappable, compatible with three-pin and five-pin switches, including cloud drive, key mapping, custom backlight and macro, Win and Mac dual system switching and preset RGB backlight, Support multi-device switching links, support Type-C wired, 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth three connection methods.

As a three-mode keyboard with 87 configuration, compared with 108 configuration, although it cancels the number keys and multimedia keys, it can be realized through combination keys, such as: FN+F9/F10/F11 can increase volume, decrease volume, and mute , FN+F12 can call up the calculator and other operations. Overall, the operation is still very convenient. In addition, the keyboard uses PBT two-color keycaps. Its advantages are that it is not easy to oil, wear-resistant and durable, and has a delicate hand feel. It also has the characteristics of skin-friendly, non-slip, good performance, and not easy to leave fingerprints.

HELLO GANSS HS 87T adopts the TTC condenser gold powder shaft, which is also the first shaft installed by HELLO GANSS. The total stroke is 4.0±0.3mm, the action stroke is 2.0±0.3mm, the trigger pressure is 37g, and the design life is 100 million times. The shaft is self-lubricating at the factory and feels soft to the touch. It has precise resilience, and it can be accurately identified whether it is playing games or typing, and it is easy to use.

The keyboard adopts a hot-swappable design, and the compatibility is very good. It supports 3-pin and 5-pin switches. Basically, most switches on the market can be used. It can be used as a test switch. If you want to change the shaft, it is also very convenient to use the free accessories. You can experience the fun brought by various shafts. After testing the shaft, you can also find the best shaft and replace it. In addition, special designs have been made on the bottom case, such as physical "separation", which greatly reduces the existence of cavity sound and makes the keyboard experience better.

HELLO GANSS HS 87T supports RGB backlight, but the keycaps are opaque. When you plug in the data cable and use the keyboard, you can turn on the ambient light. Other modes cannot turn on the RGB light effect. Although the keycap is opaque, after setting the brightness, the effect is very good, especially at night, and it will not be dazzling. If you want to play a light-transmitting effect, you can replace it with a light-transmitting two-color keycap.

Summary: As a keyboard that supports three modes, HELLO GANSS HS 87T is solid in both workmanship and materials. In terms of details, the axis body is well adjusted and the overall layout is reasonable. The USB interface also adopts the same double-sided design. Pros and cons, it's a gospel for lazy people. In terms of battery life, it is powered by 2 dry batteries, and the battery life of about 60 days saves a lot of trouble. In addition, the RGB backlight is also a good design. Although it comes with an opaque keycap, fortunately, it can be replaced, especially when playing games. This kind of lighting effect and atmosphere will bring an immersive experience! Overall, it is still a mechanical keyboard worth starting with!

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