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"The Happiness of Using PCs" Chapter 18: The "Smart and Beautiful" 100-Key Mechanical Keyboard——Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao Keyboard Evaluation

As an office worker, many friends may have heard of Lofree, but they are not deeply impressed with this brand. After browsing its official website, e-commerce stores, etc., the host found that this brand is very popular with young people. It can be said that it is walking in the A fashion-forward brand, the products under the brand not only include mouse and keyboard, but also various beauty products. 2m² is the design symbol of Lofree, and the designer endowed it with rich connotations, that is, "focus on every touchable 2m² in people's life, whether it is at the desk, in the coffee shop, on the plane or in the subway, Lofree expects to ignite people's boring life with lively and interesting products."

What attracts you most is the Lofree keyboard. As an office worker for many years, you have a lot of keyboards. After a certain period of use, you always find various problems, such as the keyboard is not flexible, the style is old, and the feel is not good. Wait, so the host has recently bought the Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard. How is this keyboard and how is the user experience? Let’s listen to the host.

The Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard that the landlord bought belongs to the 100-key three-mode keyboard, the color is cement gray, and the yellow axis. A lot of thought has been put into the design and packaging of the designer, and the illustration design with blue as the main tone gives people a very strong sense of art.

For the details of the packaging box, Luo Fei chose the hot stamping process, which instantly enhanced the appearance and temperament of the packaging box and the product.

The back of the box is the specific information of the product, including material, manufacturer, model, place of origin, etc.

The Luofei-style packaging can set off the sense of ceremony when giving the keyboard as a gift.

When you open the box, you will see the Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard, which is a three-mode mechanical keyboard with excellent touch and performance of a mechanical keyboard.

There are mechanical keyboard, instruction manual, accessories box and three AAA batteries in the box. In the accessory box are Type-C cable and decorative iron sheet.

In the Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard series, some Xiaoqiao keyboard keycaps are designed with side engraving technology. For friends who mind the paint on the keycaps, you can start with a keyboard with this technology. Just started, new feeling.

However, after careful consideration, the landlord still bought a small keyboard with ordinary keycaps, mainly due to the habit of using the keyboard. Well, if you can’t see letters and symbols on the keycaps, you always have a strange feeling in your heart, and the landlord With many years of writing experience, I have already been very proficient in touch typing, and I don’t need to start with a keyboard with side-engraved craftsmanship to practice touch typing. After some inspection, the host deeply felt that the design of Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard is really special, whether it is the shape or the internal design, it is eclectic, and the industrial design is also very advanced.

In terms of color, the poster bought cement gray, which is not as playful as other colors, but it gives people a calm feeling. For professional writers, this color is perfect. There are a total of 100 keycaps in the keyboard. The reason why I choose this one is because I need it for work. I always feel that the numeric keypad on the right is more convenient to input. Word. After serious consideration, the host thinks that the one that suits him is the best. After all, the host’s work has nothing to do with writing code, so he decisively chose the 100-key small keyboard.

On the whole, the layout of the keyboard is compact. In terms of materials, the keycaps are made of PBT material. This material is very comfortable to use and has a delicate feel, making typing a pleasure, and after long-term use, the keycaps will not appear oily. The phenomenon. Well, I believe that everyone will look at their keyboards unconsciously. The oily keycaps are a common problem of many keyboards, and they always look dirty. However, the Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard will not have such a problem, which shows that the manufacturer is really very careful in the design.

Then let's look at its shape. As the name suggests, the small warped keyboard must have a "curved" shape, that is, a curved shape. This shape is obviously different from most keyboards on the market. Its top is particularly warped, and its shape is very is pretty.

On the basis of ergonomic design, it is tilted 9° properly, so that the design can reduce the force on the wrist when typing, and the long-time typing work will not make the wrist feel tired.

In terms of bottom support, the design of this keyboard is also unique, that is, there is no foot support, and the entire keyboard is designed to protrude through the battery compartment. In order to prevent the keyboard from sliding, four anti-skid pads are designed, but no matter how hard you hit the keyboard, the entire keyboard is very stable and will not slip easily.

The keyboard is small, its height is about four centimeters.

The width is about 11 cm.

About 35 cm long. The length is estimated, and the landlord's scale is limited, so don't spray it. The entire Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard is small in size and easy to carry.

The mechanical keyboard switch is designed on the side of the round shaft on the back, which can be turned to adjust OFF/ON/2.4G and Bluetooth connection. The landlord was surprised to find that the brand name LOFREE was also printed on the battery. In terms of product belonging, the merchant has done enough work.

Next to the rotary switch is the Type-C interface, so you don’t have to worry about the Type-C wire falling off when you move the keyboard. It can be seen that whether it is the battery compartment or the storage compartment, there will be logos, full of details. The connection of the three modes is very convenient. For the traditional wired connection, adjust the switch on the side of the bottom round shaft to the ON state, and then insert the data cable into the next interface. When connecting wirelessly, adjust the switch to 2.4G/Bluetooth state , and then use the FN+Q/W/E/R key combination to switch between different devices. When Bluetooth is connected, the uppercase and lowercase switch keys will flash, and then the device can be paired to connect to the keyboard.

This keyboard supports three connection modes, namely Bluetooth 5.0/wireless 2.4G/and wired mode, which is enough to meet the needs of everyone, and can switch modes at will according to different needs.

The design of this keyboard also has a big bright spot, that is, it comes with a metal bracket, and the metal bracket is above the keyboard. Friends who start with it can place their favorite figures, dolls, etc., and they can appreciate it when they are tired from work. Office fun.

Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard can be connected with mobile devices such as computer monitors and iPads, and can work easily on different devices.

The cement gray 100-key small warp keyboard that the landlord started with, in the design of the keyboard switch, chose Jiadalong’s yellow switch Pro, the total stroke is 4.0±0.4mm, the action stroke is 2.0 plus or minus 0.6mm, and the operating force is 50 ±15gf.

It feels very silky, there is no sense of paragraphs, and it is extremely easy to trigger, so it is very suitable for working in the office. You no longer have to worry about the sound of the mechanical keyboard being too noisy to cause disgust to colleagues, and this keyboard is also very suitable for gaming, basically Meet the needs of most users.

Each axis has an input life of 80 million times. After using it, the author found that the yellow axis is a linear axis that emphasizes the feel. Friends who are used to the heavy hand feel when coding can start to experience it.

As a 100-key small keyboard, the keycap layout is similar to most keyboards.

Xiaoqiao dark night blue mechanical keyboard supports three-mode connection, that is, Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G and wired connection, and supports up to 5 device connections (3 Bluetooth, 1 2.4G, 1 wired).

The shortcut functions designed in the keyboard are easy to operate and can meet the needs of audio-visual entertainment. The bottom button design is compatible, and both Win users and Mac users can connect to the keyboard. For dual system users, it is very lucky to have a Luofei compact keyboard.

The landlord has used many 2.4G keyboards before. There is a common problem with these keyboards, that is, when they are not used for a long time, they need to wake up the keyboard again. If the operation is not done properly, important files will be lost. The Luofei compact keyboard overcomes this disadvantage, and can be used directly after a long period of idleness, omitting the link of keyboard wake-up, saving worry and trouble.

I have used some 2.4G keyboards before. When we do not use them for a long time, we need to wake them up again, which is very inconvenient. But on the Xiaoqiao keyboard, it can be said to be more than capable.

Of course, some netizens may be curious about this uniquely designed keyboard. There is a clear gap between its size and ordinary keyboards. Can you adapt to it after you buy it? , The poster was completely conquered by this Luofei Xiaoqiao keyboard. It has the advantages of high appearance, no tired wrist, silent input, fast input and so on.

After some experience, the author thinks that if the lighting function can be added to the future design of this keyboard, it will be perfect. Of course, in terms of price, compared with most mechanical keyboards in the market, the author thinks that the price of the Luofei compact keyboard It's still a bit more expensive. It would be better if the merchants can hold more promotional activities during the holidays and the price is more common.

Exquisite workmanship, silky touch. The appearance is unique, the calm color of cement gray, coupled with the "small warp" design, low-key yet delicate. The Jiadalong yellow switch is designed with silicone pads, satellite switches, etc., which has an excellent tactile feel and does not produce noise.

The three-mode keyboard can be used for different devices, and has a hot-swappable function. You can DIY various styles of keyboards according to your preferences.

Well, the above is the whole content of this issue. If you feel that it is helpful to you, please like, bookmark + pay attention. If you have any questions or additions, please leave a message in the comment area.

I am Zongbi Fusheng, pay attention to me, and often share some practical and interesting experiences.

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