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The holiday is over, buy yourself some equipment to improve work efficiency

The 11th holiday is over, and this is also the last holiday of this year, and the next three months of 996, I feel heartbroken just thinking about it. In order to be able to roll better, please yourself and improve work efficiency, buy some cheap and easy-to-use items, and cheer for the next stage of work (fishing)~

Apple Pencil first generation pencil case charging case

I usually like to write and draw on the ipad, which is more convenient, and it is also very convenient to use ipad+apple pencil to edit short videos. When using the ipad daily, the usage rate of the apple pencil is very high. Because my ipad is an old model, and the first generation of apple pencil was bought relatively early, and it has not been worn out, so there is no reason to replace it with a new one. But the old problem of apple pencil is that the battery life is very poor, and sometimes it will run out of battery if it is not used for a period of time. It's always been a place where I'm more intimidated.

Some time ago, I used Taobao to recommend a charging case for apple pencil to me. I planted grass, so I placed an order.

The principle of this gadget is the same as that of the current wireless earphones. It is replaced with the charging pen cap that comes with it, and it is equipped with a charging compartment and a pen case. nice~

In addition, the battery life of the charging box is very long, and it is advertised that it has a battery life of 20 days, which is quite good. There is also a more intelligent function "smart battery life", which will not overcharge.

In short, it perfectly solved my problem, and a separate detailed evaluation will be released later.

OnePlus Ace Pro

It is not necessary to buy a mobile phone. After all, I am the kind of person who is addicted to work and cannot extricate himself. However, the pressure is too great, and I need to relax occasionally and play Yuanshen. The Snapdragon 888 I used before is too hot to play Yuanshenshin, so it is imperative to change the phone.

I chose OnePlus Ace Pro. I like this one mainly because I used OnePlus before and the experience is good. The second is that this phone has 16GB of memory and 150W super fast charging, which is my demand. In addition, the Snapdragon 8+ is also a TSMC technology, and the heat generation will be much better.

In the actual experience, Paoyuanshen is indeed much better than the Snapdragon 888 mobile phone, which is very gratifying~

Another surprise is that this screen is a BOE screen. Although there is no DC dimming, the brightness is very high under the sun. The official promotion has 800nit. My experience is that you can clearly see the viewfinder when taking pictures under the sun, and you don’t need to use your hands to block the light when looking at the phone in a bright outdoor place, which is a bit of a surprise.

OnePlus Ace Pro’s camera configuration uses a 50-megapixel imx766 main camera, paired with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens.

The longevity version of 150W super fast charging is really easy to use. It takes less than 20 minutes to fully charge the 4800mAh battery of OnePlus Ace Pro. The speed is fast, and there is no charging anxiety at all.

Moka AE98 mechanical keyboard, wine red switch body, zoo and botanical garden keycap

The keyboard should be a relatively popular digital product now. Although it has not been a long time in the pit, it still has a lot of experience.

The mechanical keyboard I used before is the chief player MK980. The tray structure is also known as the ship hull, 8 columns, MDA height keycaps, and G yellow shaft. The overall feel is very good, but the big keys are a bit stretchy, but I use not bad. This year, basically every factory has started to roll the gasket structure, so I also bought one to experience it.

The one I bought is Moca’s AE98, Gasket structure 98 arrangement, the most friendly arrangement for work and games, comes with a customized switch body, Magica Sea Salt advance paragraph switch, original height keycaps, customized personalized nameplate.

The keyboard experience is actually relatively average. First of all, the structure of the Gasket is not particularly pure. But no gas. Secondly, the silicone sandwich bottom cotton is integrated, but there is no opening for the satellite shaft in the space, and the shell must be dismantled to replace or adjust the satellite shaft; in addition, the light leakage problem of the indicator light is serious; abnormal noise is inevitable with the plastic case. The last point is the most worthy of complaint, that is, the shell is curved, and there is a tendency to bend more and more.

This keyboard is not a recommendation, but a guide to closing the pit.

But it is not without advantages, the keycaps are good, the characters are printed very clearly, and the feel is more delicate. In addition, the custom-made shaft body, I like the feel of the Haiyan advanced paragraph shaft, the paragraph is clear, the smoothness is also good, and there is no noise, I disassembled it and collected it.

This is the case with customized things. In many cases, you still need to manually adjust them to meet your own needs. This keyboard can still be used after adjusting it. I replaced the switch body with a wine-like switch body, replaced the springs uniformly, and thickened the switch body. The sound is very hifi, and the smoothness is also good.

The keycaps have been replaced with xda animal and botanical garden keycaps with a larger contact area. The yellow-green small fresh color is very refreshing. Although many people say that xda dogs don't need it, but I use it very well, the sound is nice, and the height doesn't matter. It really suits me is the best.

Stander Tofu Lamp

Recently, I am trying to make short videos and shoot some daily gadgets. I often need fill lights, and I don’t want to buy professional lights. It is very troublesome, so small pocket LED fill lights are very suitable. I bought Ulanzi’s VL 49 before. Especially easy to use, adjustable color temperature, adjustable brightness, magnetic suction function, and RGB function. I have already bought 4, and I want to buy a few more for learning lighting. I didn’t expect that it would cost 99 per one. Think about it I bought 4 of them for 114 yuan before, but I didn't want to buy them in an instant.

I wanted to find out if there is a flat replacement, but I found a Stander tofu lamp, which has the same adjustable color temperature, 21 kinds of light effects, and basically the same price as Ulanzi, so why buy this one? You look at this appearance, you can tell, which one do you choose for the same price?

This beauty looks good when you put it on the table as a decoration, and it is also very useful when you put it in your bag or on the table for emergency.

Wolfie V100s Bluetooth Headphones

The headsets used before were all wired, so you don’t have to think about charging, you can use them anytime you want, but they are messy and easy to pull out, and several of them broke because of this. I have always wanted to buy a wireless headset, but most of them are Bluetooth wireless headsets. My Bluetooth headset at home is often connected to the computer intermittently. The experience is too bad, so I want to find a 2.4G headset.

Wolfie V100s, many people have never heard of this brand, but everyone in the key circle has heard of Wolfie. After all, it is the home of the famous CIY series kit. Are you going to make headphones now?

This headset uses a three-mode (Bluetooth, 2.4G, 3.5mm headphone jack) connection, a 50mm composite diaphragm unit, a built-in 1000mAh lithium battery, a type-c charging port, supports playing while charging, and even RGB fluorescent lights. Fits all my needs perfectly.

As for the sound quality? I haven't tested yet, my courier is stuck at the distribution center. I'll be reviewing later.


These are a few products. Except for the keyboard to avoid pitfalls and the earphones to be tested, the others are all products that I think are very good, and they are also my own needs. Of course, I also hope that everyone will consume rationally and buy according to their needs.

Above, thank you, see you~

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