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The improvement of the feel is really strong, and it really saves money if you don’t spend much——Rapoo V series gaming wireless keyboard and mouse experience

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How long have you used your mouse and keyboard? Are you satisfied with the feel and appearance? As a money-saving party, based on the idea of ​​"it's not impossible to use", I once used a set of 100 yuan wireless keyboard and mouse for six or seven years. The loose and sticky membrane keyboard and the squeaky cheap mouse are still lingering in my mind. I recently participated in the ZEALER event and won the Rapoo V500PRO-87 keyboard + VT960 mouse, a keyboard and mouse set with a total price of several hundred yuan, which is very easy to use. This 618, if you are also considering upgrading the keyboard and mouse, this set of peripherals is worth considering.

1. VT960 Cyberpunk Edition

The VT960 mouse is the master of the Rapoo Gaming V series mice. The black appearance may be unremarkable, but have you seen a mouse with an OLED display?

Through the driver, you can customize the display content of this OLED screen, which can be text, pictures, graffiti, or set to display the current battery level, CPI (sensitivity) or user APM (click speed per minute).

Below the display is Rapoo's V-shaped logo, which is also Rapoo's RGB lights. Through the driver settings, it can be adjusted to "spectrum cycle", "Apm breathing", "constant light" and other modes. It supports color code setting, and you can choose from 16 million colors.

Behind the RGB logo is a metal palm rest shell. This piece of metal extends from both sides of the middle of the mouse to the tail of the mouse. It is integrally formed, and the surface is sandblasted, which not only ensures friction, but also retains a delicate texture. Rapoo did not forget to hollow out a V-shaped logo on the palm rest shell.

The side of the mouse, which is the part where the metal palm rest is connected to the middle of the mouse, is a distinctive cyberpunk pattern. The pattern like an integrated circuit or a neon light strip is very gaming-like, and it also improves the friction of the thumb by the way.

VT960 has 9 buttons that can be customized all over the body, and three independent buttons are arranged at the thumb. They are the black wedge-shaped "fire key" and the red "forward" and "backward" keys. All keys support custom macros, and the powerful driver supports recording 5 sets of configurations and switching them arbitrarily.

VT960 uses the original phase 3389 game optical sensor, which can support up to 16000 CPI. The adjustable items in the driver are very rich, and the CPI can be adjusted in steps of 50. The USB report rate also supports four adjustments of 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1000Hz. The driver of VT960 also has the function of "cloud synchronization", which supports uploading personalized settings to cloud accounts, so that it is convenient to retrieve archives anytime, anywhere and overwrite local parameter settings with one click.

2. V500PRO-87 wireless version (red axis)

V500PRO is the evergreen tree among Rapoo V series gaming keyboards, and V500PRO is the mainstay of the evergreen tree. The updated V500PRO product line this year is also rich and diverse. The one in my hand is the V500PRO-87 wireless version without backlight.

Let me talk about the feel that I am most concerned about first. The V500PRO-87 keyboard conscientiously uses a matte metal cover, which I think is one of the basic cores of a keyboard feel. The entire precision-processed metal plate makes the keyboard weigh more than 750g, and the stable feel comes from this stable chassis.

The entire metal plate covers the upper surface of the keyboard, and another advantage is that it greatly improves the appearance and texture of the keyboard. Although the price is nearly one hundred yuan, it is by no means comparable to the plastic keyboard that twists and creaks. The thickness of the metal plate of this V500PRO-87 is nearly 1mm by visual inspection, and the engineering plastic bottom shell is estimated to be strong. If there is no miracle, let alone creaking.

This V500PRO-87 is not a backlit model. The keycaps are laser engraved, and the white letters and black keys are very eye-catching. If you like backlighting, there are also V500PRO-87 multi-module options, which are tens of yuan more expensive in comparison, but with the addition of Bluetooth mode and keyboard backlighting, it is also very valuable.

Pull out the keycap to reveal the crystal switch body, which is very delicate against the frosted metal cover. All Rapoo V500PRO series use self-developed shafts.

My model is a red switch, and the "RAPOO" logo on the switch shows confidence. The feel of the Rapoo self-developed axis is really good. The trigger stroke of the red axis is 2.0±0.6mm, straight up and down without a sense of paragraph, so that typing or gaming can respond quickly. The trigger pressure is 45±15cN, which is the same as the pressure in each axis of black, red, tea and green. Lightweight, relatively labor-saving and not tiring for a long time.

The Shift/Caps Lock/Space/Enter keys all have satellite axes, which ensures the consistency of the touch of each key on the entire keyboard, and triggers rebound without spring sound, which is crisp and quiet.

Although it is an 87-key column, V500PRO-87 uses the F area to provide 12 shortcut keys, whether it is media playback, volume control, calling the home page, or opening the mailbox, all can be accessed directly with one key, which greatly increases the operation convenience of the 87 keyboard.

The V500PRO-87 supports 2.4G wireless and has a built-in lithium battery. It can be charged with the included USB to Type-C cable or connected with a cable. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard also has a splash-proof function, so it is not delicate during daily use.

3. Experience

This set of keyboard and mouse supports both wired and 2.4G wireless dual-mode, both with Type-C interface, which makes charging very convenient, and the built-in large-capacity lithium battery makes battery life worry-free.

The V500PRO-87 keyboard is cost-effective, and the upper cover covered by the metal plate makes the feel of the Rapoo self-developed switch body more solid. The switch body has no noise, the red switch responds quickly, and the trigger pressure is slightly lighter, which is suitable for gaming, e-sports and office work.

The VT960 Cyberpunk Edition continues to carry forward the unique OLED screen, RGB logo light and metal back shell palm rest of the Rapoo V series gaming equipment, allowing both dexterity and heat dissipation, and is compatible with both pinching and grasping methods.

On the whole, this set of Rapoo V500PRO-87 and VT960 cyberpunk version wireless keyboard and mouse set is practical and powerful, taking into account the design of e-sports, and there is no sense of delay in wireless mode. . It is a little regretful that there is no keyboard foot support on the V500PRO-87 keyboard, and there is no wireless charging module on the VT960, but combined with the price of 100 yuan, these problems are not important. If you want to get started with gaming peripherals or want to greatly improve the feel of the keyboard and mouse, this set of Rapoo is highly recommended, so pay attention!

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