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The joy of older children: Razer minions limited edition keyboard and mouse set sharing

The items ordered before 618 have already begun to receive goods. Today I want to share with you the Razer Minions limited edition peripheral combination that I received very early. This combination has been in the shopping cart for a long time. Taking advantage of the opportunity to buy Children's Day gifts for children, I also arranged it for myself, an overage child.

Speaking of this experience, I have to talk about the classic IP of the Minions. As the protagonist of the animated film "Despicable Me" series, the stupid and cute big-eyed image of the Minions is not only liked by children, but also by adults. It can also be free from vulgarity. I have watched several movies over and over again, Erbao has a lot of miniature figurines and toys, isn’t it suitable for children’s day and the entire miniature desktop?

The following are the three products in the Razer Minions limited keyboard and mouse set. They are the Razer Minions version of the Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition backlit mechanical keyboard, the heavy-duty Beetle V3 mouse pad and the Baselli Snake X Extreme Wireless Mouse. The three product bodies are the main models of Razer's products on sale, so the feel and actual use experience will definitely not be overturned.

The relationship between the joint model, the packaging style and color matching of this series are very different from the standard version. Razer has redesigned the color scheme and theme of the limited edition packaging. Both the color scheme and the decoration are very suitable for the theme of Minions.

Directly into the topic, the following is the main body of the keyboard, which adopts a compact 87-key layout, and the top cover is made of aluminum alloy frosted material. From a simple look, except for the difference in painting, other configurations are basically the same as the Razer Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition.

As a joint version, of course, the ubiquitous Minion elements are indispensable.

In the upper left corner of the keyboard, you can see a large decorative painting of minions. Even the ESC key is decorated with the big eyes of minions. In addition to the space bar and other places, the elements of minions can be seen everywhere. , are telling the difference in this keyboard.

In terms of the switch body, this keyboard adopts the double-sided Razer Green switch specially designed and developed by Razer for games. Apart from the difference in internal structure and trigger pressure, the most obvious difference between the switch body and the normal switch body is that the switch body interface has changed. Complicated, such a design will help to reduce the shaking and stability of the shaft body. Of course, this special structure will also increase the difficulty of replacing the keycap later, and the versatility will be relatively poor.

For the keycap part, the two-color injection-molded ABS keycap used by the Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition, thanks to the optimized coating, the ABS keycap of the Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition will have good oil resistance. Performance.

The Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition uses a satellite axis height meter for the large keys, and the overall adjustment is not bad, and the large keys are not obvious. In terms of lighting, the Minion version of the Razer Black Widow Spider X Competitive Edition comes with a white backlight. Through the Thunder Cloud 3 software, you can customize the backlight brightness, lighting effect mode and lighting effect interconnection.

The back of the Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition is relatively flat, without too many gully designs, and the edge of the keyboard still retains a three-way outlet sink. The yellow label in the middle is the product nameplate of the Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition, and the color scheme also adopts the yellow theme of the little yellow man.

Close-up of the bottom anti-slip pad and foot support. The size of the anti-slip pad is not very large, but the anti-slip is better. The multi-stop adjustable foot support can better meet the needs of different users.

For the first use, after plugging in the Razer hardware on the computer, the system will prompt you to install the Razer driver - Thundercloud 3. The following is the main interface of Leiyun 3 after it has been installed and logged in. The online devices will appear on the control panel of Leiyun at the same time.

Click the online Minion limited keyboard icon to enter the keyboard settings page (the same is true for clicking the keyboard on the upper frame). Here we can customize the relevant functions of the keyboard according to our own needs.

Under the lighting item, the adjustment of brightness and lighting effect is supported, but it is only related to the white backlight panel. The lighting effect of the Razer BlackWidow Spider X Competitive Edition only provides breathing and static options. Those who have higher expectations for lighting can look at it Razer RGB version of the keyboard.

Let’s briefly talk about the user experience. In terms of text input, the feel of the thunder switch green switch should be quite good. The paragraph sense pursued by the mechanical keyboard is very good. Those who pursue the typing rhythm should like it. Another obvious advantage of the green axis is that the trigger pressure is 10G lower than that of the green axis, and the finger fatigue of long-term input text is obviously better than that of the green axis.

The advantages of the green switch in the game scene are also obvious. With a clear sense of paragraph and a good touch keycap, the percussion feel is extremely comfortable, and the response speed and track accuracy are well reflected.

Razer's Basilisk snake series mouse can be regarded as an evergreen tree in the mouse industry. After N revisions, the appearance still retains the classic design of the first generation. The appearance size is 130X60X42mm, and it belongs to the middle and upper mouse in terms of body shape. Of course, because of the limited edition, many minion design elements have been added to the mouse case.

In addition, in terms of details, in addition to the limited skin of minions, in terms of the color matching of the scroll wheel, it has also changed from the pure black of the ordinary version to a striking yellow and black contrasting color treatment.

In terms of appearance, the Basilis Snake X Speed ​​Edition adopts a design suitable for right-handed grips. The side skirts on both sides are covered with a large area of ​​diamond-shaped non-slip rubber. The touch is relatively delicate, and the grip is quite good. The 6 buttons on the mouse can be individually programmed (configurable through Thundercloud 3), and the built-in DPI onboard storage supports up to 5 presets of different DPI levels to be kept in the mouse.

After opening the case cover with magnetic suction design, what you can see is the battery compartment of Baselis Snake X Extreme Edition. The power supply part uses a single AA battery. Version 2.4 of the wireless receiver.

In terms of battery life, the official data shows that in the case of HYPERSPEED wireless connection, the battery life of Baselis Snake X Extreme Edition can reach about 285 hours, and the battery life in Bluetooth mode is as long as 450 hours.

In the middle of the bottom of the mouse is the native 5G light sensor (PAW3369) of the Basilisk Snake X Extreme Edition, with a sensitivity of up to 16000DPI. The mode switch of Baselis Snake X Speed ​​Edition with the light sensor down, push it to the left is 2.4G wireless connection, and to the right is Bluetooth connection, which also means that we can adapt two computers as needed. For multi-platform (computer ) users are still very practical.

As mentioned earlier, Baselis Snake X Speed ​​Edition supports button customization. For actual operation, we need to open Thundercloud 3 and enter the page corresponding to the mouse. Here, you can complete the customization of buttons. Check the remaining power of the mouse.

In terms of performance, Baselis Snake X Speed ​​Edition supports five-level DPI adjustment of the autostat, and the polling rate supports three levels of 125, 500 and 1000. Although the Basilis Snake X Speed ​​Edition is not positioned very high in Razer's mouse system, but in terms of the software and hardware of the product, this mouse is still relatively powerful.

In terms of user experience, Razer’s wireless mouse has been used a lot, from Viper, Mamba, and today’s Basilis Snake X Extreme Edition, several products can be said to have their own characteristics. Relatively speaking, the size of the Basilis Snake X Speed ​​​​version will be larger, but it is specially designed for the right-hand grip, and it will actually fit the palm better.

Thanks to Razer's own mechanical mouse micro-movement, not only the response speed is higher, but the click life is as high as 50 million times, and the click feel is still familiar. With native 5G optical sensor, Razer mechanical mouse micro-movement, dual-mode plus 6 programmable buttons, the overall experience of using the Basilisk Snake X Extreme Edition is quite good.

The standard version of the heavy armored beetle V3 is available in four sizes: MLXLXXL, while the minion version only has a size of 360X275mm medium. In terms of structure and materials, the surface layer of the heavy armored beetle V3 is made of 100% polyester fiber, and the bottom is made of natural rubber foam material. For the minion version, the thickness is 3mm.

As a joint model, the biggest feature of this mouse pad is undoubtedly the large-area Minion design elements on the front. The classic yellow of the cute and fun Minions collides with the cool black and white grid. The overall look of the mouse pad is quite good. .

If you look closely, you will find that the mesh texture density on the surface of the Beetle V3 is very high. In actual use, it not only has a smooth sliding feeling, but also has a certain sense of damping.

The non-slip texture at the bottom of the thickened high-density rubber foam can make the mouse pad better fixed on the desktop. The mouse pad stays firmly in place even with the most intense arm movements while gaming.

As the host's first limited-edition peripheral combination, the overall completion of this combination is still very high, especially with the blessing of popular IP, the entire desktop style has become more unified, and the look and feel has also been greatly improved. In terms of actual experience, as three very mature products, whether it is the keyboard, mouse or mouse pad, they have all shown their due standards. Although the function and performance of the limited edition and the normal version are the same, for the fans of Minions, what else is more worth looking forward to than owning a set of peripherals around Minions?

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