The keyboard also played inward scrolling! Lvlian KU102 keyboard in-depth experience sharing

Nowadays, computers have become a must for our life, office, and study, especially for college students and office groups. To get a better office experience, computer peripheral hardware products are also crucial. In recent years, mechanical keyboards have become a popular hardware product in the computer peripheral industry. Durability, high cost performance, and immersive experience have become the focus of many friends who buy mechanical keyboards. As a well-known manufacturer of computer peripheral hardware, Greenlink has recently launched a brand new KU102 keyboard. This keyboard is very introverted in terms of price, and the experience it brings is also extraordinary at the same price. I will officially bring this keyboard evaluation below.

As the first user of Lulian KU102 keyboard, I feel that this keyboard "interprets" a sense of fashion and technology from the inside to the outside. You can feel this atmosphere when you first come into contact with the packaging of the keyboard.

开箱过程中,有一点我记忆十分深刻,那就是包装开启方式上加入了磁吸的设计,整个开箱体验瞬间高级了很多。开启包装后,里面有绿联 KU102机械键盘、数据线、备用键帽、拔轴器、说明书&保修卡。

As a blockbuster new product of Greenlink in the first half of the year, the Greenlink KU102 keyboard gave me a completely new feeling. First of all, the keyboard body is very thin and light, and it can even be said to be lighter than the ordinary keyboards I have used before. It reached 485g, less than a catty. Therefore, it is very convenient to carry when traveling, business trips, etc., and it will not take up a lot of space when you put it in a school bag.

In terms of layout, the keyboard adopts a compact layout of 89 keys, including number keys, letter keys, and major function keys, etc., taking into account the user experience and aesthetics. To my surprise, with such a compact body, Greenlink has also added up to 18 shortcut keys to this keyboard, which greatly improves our office and study efficiency and is very complete. Thanks to the compact design, the space occupied by the keyboard on the table is reduced a lot, and the space for mouse operation is wider.

A Type-C charging/wired connection interface and a wireless connection mode switching button are designed on the top of the keyboard. There is a power indicator light on the side, which can intuitively show the remaining power of the keyboard, which can be said to be very user-friendly!

In the bottom area, Lulian has added a cyan design, which is covered with four long anti-skid pads, which can effectively strengthen the fit with the desktop and prevent over-slip.

In terms of the switch body, the Green Link KU102 keyboard uses the new version of the high-tech short tea switch. This switch body takes into account the office and game experience. It performs well in terms of pressing and typing, and has a certain sense of paragraph. An immersive, natural typing experience. And it is worth saying that this keyboard is very suitable for office work, because it is very quiet when pressed, which is completely within my acceptable range. It is really convenient and efficient for daily office use, and it can be regarded as a conscientious keyboard at this price.

In particular, the upper keyboard also has a backlight function, which not only supports 4 levels of brightness adjustment, but also has 15 lighting effects, which is very atmospheric when used during the day/night, and stretches the experience to a new level.

It is worth mentioning that Greenlink also provides an additional 6 replaceable keycaps for this keyboard. There are some differences in the design of the keycap patterns, and I can replace them according to my own needs.

So how does such a lightweight keyboard perform in terms of battery life? The Greenlink KU102 keyboard is equipped with a large battery of up to 1800 mAh. It can be used for 150 hours after a full charge, and even with the lighting effect turned on, the battery life can reach about 15 hours. For daily office work, the battery life is not necessary at all. Worry. In addition to the large-capacity battery, the role played by the low-power 5.0 Bluetooth chip is also very obvious.

In general, Greenlink KU102 keyboard is very good in various aspects of experience, such as super compact body design, comfortable and user-friendly typing experience, etc., it is really fragrant in the current price of more than 200, what do you think? What about?

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