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The keyboard can also be "cute", and the experience of the mechanical keyboard co-branded by Daryu Yugui Dog Xiaofangtang

In recent years, co-branding has become a hot word. We can see that many mobile phones, earphones and other fields have launched co-branded models. The reason why the joint name is so attractive, I think, is that it can bring certain new features to the product, making ordinary products no longer ordinary. Take Dareu, a well-known computer peripheral brand, for example. It recently teamed up with Sanrio to launch a customized version of the Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard. As the first user of this keyboard, I was blown away from the moment I got it. It is deeply attracted, so I will share the experience of this keyboard without saying much below.

The reason why I chose this keyboard is that the cartoon idol "Sanrio" brand that I have been thinking about has become the joint object of this keyboard. What kind of sparks will the combination of Daryu and Sanrio, who pursue the spirit of geeks, create? As we all know, Dareu is a well-known brand of computer peripherals, and many of its mechanical keyboards have become models in the keyboard industry, giving black technology to a large number of users.

From the moment I came into contact with the product packaging, I felt a throbbing feeling. The light blue design of the packaging is just right, with a small and fresh flavor. It matches the animation image above, and it is very cute. The front area also has the "cinnamoroll" cinnamon dog logo, which fully demonstrates the joint branding factor.

With excitement, I opened the package with trembling hands. The items inside are as follows: Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard, three additional keycaps, manual, Type-C charging cable and a key dial.

In terms of appearance, the keyboard not only highlights a strong IP style, but also brings a refreshing small keyboard feature. The fuselage is mainly white and blue, and the overall look is very coordinated. In particular, the space bar has added the element of cinnamon dog. Compared with the conventional keyboard, the overall appearance has been improved a lot. Personally, I think putting it on the desktop is not only a keyboard, but more like an ornament.

It is called compact because its overall size is not very large, and it adopts an 82-key design. Although it is 82 keys, the key functions are very comprehensive. As the saying goes, "a sparrow is small but has all internal organs." On this basis, more new experiences have been brought, such as an optional button is designed next to the indicator light, which can be rotated to adjust the volume of the computer.

The IP logo of Cinnamon Dog is added to the lower part of the keyboard, which is full of kawaii feeling. In addition, the switch/mode switching button of the keyboard is designed on the top area of ​​the keyboard. In the slightly lower area, there is a slot for the receiver, which is convenient for storing the receiver.

The buttons are made of small cube sugar PBT keycaps, which have a silky feeling whether it is touched or pressed, especially combined with the ergonomic design, the inner area is slightly concave, which relieves the hand to a certain extent. It is very suitable for office workers like me.

The bottom of the keyboard is also full of details. Seven anti-skid pads are designed, two of which are inside the feet, so that even when the height of the keyboard is raised, it can avoid wear and tear to the greatest extent. It is worthy of praise!

The keyboard supports three connection methods: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G, which can be selected according to your own usage habits and actual conditions. I personally prefer the 2.4G mode. Plug the receiver into the computer and adjust the mode to use it normally.

The keyboard uses the Kaihua light tone switch, which takes into account both gaming and office work. It can be said that it is the most popular switch among the switches at present. Its key travel is about 3.7mm, and the feeling of pressing is very crisp, what you press is what you get, and the overall sense of paragraph is very strong. And it is mainly silent, even if it is used in the office, it will not disturb others. It is estimated that this will become one of the considerations for many friends to buy a keyboard. Moreover, this kind of shaft is very durable, with a mechanical life of more than 80 million times, so there is no need to worry about life.

In terms of battery life, the keyboard has a large battery of up to 2000 mAh. I am a heavy user of the keyboard. The keyboard can provide me with a battery life experience of up to 15 days, making me forget the trouble of charging!

It is worth mentioning that the mechanical keyboard of Cinnamon Dog Custard also incorporates a dynamic backlight design, which is very useful at night and can bring a strong sense of atmosphere, especially when combined with the cool Cinnamon Dog IP. Style, the overall use experience is instantly full!

In general, the Yugui Dog Cube Sugar Mechanical Keyboard is a product that understands consumers very well. It attracts people like me who love the cartoon image of Yugui Dog. Dareu and Sanrio joined hands to make the ordinary keyboard Create a good life product with full appearance and excellent experience. This keyboard adopts a compact and compact appearance design, and incorporates Kaihua light tone switch, which has excellent mute performance and is suitable for use in various scenarios. At the price of 500, it is very fragrant. For friends who pursue IP-style keyboards, you can go for it!

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