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The keyboard of the bloody ghost third-generation optical axis B930 is really very playable, and it has been used for a month.

The bloody hand ghost mechanical keyboard, which has been very popular recently, is actually no stranger to this brand. This is a game peripheral series under Shuangfeiyan. As a game lover, choose the Dongfanghong version of the third-generation optical axis B930 mechanical keyboard of the bloody ghost, which is a perfect match for the game. Let me introduce to you my real experience of using this month.

This is my desktop match. A 43-inch display and an 87-key mechanical keyboard are a good match. Although it looks relatively earthy visually, it is very good in the real game experience, because the 87-key keyboard is more economical than the 104-key keyboard, and the space is more important. When the 87-key keyboard is used, the distance between the keyboard and the mouse can be closer. The gaming experience feels better.

The hands of the 1.8 meter tall man also appear to be relatively burly, but the response is very fast during the entire experience of the optical axis game mechanical keyboard. The keycaps are available in three colors: red, black, and gray, which are quite cool. With 1680RGB lighting effects and exciting music effects, the whole atmosphere is full of passion. Especially in the chicken-eating game, the crisp keyboard sound seems to be in a hail of bullets. There is a sense of immersive atmosphere.

This mechanical keyboard adopts the design of optical axis, and presents 63 black keycaps. Through DIY matching with your own creativity, it can be made into a pure black keyboard cap, or it can be replaced with three colors of black and gray to match as you like. The overall keyboard adopts a common 15-degree inclined design, which is ergonomic, so that the pressure on the hands can be minimized during typing or gaming experience.

In terms of small details, this optical axis mechanical keyboard is absolutely full, and English slogans are used on both sides of the keyboard. "LIGHT STRIKE GAMING KEYBOARD", roughly means to hit the game keyboard. It will also change continuously with the color of the RGB dynamic backlight, creating a cool lighting effect.

The third-generation optical axis B930 keyboard of the bloody ghost adopts the balance optical axis of the third-generation optical axis. The biggest advantage of such an axis is that it is fast, because of non-metallic contact, the optics are instantly turned on, and the vertical vector axis is used to achieve low friction. , smoother, it only takes 0.2ms to turn on, helping you complete instructions faster and more stably. Because of the non-metal, the life of the buttons is longer, up to 100 million times, and it is truly durable.

The bloody hand ghost third-generation optical axis B930 keyboard also has sufficient materials. As a man of science, I have relatively high requirements for screws and wires. This product meets my requirements. The four corners use hexagon socket screws. Feel full. The connecting wire is made of knitted wire, which is smoother without affecting heat dissipation.


If you are a gamer and like the layout of 87 keys, you will definitely not be disappointed by choosing this third-generation optical axis B930 keyboard of the bloody ghost. Whether it is its color scheme or optical axis, it is still very outstanding at the same price. The percussion sound of the main body is very clear, and it is competent for work and entertainment.

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