The keyboard that every girl will like——Lofree Luofei Xiaoqiaowei C-themed three-mode mechanical keyboard

As a designer's original brand, Lofree has been committed to creating a fun 2㎡ office and living space. The newly launched Xiaoqiaowei C is a mechanical keyboard specially designed for MM to create beautiful workstations and create a variety of desk atmospheres. The unique design of Xiaoqiao, fresh and lively aesthetic color matching, the most suitable keyboard for girls in the summer of 2023, definitely has Xiaoqiao vitamin C, let's come to Kangkang together!

In terms of packaging design, Xiaoqiao Vitamin C is mainly based on the light orange yellow corresponding to vitamin C in our impression, with a little moss green as an embellishment. The main body of the keyboard is displayed on the front, and the colorful keycap colors are outlined. The choice of font size tends to be girls. Compared with the cool style of heaven and earth box packaging and hot stamping printing used by most mechanical keyboards, the packaging design of Xiaoqiaowei C is more niche, and it can also impress girls' little thoughts!

Having played with many keyboards, when I opened the package and saw Xiaoqiaowei C for the first time, I couldn’t help feeling "this color is too beautiful". I have never used beautiful to describe a mechanical keyboard, but Xiaoqiao Vitamin C does seem to have magical powers and can make people feel happy. On the second day after I took the photo, Xiaoqiao Vitamin C was placed on the wife's desk, and there was no delay! The 100-key layout of the Xiaoqiaowei C keyboard is more compact than the traditional 104-key layout. While retaining the full key functions, it saves 20% of the space on the desktop. It is about the size of a calculator. MMs who need to use the numeric keypad often don’t have to worry about the keyboard. What about length!

In terms of accessories, Xiaoqiaowei C is equipped with a Type-C data cable with the same color as the keyboard, an iron frame with the same color as the keyboard, and 3 AAA size alkaline batteries.

The iron frame can be inserted on the keyboard and matched with various cute dolls to add fun to the office. No matter what bad things happen, when you return to the work station and see your favorite figure, it will help you quickly adjust your mood and start again! So if you buy Xiaoqiao Vitamin C as a gift for your girlfriend or daughter-in-law, don’t forget to buy 3 pieces of figurines or dolls that she likes, extra points for warm men! It should be noted that the width of the iron frame is about 2.5cm, so only small-sized figures or dolls can be placed.

Powered by 3 custom-made AA alkaline batteries, the battery life is about 3-4 weeks under moderate use, and it will automatically enter sleep power-saving mode if the keyboard is not operated for 10 minutes.

Next to the battery compartment is the slot for the 2.4G receiver, which is easy to store and carry without worrying about losing it. This receiver is also very exquisite in workmanship, not only printed with the English letters of the Lofree brand, but also in the same color as the keyboard, and there is a hollow vertical hole at the bottom, which can be hung on a key or a USB flash drive.

Luofei Xiaoqiaowei C's unique 9° tilt angle conforms to the ergonomic design. Compared with the flat-angle keyboard, it can better meet the typing posture of the wrist and keep the wrist in a relaxed state.

The continuous relaxation of the wrist helps to correct the sitting posture and improve the efficiency of coding, so that the attention of work and study will be more concentrated.

The brand LOGO is engraved on the right side of the front of Xiaoqiaowei C. The simple design is beautiful!

The TYPE-C interface is located on the right back side of the keyboard, and there is enough distance around the interface. The data cable can be blindly plugged in for daily use without having to lift the keyboard. The English letters "TYPE-C PORT" are printed next to the interface, which looks more beautiful!

The Type-C data cable can be plugged in left or right according to the position of the desktop power supply, reducing the clutter of desktop wires.

Next to the interface is a rotary switch, which has a one-button switch and 2.4G/Bluetooth mode switching function. For girls with small hands, only two slender fingers can move the knob when using it, and a big man with thick hands cannot do such an elegant operation.

The design of this rotary switch is quite exquisite, the silver edge circle is finely engraved with the design signature of fun2㎡ and lofree, and in the middle is a transparent PC round LED component printed with Lofree LOGO, which will light up when it is turned on! I have to say that Xiaoqiaowei C has really put a lot of effort into the detailed design of the product.

Xiaoqiaowei C adopts PBT sublimation ball cap, the PBT ingredients are more abundant, no oil, not easy to fade, 32 praises for the spraying process, with a comfortable matte feel, very suitable for office codes!

The corners of each keycap are polished very round, and the little girl's slender hands will never leave any traces of 996.

Each key cap is colorful and bright, which naturally brings people a good mood!

The C-axis body of Xiaoqiaowei adopts Jiadalong G Red Pro, which eliminates the sound of spring shrapnel by leaving the factory. It feels soft and light, especially suitable for girls with small hands. will disturb colleagues.

Xiaoqiaowei C supports hot-swappable, full-key switchable switches, supports most tripod switches on the market, customizes the feel, and enjoys playing with the keyboard!

Xiaoqiaowei C supports the connection of 3 Bluetooth devices. The computer, iPad, and mobile phone on the desk can quickly switch connections through shortcut keys, which is very convenient.


Luofei Xiaoqiaowei C is a high-quality mechanical keyboard designed for girls. The price of 600 yuan will be higher than most 3,400 yuan female keyboards, but in terms of appearance, workmanship, detailed design, and material quality In terms of comfort, Xiaoqiao Vitamin C is indeed a higher grade, and it is worth the money! A desktop, a corner, an inch of colorful, Xiaoqiaowei C's vivid colors, take care of every girl's emotions and tonality, and feel your own colorful time in ordinary life!

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