The keyboard that makes people fall in love at a glance, Yugui Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard Share

Regarding computer peripherals, many brands have released co-branded models, such as brands and stars, brands and brands, brands and well-known IPs, etc., in various ways. The joint model expands the attributes of the product, making it both practical and collectible, and is deeply loved by everyone. Recently, Dareu has cooperated with Sanrio to launch the Yugui Dog series of peripheral products, including digital products such as keyboards, mice, and gamepads.

Yugui Dog, like the well-known Hello Kitty, is a well-known and popular IP image of Sanrio. Its cute shape is loved by everyone, and no matter whether it is a child or an adult, there is no resistance in front of her. Cube Sugar Z82 three-mode mechanical keyboard, with a fashionable appearance and keycaps like Cube Sugar, is fresh and sweet. The combination of the two undoubtedly adds to the cuteness, and it means to carry the cuteness to the end.

The light blue base, white keycaps, Esc and Enter keys are embellished with dark blue, which gives a very fresh feeling overall. As the name suggests, the round keycaps in the shape of small sugar cubes are very cute. The keycap is made of PBT material, two-color injection molding process, and the closed and opaque character scheme design, with blue characters on a white background and white characters on a blue background, has a delicate touch. The middle part is slightly concave, which can better fit the fingers and improve the comfort of tapping. The image and English name of the cinnamon dog on the space bar further highlights the overall cute style.

The Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard adopts an 82-key compact layout, which is small and exquisite and can save more desktop space. In the upper right corner of the keyboard, there is a highly recognizable multimedia knob, retro knob design, both aesthetics and operability. Rotate forward and backward to adjust the volume, press the middle part, you can mute the sound with one key, which is efficient and fast.

Support 2.4G wireless, bluetooth and wired, three connection modes, the connection is more free, to meet more usage scenarios. At the same time, it supports Windows and mac systems, and can be switched with one key. On the side of the keycap, the key symbols unique to the mac system are specially marked, which is worry-free to use and very considerate design.

The shaft body adopts Kaihua light-tone mechanical shaft body, which feels light and smooth when pressed, and is soft and comfortable. The noise control is particularly good, there is no noise and cavity sound, and the sound when typing is very small, even if it is used in a quiet environment such as an office, it will not appear obtrusive.

The Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with a white backlight system, the lighting is soft and natural, and it has a variety of built-in lighting effect modes, which can be switched by combining keys. You can also customize and adjust the brightness of the backlight and the dynamic speed, and the playability is very high.

In terms of battery life, the Cinnamon Dog Custard Mechanical Keyboard has a built-in large 2000mAh battery, which can be used continuously for 15 days when the lights are turned off, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging.

The perfect combination of cinnamon dog and small cube sugar is not only good-looking, but also easy to use. Fresh white and blue color scheme, soft and cute. Very characteristic round keycaps, concave design, good wrapping and comfort, Kaihua light tone shaft body, soft and comfortable typing, in general, this cinnamon dog small sugar cube mechanical keyboard is still very worth buying of.

This set of Dareu Yugui dog series peripherals was officially launched on April 17, with a keyboard price of 499 yuan, a mouse price of 329 yuan, and a controller price of 299 yuan. Although it is a joint model, the price is almost the same as the ordinary model, which is really very conscientious. Whether you are a good-looking person or a practical person, this Daryu cinnamon dog suit is a good choice.

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