The lighting atmosphere is amazing! A Brief Review of Dareu A98 Pro Neon Edition

Dareu A98 Pro three-mode mechanical keyboard, as the flagship keyboard of Dareu, is not only remarkable in hardware configuration, but also has been unanimously recognized by the majority of players for its outstanding appearance and feel feedback. It has become popular in the community, and its excellent visual appreciation and explosive RGB lighting effects have also made it one of the hottest keyboard configurations at the moment. Less criticism from players. Dareu has recently launched a new version of the A98 Pro, which is equipped with a "Water Cube" keycap, adopts the popular transparent keycap scheme, and upgrades the surface material. Let's take a look with the author.

The Dareu A98 Pro neon version continues the layout and hardware specifications of the current product, and only differs in the matching keycap set. The keys adopt a compact 98-like layout scheme, and the rich key functions can easily meet the daily needs of most users, further ensuring the user experience. The moderate size of the body does not require too much space on the desktop, and it is also very user-friendly. The top cover of the fuselage adopts a pure white color matching style, and the keycap adopts a white and blue color matching treatment. The visual texture is fresh and natural, clean and refreshing, and it is very pleasing to the user's attention. The upper left corner of the fuselage provides a 1.14-inch TFT color display screen, which provides a variety of adjustable display content. It has a good performance in terms of functions and gameplay. It is very convenient for users to identify the power and connection status in daily life. Users can also import animations and GIFs. Create your own personal style with pictures.

This keyboard provides a three-mode connection solution. The left side is the iconic three-stage toggle switch of the A98 series, which is convenient for users to quickly switch connection modes according to their needs. The side of the top provides a receiver storage slot and a USB Type-C interface, which is very convenient to access or plug in, and the convenience is very high. The bottom of the fuselage is a two-color water ripple design, through the blue corrugated silicone pad through the acrylic material, it seems to have a rich sense of visual hierarchy, and it also greatly improves the overall texture.

The axis body is equipped with the sky axis V4, which adopts white and blue color matching, the opaque upper cover is matched with the light guide column scheme, the POM axis, and the linear handle processing can bring users smooth feel feedback. The trigger pressure of the shaft body is 45gf, the total stroke is 3.6mm, and the trigger stroke is 2.0mm. This shaft body also adopts the extended shaft center treatment, which touches the bottom in advance, and the hand feeling feedback is more crisp and firm. unanimous. At the same time, the keyboard also provides a hot-swappable solution for all key positions, combined with Dareu’s unique elastic arm Gasket structure, and the inner full filling, the hand feels soft and elastic, and the sound performance is also clear and clean, very HIFI.

This set of "Water Cube" keycaps adopts the height scheme of the original factory. The side walls of the keycaps are made of PC transparent material, and the top contact surface is made of PBT two-color. The cross axis is embedded in the main body of the keycap. The connection position is fixed tightly and firmly, and the edge seams are slightly concave-convex, which does not affect the hand experience too much. The PBT two-color top cover on the top feels dry and comfortable, wear-resistant and oil-resistant, and with good indentation treatment, it can also better fit the arc of the user's fingertips and further enhance the percussion feel. The main body of PC material at the bottom can bring better light transmission performance and further improve the overall look and feel of the keyboard. The top cover adopts a cross-axis fixed structure, and users can realize personalized gameplay through 3D printing parts, and the performance is still very good.

After assembling this set of "Water Cube" keycaps with high transparency on all sides, the keyboard lighting is soft and natural, the colors are real and gorgeous, and the lighting atmosphere is quite excellent. With the built-in various lighting effect modes of the fuselage, as well as color adjustment, dynamic speed adjustment, etc., it also brings richer lighting effect gameplay, which greatly improves the visual perception and lighting effect atmosphere. In normal lighting or dark environments, it can bring users more recognizable lighting performance and key recognition, improve appearance and practicality, and at the same time create a more immersive lighting atmosphere. Very brilliant.


The Dareu A98 Pro neon version is still equipped with a 4000mAh lithium battery solution, which can provide a maximum battery life of about 45 days. With the three-mode switching solution, it can still easily meet the daily needs of users. The addition of the "Water Cube" keycap has greatly improved the appearance and lighting performance of the keyboard, while taking into account the durability and making it easier to take care of. With the elastic arm Gasket structure and the sky axis V4 solution, it can also bring users excellent hand feedback. It is still worth a try. Interested users may wish to pay more attention.

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