The linear axis is smooth and pure, and the three-mode connection has a long battery life. Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard review

For an office worker and game player, a comfortable mechanical keyboard can improve efficiency and experience. The core of a mechanical keyboard must be the shaft body. Parameters such as pressure grams, keystrokes, and elastic curves will directly affect the pressing force. At the same time, important influencing factors such as key layout and keycap feel cannot be ignored. The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard adopts a 100-key arrangement layout design, supports three-mode connection, is equipped with Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 switch body, and is equipped with PBT material sublimation technology keycaps, and supports hot-swappable function of all switches. Next, let’s talk about the actual experience.

The unpacking process is skipped this time. The packaging box contains the Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard, five replaceable keycaps, a USB-C data power supply cable, a keycap puller and a 2.4GHz wireless signal receiver. The attached power supply data cable is about 1.5 meters in length, the outer layer is made of TPE rubber, and there is an antimagnetic ring near the USB-A interface.

This Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard is currently available in three color versions, namely Phantom Black, Ice Soul White and Ice Berry Powder. This time I chose the Phantom Black version. The mechanical keyboard shell is made of black plastic material, and the key cap It is composed of black and green. If you want to build a white style desktop, it is recommended to choose the ice soul white version.

The mechanical keyboard adopts a 100-key layout design. Compared with the 104 standard layout, there are only a few changes, and a few infrequently used keys such as Home and End have been compressed, and most of the function keys have been retained. The editing function area has been moved to the keyboard. In the upper right corner, the screenshot and lighting control buttons are designed above the backspace key, and the status indicator is designed above the numeric keypad.

A USB-C data interface and a connection mode switch are designed on the top of the keyboard. The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard supports three connection modes: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz wireless and wired, and can be connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. At the same time, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS systems, and can be quickly switched by wanting to combine keys.

The bottom surface of the mechanical keyboard is quite flat. Five rubber anti-skid pads are distributed on the bottom surface to prevent the keyboard from slipping when used on the desktop. Two adjustable support feet are designed on the top to adjust the mechanical keyboard to two At different inclination angles, the bottom of the fuselage is also designed with a storage compartment for the wireless receiver, which is located under the LOGO, and the cover is fixed by magnetic suction.

The mechanical keyboard has a built-in 3000mAh capacity lithium battery and supports an intelligent standby sleep strategy. It will enter a deep sleep without any operation for 30 minutes. When the dynamic light mode is turned off, it can achieve a battery life of more than 40 days. If the light effect mode is turned on Under normal circumstances, the battery life is about four days. After all, the RGB lighting effect is a big power consumer, which will obviously affect the battery life of the mechanical keyboard.

The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard is equipped with PBT material keycaps, which are designed in the shape of ball caps. Compared with the high ball caps of SA specifications, the height is much lower, so it can be used normally without matching palm rests and other accessories. The shape of the ball caps is in the middle. The convex design around the concave has more rounded edges, while the common keycap has a convex shape on the left and right sides of the concave in the middle.

The advantage of PBT material keycaps is that the touch is dry and not easy to oil. Compared with ABS material keycaps, the ability to resist stains is very strong, especially suitable for users who often code and sweat a lot. The keycaps are designed with five-sided thermal sublimation technology, even It is not easy to fade under high-intensity use, and there are reinforcement ribs on the inside for higher durability, and the workmanship is good without burrs on the edges.

The characters on the keycaps are slender and clear. It is a pity that the keycaps do not have a light-transmitting effect. Five replaceable keycaps are included at random, corresponding to five keys such as the space bar, ESC key, and backspace key. Three of them are The LOGO of the savior is printed on each button, and the surface of the space bar is the pattern of the savior, you can change the corresponding keycap according to your preference.

The Lenovo Savior K7 mechanical keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong’s G Silver Pro2.0 switch body, which has a lifespan of 80 million times. The total stroke is 3.4mm, the trigger stroke is 1.2mm, and the trigger pressure is 45gf, which is very similar to the original cherry silver switch.

The mechanical shaft body is installed on the metal positioning plate, so that it has better structural strength and impact resistance. The bottom is also equipped with a sound-absorbing silicone pad to reduce the cavity sound when the shaft body touches the bottom. The mechanical keyboard supports the heat dissipation of the entire shaft body. The plug-in function makes it more customizable. You can replace all of them or mix and match the switches to create a mechanical keyboard that suits your own taste and style.

The size of the mechanical keyboard is 386×151×38.7cm. Compared with the common 104 standard layout keyboard, it saves 20% of the occupied space on the premise of the same input efficiency, so that the desktop space is no longer crowded. The sliding space is also more generous, with a weight of 1.17kg and a non-slip pad at the bottom, making it quite stable on the table and not easy to push and shift.

Plug and play does not need to install any drivers, and there is no dedicated console software, so there is no advanced extension functions such as macro command customization, and key mapping can be realized through some small tool software. The mechanical keyboard is equipped with independent RGB dynamic lighting As a result, since the keycaps are not made of two-color injection molding process, the RGB light can only come out from the gap between the keycaps.

The mechanical keyboard has built-in 11 kinds of RGB dynamic lighting effect modes. You can switch the lighting effect mode and light color at will through the independent light button, and the Fn + arrow keys can adjust the speed and brightness of the light. The lighting effect mode is very sufficient and the adjustment method is relatively Simple, if it is in wireless connection mode, it is recommended to reduce the brightness of the RGB lights appropriately to prolong the battery life.

When the RGB lights are on, the characters on the black keycaps have a slight light-transmitting effect, but the effect is not very obvious. If you like the light-transmitting effect of the full font, you can replace the PBT keycaps with two-color injection molding technology at a later stage. RGB light strips are designed on the left and right sides of the fuselage. The light strips are located in the grooves and cannot be observed from the front of the keyboard. Only the color flow effect cannot be switched, but it can be turned off by shortcut keys.

The key layout design of the mechanical keyboard will directly affect the efficiency of text input. Frequent input of numbers is required at work. Therefore, it is one of the rigid requirements for the mechanical keyboard to be equipped with a numeric keypad. Although the numeric keys above the letter key area can also be replaced, However, the horizontal layout cannot achieve fast touch typing input, let alone in some computing scenarios, the input efficiency of the numeric keypad is irreplaceable.

The surface of the PBT material keycap has a slightly frosted grain texture, and the surface feels soft and moist. The keycap adopts a ball cap shape design, and the convex design around the concave in the middle fits the arc of the fingertips better. When the finger touches the surface of the keycap, the wrapping feeling is stronger. , and the distance between the keycap and the desktop is not too high, which is not much different from the general original factory height mechanical keyboard, and it can be typed more comfortably.

The mechanical keyboard is equipped with the Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 switch body, which is characterized by a linear axis and a short trigger travel. For example, the trigger travel of the conventional red switch is about 2mm, while the trigger travel of the G Silver Pro switch is 1.2mm, only It can be triggered with a single touch. Although the trigger stroke is short, it is not easy to accidentally touch it. It is suitable for a wide range of usage scenarios. It is not only suitable for users who need to input text for a long time, but also suitable for e-sports game players. can complete the trigger operation faster.

Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 axis is a quick-trigger linear axis. Compared with the previous version, the 2.0 version has upgraded the axis shape design and added a condenser lens on the upper cover. The axis body feels light and comfortable when pressed, and the axis core is smooth. It is stable and does not feel astringent or loose at all. It has a solid bottoming and a strong hand feel, and the bottoming noise is low. It can also be used in offices and other places without affecting colleagues around you.

General comments:

Lenovo Rescuer K7 mechanical keyboard adopts color-contrasting design and is equipped with independent RGB dynamic lighting effects, which is also a plus for the appearance value. With different lighting effects, it can bring a better sense of atmosphere, and you can also replace the spare keycaps to add embellishment , the keyboard adopts a 100-key arrangement layout design, which saves more desktop space without affecting the input efficiency. The keyboard supports three connection modes: wired, 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth 5.0, and is compatible with Windows and macOS systems. In terms of compatibility It has a very good performance, can quickly switch between different types of devices, has a long battery life of 40 days, and can be used continuously for a month without charging.

The mechanical keyboard is equipped with Jiadalong G Silver Pro2.0 switch body, and is equipped with PBT material sublimation keycaps. The design of the short ball caps is very popular. When tapping the keycaps, the fingertips have a strong sense of wrapping, and the linear switches can be quickly triggered. The feel is smooth and pure, and the trigger stroke is short. It is faster and more efficient when coding or playing games. Reduce the cavity sound of the shaft when it touches the bottom, support the hot-swappable function of the whole shaft, the replacement and upgrade of the shaft is more flexible and free, when the shaft has been used for a long time, I want to change the style, such as TTC quick silver or green shaft tea Axis isometric body, enjoy the feel brought by different axis body.

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