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The Logitech Logi Craft Wireless Keyboard: A Review of the Keyboard of Your Dreams

On my office table sits a dual monitor setup, with a MacBook Pro and a PC connected to each screen. With different systems in play, I had to use two sets of keyboards and mice, which not only occupied precious space but also looked untidy, especially with the wired keyboard and mouse accompanying the PC. However, my search for a solution ended when I discovered a versatile keyboard that could connect to three devices seamlessly. In this article, I will share my review of this keyboard and its remarkable features.

Design and Packaging:

The keyboard comes in a sleek black packaging that exudes a sense of sophistication. Once opened, the keyboard, carefully wrapped in protective plastic, stood out with its full-size design, ensuring ample spacing between the keys.

The Logitech Logi Craft Wireless Keyboard: A Review of the Keyboard of Your Dreams 1

Easy Setup and Functionality:

Included in the package were the necessary accessories such as a Logitech Union receiver, a USB-Type C charging cable, and an instruction manual, though the latter was hardly necessary. The keyboard's software, called Logitech Options, can conveniently be downloaded from Logitech's official website, making the setup process almost automatic and hassle-free.

Noteworthy Features:

One of the standout features of this keyboard is its round button, which adapts its function based on the active window. It intuitively adjusts settings, allowing seamless navigation between open tabs in a browser and volume adjustment on the desktop. Additionally, the keyboard supports common software applications like Office and PS, ensuring smooth compatibility with both PC and Mac users.

Practical Shortcuts:

The Logitech Logi Craft Wireless Keyboard: A Review of the Keyboard of Your Dreams 2

Located above the numeric keypad, the keyboard offers highly practical shortcuts for everyday tasks. These include functions like Calculator, Screenshot, Right-click Properties, and Lock Computer, catering to commonly used work functions and enhancing productivity.

Effortless Device Switching:

Conveniently placed on the left side of the numeric keypad are numbered buttons (1, 2, 3) that enable swift switching between connected devices. By pressing the corresponding number, users can seamlessly switch between different computers, with only one configuration active at any given time.

Premium Appearance and Build:

The keyboard boasts a robust and stylish metal design, radiating a sense of durability and quality. Its weightiness in hand conveys a feeling of substance, and the silver construction complements any workspace, exuding a premium aesthetic.

Backlight and Customizability:

The keyboard's backlighting is well-executed, with sharp brightness and even light transmission across each keycap. Users can adjust the brightness to suit their preferences, creating a pleasing visual experience while working.

Efficient Software Integration:

Within Logitech's options software, users can effortlessly check the paired devices and switch among them. The pairing process, as mentioned earlier, allows connections to up to three devices, requiring only a single press of the corresponding number key for quick switching. Furthermore, the software detects software compatibility with the keyboard's round button and suggests installing configuration files to optimize usage.

Personal Typing Experience:

Although aesthetics and convenience are key features of this keyboard, it also excels in providing an exceptional typing experience. With short key travel akin to a notebook's keyboard, it offers strong feedback, elasticity, and appropriate spacing, enhancing comfort and speed. The concave pit on each key cap provides a comfortable fit for fingers, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient typing experience. Furthermore, the low fatigue factor makes it highly suitable for word-centric tasks.

Minimal Delay and Gaming Experience:

The Logitech Logi Craft Wireless Keyboard: A Review of the Keyboard of Your Dreams 3

Concerned about potential delays while gaming, particularly when playing high-action titles like "Chicken Game," I conducted a test. To my satisfaction, the wireless keyboard showed minimal if any, lag during gameplay, even with a wired mouse. This eliminated the need for plugging in a separate wired keyboard when engaging in gaming sessions.

In my pursuit of an aesthetically pleasing keyboard, I unexpectedly found a keyboard that marries style with impressive functionality. The seamlessly switchable nature of this keyboard across devices, coupled with its attractive backlighting and exceptional typing experience, has enhanced my productivity and improved my overall user experience. With just one keyboard occupying my desk, my workspace has become clutter-free, while providing a comfortable and efficient typing solution.

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