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The most cost-effective choice among small array keyboards, the chief player MK680 experience

For the vast majority of people, from the moment they choose a small-arranged keyboard, it means that they are ready to give up "most" functions of the traditional keyboard. Of course, it’s not that the small keyboard is not good. While pursuing the operating experience, if you can take into account the appearance and lightness and portability, why not do it? For example, the chief player MK680 in my hand.


There is actually nothing surprising about the box of the chief player MK680. If you buy it for the first time, you may even think that it is just an ordinary keyboard, but on the front of the outer package, the chief player has marked all the functions of the keyboard. There is also a word "Lang Lang Get Started" on the front of the package. Perhaps the chief player also hopes that every user can understand the true meaning of the Lang Lang series.

Open the box, the main player MK680 keyboard body is tightly wrapped by dust bag and dust cover, and it is equipped with manual, key puller, shaft puller, USB receiver, and braided USB (Type-C) cable. Not only that, the chief player MK680 in my hand uses the Jiadalong PRO light pick-up yellow shaft, and there are 2 extra shafts in the package, which can be used for later experience or to satisfy the user's early adopter experience.

The chief player MK680 mechanical keyboard key is as its name suggests, Bai Gui refers to the ritual vessel made of ancient white jade, and the overall appearance design of this keyboard follows this concept. The keyboard is designed in white + gray + red, with outstanding texture. At first glance, you will find that this is a standard 68% keyboard with compact key layout, which is very suitable for users who have limited desktop space or pursue light and luxurious office.

The size of the keyboard is 316×110×37mm. The left Tab, Caps Lock, Shift and other keycaps are all in a uniform color scheme, while the Esc key on the top is printed with the chief player logo and is matched with pure red, which is very eye-catching.

The same is true for the right side. Except for the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, the function keys in a circle are all gray-toned keycaps, and the visual perception is a bit like wrapping the main key area.

The 1STPLAYER|LANG MK680 logo is printed on the side of the chief player MK680. It can also be seen from the frame that this is a small and angular keyboard.

As a mechanical keyboard that supports three-mode switching, the chief player MK680 must support three connection methods: wireless, 2.4G, and wired. The switching module is located on the left side of the keyboard and adopts an embedded design, which can not only avoid the occurrence of accidental touches, but also avoid the risk of bumping. From left to right are the Type-C interface, keyboard switch and mode Switch paddles.

Unfortunately, the chief player MK680 is not equipped with a USB receiver compartment for the keyboard, which means that the receiver needs to be stored separately. If you are a user who is used to carrying the keyboard out, it is recommended to place the receiver directly on the computer or choose a Bluetooth or wired connection to avoid loss.

Turning to the bottom, you will find that the keyboard is not fixed by a single screw. This is because the chief player MK680 is fixed with a snap-on design. The advantage of this is that the back is clean enough. On the back of the keyboard, there are 4 non-slip foot pads, which are located around the keyboard, which are small in size, but considering that this is only a small keyboard, it is enough to use in the actual test, and it is very stable on the desktop.

The support frame is no different from most mechanical keyboards on the market. It adopts a two-stage structure and has anti-slip treatment on the top of the support frame. You will find that the damping is moderate and there is no loose feeling when you flip it.

The main player MK680 of the switch body adopts the Jiadalong Pro yellow switch, and there are also white switches, red switches, and silver switches to choose from. As far as the shaft is concerned, as a linear shaft, the Jiadalong Pro yellow shaft has a key travel of 2.0mm and a pressing force of 50g. Compared with other daily-used shafts, it is slightly harder, but it does not affect the straight up and down linear feel. . Personally, I feel that the hand feel is biased towards the black axis in our traditional cognition, which should be very suitable for playing games.

The keycap part of the chief player MK680 uses MDA height ball caps, PBT material, and a delicate feel. It is worth mentioning that the keyboard also adopts the sublimation dyeing process in the keycap treatment, so there is no need to worry about the font falling off after long-term use. In addition, attentive users will find that the curvature of the keycaps of the chief player MK680 is different from that of our common keyboards. The design of the upper and lower curvatures can move fingers more efficiently and reach accurately during the game experience.

The chief player MK680 is equipped with sound insulation cotton and bottom cotton, made of EVA material, which can greatly reduce the occurrence of noise problems. In addition, this keyboard supports full-key hot-swap. Users who like to toss can use the built-in key puller and shaft puller to replace the mainstream three-legged and five-legged shafts on the market.

Generally speaking, the hand feeling of pressing is very good, it touches the bottom simply and rebounds neatly, because this is the Jiadalong Pro yellow switch in our hand, which has a heavy hand feel. With the support of the satellite shaft and the sound insulation cotton, the large key processing also performed well, and no noise has been found for the time being. In addition, in fact, you will obviously feel that the contact area of ​​the chief player MK680 keycap is slightly larger than that of the traditional keyboard, and the touch is more comfortable.

驱动&灯效:魔巢3.0 RGB灯效优秀

If the typing experience is a major advantage of the chief player MK680, then the RGB lighting effect is definitely the best among the 400 yuan keyboards that have been used.

Because the internal PCB board, positioning board and external keycaps are all white, the RGB light is uniform and soft, and there is no light leakage. Not only that, the chief player MK680 has very high brightness in terms of lighting effects, and the lighting effects can be adjusted smoothly through "FN+:", which is very good.

Users can also customize the lighting by downloading the new Magic Nest 3.0 driver. The chief player MK680 supports a variety of RGB lighting effect modes, as well as a very cool music rhythm mode. It is strongly recommended to try it out.

In addition, the Magic Nest 3.0 driver supports combination button settings, and related operations can be completed by clicking a single button.

Interestingly, there is also a "scheme sharing" function in the Magic Nest 3.0 driver, which contains the button scheme of each chief player MK680. The configuration file contains multiple information such as device name and upload time, which is convenient for users to download and share by themselves.

say at the end

As a 68% small keyboard, the chief player MK680 has a simple appearance design with a high value, a comfortable MDA height ball cap, a comfortable RGB lighting effect and a very good typing experience. Coupled with three-mode connection and portable operation switch, it is very suitable for users who pursue a minimalist desktop.

Of course, in front of such mainstream keyboards with 80% and 100% configurations, the chief player MK680 with 68% configurations is slightly niche, but it does not prevent it from becoming a cost-effective mechanical keyboard with excellent typing experience in the 400 price segment. If you are a user who prefers to take the keyboard out, whether it is playing games or doing daily work, you might as well try to start by choosing a chief player MK680.

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