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The most green: Heijue AK966 three-mode mechanical keyboard

Due to the epidemic situation in 2022, everyone will have a very difficult time. In the days when you can't go out and travel freely, it is also a good pleasure to keep researching some new digital products. A lot of articles on mechanical keyboards have been written this year. In the keyboard circle that is too introverted, there are brands that sell designs, brands that are crazy about stacking materials, and brands that are cost-effective and win by quantity. Among them, there are some very good ones. product.

I have written about two or three keyboards of Heijue. To be honest, I still like this brand. First of all, their models are not dazzling, and secondly, each one will not let you down. When you use Afterwards you will find that it is totally worth the price you pay. This time I got their AK966 for an evaluation.

Let’s first look at some configurations of the AK966 core. The built-in 10,000mAh large battery should not have a larger capacity than it on the market. The popular Gasket structure can provide users with a soft, warm and comfortable feel. Kaihua MX ice cream As one of the most famous axes in the domestic customization circle, the axis is a very good linear axis.

Therefore, the Heijue AK966 Senyu in hand not only has an extremely refreshing color scheme, but also is very careful in configuration. Perhaps at the end of 2022, it will still be one of the few products on the market with good configuration, design and feel. one. Of course, the packaging of Heijue this time is also very generous. It presents four MAC supplementary keycaps, four Kaihua switch testers, and some basic accessories for you.

The most impressive thing about AK966 is the volume knob. When users need to mute the computer, they only need to press this knob. The knob design is another innovation of several keyboard manufacturers in the second half of the year in the layout of the plain keyboard interface.

Personally, I think whether it is the metal feel or texture, under the demand of everyone to pursue personalized keyboards, although the design of Heijue’s knobs does not have fancy functions, it still brings something different to the differentiated needs of users.

The keycaps are made of MDA sublimation keycaps, made of PBT material, with a fine matte feel, and the percussion feeling is very comfortable. When you tap the keycaps, you can obviously feel that the contact area is larger and the trigger is faster.

The workmanship and printing of the keycaps are very good, and it is very well combined with Kaihua's ice cream shaft. Whether it is rebound, touch or hand feeling, I personally think it is a very good experience.

Kaihua MX Cream ice cream shaft is a restart cooperation between Kaihua and Heijue. It is also another excellent shaft of Kaihua except the BOX shaft of the big fire. The shaft structure made of all POM material and the smooth feel make it Many players have fallen in love with the excellent feel of the input that this switch brings.

In terms of connection methods, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G, and wired modes are all clearly arranged. The sliding switch button on the upper left can easily switch, instead of a combination key that can never be remembered, so sometimes the physical design is always Much more convenient than key combinations.

Let's look at the details again. The compact design is not only convenient and practical, but also does not look obtrusive in terms of aesthetics. Personally, I think it is much more convenient and faster than the combination keys.

The adjustable two-stage foot support and anti-skid pad will not let you feel that something is missing in terms of details.

If you like to connect data cables, or don’t want to make the desktop messy when charging, there is always a three-way cable outlet so that you can keep the desktop tidy.

If you want to experience the sense of paragraph or layering of other switches, just put a keycap on it and press it on the switch tester. There is always a switch that can meet your picky needs.

In the middle of the small keyboard and letter key area, there are number keys, upper and lower case, and indicators for 2.4G and Bluetooth 5.0 connection modes, which also win recognition in details.

If you want a rich backlight but don’t want to charge it every day, the large 10,000mAh battery allows you to use it continuously for 50 hours, and you can charge it once a month for 2 hours of use every day. It can be used for 1200 hours in the mode of turning off the backlight. Thinking about it, I feel a lot of peace of mind.

In fact, the 98-column layout is more space-saving than the 104-key layout, and will not make your desktop look very bloated. With the blessing of the Gasket structure, the comfortable feel, pleasant typing sound, and the sound are pleasant to the ears, and the user experience has improved a lot. Moreover, the three-layer poron cotton makes the noise invisible, which not only ensures the quietness but also the hand feeling.

The 2.4G receiver and the separation of keys and wires are clearly arranged for you. From the application of technology to the overall interface layout, to the provision of user feel and details, Heijue AK966 can be regarded as an excellent product. I personally think the price in the early 700s is still acceptable, after all, you basically have everything you want. It will be even more fragrant if you can squat to more than 600 during the event.

Finally, what I want to say is that if you want a keyboard that is not very straight and makes the desktop look less lifeless, Heijue AK966 will be a good choice for you, whether it is the feel and experience of the keyboard itself , or the color scheme of the keyboard will refresh you.

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