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The most healing color matching, Amilo Minilo-eucalyptus dual-mode static capacitive mechanical keyboard sharing

Amilo has always been well-known by the majority of keyboard lovers with various themed keyboard products in the key ring, but it has been criticized for not having any new matching products in the past few years. Until Amilo launched the brand new Minilo (Mini Lo) series keyboards, it broke the inherent impression of the key circle on the brand for many years in one fell swoop. Amilo Minilo-eucalyptus-themed mechanical keyboard, the design inspiration comes from "eucalyptus", which is known as the most healing plant in the world, and its flower language is "gift".

The outer packaging of the keyboard is very simple, the whole is very light milky yellow, the front only has the product model name and the brand logo in the upper right corner.

Happy to hear and see a family portrait: Minilo keyboard body, dust cover, four additional keycaps, wire key puller, separate data cable, and a warranty manual. There is no paper manual. If necessary, you can scan the QR code on the warranty manual, or log in to the official website to view or download it.

The overall color of the Minilo keyboard is covered with a layer of gray. It adopts the combination of gray green, gray blue and cream yellow. The visual experience is very soft and healing. Like the plant eucalyptus, it has a strong Nordic style. .

The Minilo keyboard adopts a compact 65% layout, retains an independent direction area, and sets the popular small front tooth design in customization.

There are also two indicator lights on the front teeth.

There is a light-transmitting nameplate on the right front of the keyboard, which will automatically emit light when powered on.

On the side of the commonly used FN combination function keys, the corresponding functions or icons are printed, which is quite worry-free to use.

The keycaps use high-quality original high-quality ABS two-color keycaps with the same craftsmanship as the keys in the hand.

Closed characters, the surface of the keycap has obvious fine grain, the touch is delicate, and the texture is very good.

There are no obvious burrs and spouts on the back of the keycap, and the overall performance is very good.

The upper cover of the keyboard has one more layer than the common keyboard, the overall layering is richer, and the visual effect is more three-dimensional and full.

The TYPE-C interface of the keyboard is in the middle of the back side.

The space between the steel plates on the left and right sides of the space is filled with sound-absorbing foam, and a layer of silicone sandwich pad is filled between the positioning plate and the PCB. There is also a sound-absorbing bottom cotton inside the bottom shell. System", which can suppress cavity sound very effectively.

The large key adopts a satellite shaft structure, and it can be clearly seen that there are traces of grease inside the satellite shaft seat. The pressing process of the large keys is smooth, the rebound is crisp, and there is basically no noise or wire sound, and the overall feel is good.

This one of mine is equipped with an iris blue static capacitor V2 shaft body, the upper cover is made of milky white nylon, and the shaft center is blue. It is a HP-like advanced large paragraph shaft body. The trigger pressure is 45g, the stage pressure is 60g, and the spring is 19.5mm long. The sense of paragraphs on the axis is very clear, with obvious paragraph resistance, and it is easy to enter a specific rhythm when inputting continuously and quickly. I personally don't like the linear axis with larger pressure grams, but the paragraph axis feels different when used.

The bottom shell is also gray-green, with a large white foot sticker on each of the four corners, and a metal nameplate in the middle.

Comes with a two-section foot support.

There are actually two versions of Minilo, one is the Bluetooth dual-mode version equipped with electrostatic capacitor mechanical switches, with white backlight, but does not support hot swapping. Built-in 3400mAh lithium battery, under the premise of turning off the lights, the wireless mode can be used at high intensity for 20 days. The other is a version equipped with the "Zhen" series of mechanical switches, which is a single-mode keyboard with hot-swappable function.

The keyboard is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless module, and the connection stability is quite good, and there has been no obvious delay after using it for a period of time. If I am playing games, I am still used to switching from the connection to the wired mode. After all, I am not afraid of 10,000 but just in case.

As a compact 67-key keyboard, the Amilo Minilo keyboard has brought us a lot of new things. Whether it is the appearance design, the texture of the keycap or the value of the theme, as well as the independent electrostatic capacitor mechanical shaft, or the sound-absorbing structure of the keyboard, or hot-swappable and other popular elements of customization, it is obvious that Amilo is It took a lot of thought to design. On the whole, Amilo is keeping up with the popular culture of domestic key circles, but the pace is still a little slower. I look forward to more excellent works from Amilo.

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