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The most suitable mechanical keyboard for desktops in autumn and winter, Ruijiang R87 Winter

This version is hard to defend. The winter edition is interesting to say the least, it is very popular with the nephews and nieces at home, and they all want to read it, maybe the style and color matching of this picture book really suit their appetite. I always want to take it away secretly for me, if it wasn't for this weight, otherwise it would be really

The theme pattern of the winter version is not limited to the keycap, but also the metal body. Through the metal UV printing technology, the picture is directly printed on the body, and there is almost no color difference from the pattern on the keycap.

The handling of small details is also very thoughtful. The high-gloss edge design of the keypad frame on the top cover will reflect a "white light" on the edge of the keycap, which really looks like white snow and silver light in the sun.

In addition to hot-swappable and customized switches, there are also RGB lighting effects, but white light is the most suitable for the winter version, which is very high-end. It's pleasing to watch.

Specification: 87 keys

size: 364 X 129 X 40Mother

connect: Wired Type-C

Lighting effect: 20 types (RGB) / matte

button: hot swap

keycap: PBT + five-sided sublimation

shell: Aluminum alloy + metal UV printing

performance: Full key no punch

weight: 1.35Seen

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