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The national style design is surprising, the upstart GM1000 Hewu Yueming mechanical keyboard is not only good-looking!

As the craze continues to heat up, many industries have introduced national tide design, including digital products, and many excellent works have appeared; following the trend is human nature, and with the prosperity of the motherland, the national tide craze is the general trend , This is also the key reason why many friends choose Guochao design, and the strategy is naturally unavoidable. As a digital enthusiast, I just bought a national trendy mechanical keyboard recently: the upstart GM1000 Crane Dance Moonlight, not only the appearance is pleasing to the eye, but also the compact key design and rich three-mode solution make people love it.

Usually, many friends ask me, how to choose a keyboard, is the feel important or the appearance important? The answer to the strategy is that both are important. After all, in daily work and life, as long as you use a computer, you cannot do without the keyboard. If the appearance is not good-looking, you will inevitably get bored after a long time; if the feel is not good, it will be uncomfortable to use, how can you stick to it. Therefore, the two are indispensable. A good-looking and easy-to-use keyboard is more worth buying, just like the upstart GM1000 Crane Dance Moonlight, I believe most of my friends will like it.

The color scheme of Crane Dance and Moonlight belongs to the dark color system, with black and blue as the main tone, combined with national style elements such as cranes and bright moons, "painting" on the four keys of ESC, SHIFT, space, and enter, so that Give your keyboard a unique aesthetic. Of course, in order to meet the needs of different users, Upstart has also prepared replacement ordinary keycaps, and users can choose according to their own preferences.

In addition to replacing the keycaps, the package also includes a keycap screwdriver, data cable, manual and four spare shafts. In fact, the service life of the mechanical shaft is very long, basically having a life span of tens of millions of presses, but the official has thoughtfully prepared a replacement shaft, which is rare in the industry.

Careful friends should have discovered that the key distribution of the upstart GM1000 is different from the keyboard we usually use. It is also designed with 100 keys, but the overall size is smaller; the official designer has redesigned the key positions in order to achieve the purpose of compressing the volume. Arrangement, while retaining the complete common keys, integrate the number area and function area, the compact arrangement has no extra gaps, so that the size of the keyboard is similar to that of 78 keys.

The most obvious advantage of the upstart GM1000 is that it supports the connection and use of different devices. It integrates three conventional modes: wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G wireless. It is compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and computers with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems, and almost all Any device that can use a keyboard is compatible with the upstart GM1000. In particular, the upstart mode switching design adopts a humanized toggle switch, and there is a physical switch on the side. You only need to toggle left and right to freely switch among the three modes, without complicated combination of buttons, allowing users to easily get started. . The Type-C socket next to the switch can be connected to a data cable to switch to a wired mode, or to charge.

There are two-stage feet on the bottom of the keyboard to provide users with a more comfortable keyboard angle. In terms of details, the designers of Upstart still pay attention to it. From the perspective of users, they try their best to make everything better and satisfying.

In addition to the Bluetooth mode without accessories, the wired mode officially provides a data cable, and the 2.4G wireless is connected through the receiver; what needs to be mentioned here is that the receiver storage port on the back of the keyboard does not use the common buckle Design, but choose the magnetic suction scheme, although it looks taller, but it is not easy to carry out, and it is necessary to prevent the loss of the receiver.

As mentioned earlier, the keycaps of the upstart GM1000 are two-color injection-molded keycaps. The advantage of this kind of keycaps is that the surface is dry and comfortable, and it is not easy to be stained with grease after long-term use; The keycaps are so shiny that grease from your fingers is actually left on the keycaps. Therefore, it is very important to keep a clean and tidy keyboard surface. The comfortable feel and dry surface can bring users a new experience with every tap.

Next, let’s talk about the switch body of the upstart GM1000. As we all know, the soul of the mechanical keyboard lies in the internal switch body. The research and development progress of the body has also reached a new chapter, and other shafts have gradually appeared on the market, and the evaluation is not inferior to the cherry shaft. The Kaihua and Jiadalong used by Xingui this time are very good and have a good reputation in the industry.

The Jiadalong G Silver Pro switch body that we started with is the shortest button travel among the four models of the upstart GM1000, only 3.4mm, and the shortest trigger travel, only 1.2mm; the pressure coefficient of 45±15g, the linear design of straight up and down, Most of the resistance when tapping is reduced, and it should be the most "hand-saving" shaft. After using the black switch and red switch for a long time, changing the "taste" can bring a bright feeling. While retaining the mechanical touch, it reduces the burden on the fingers, and you will not feel tired even if you type for a long time.

In the past mechanical keyboards, the shafts were fixed and did not support the replacement of the shafts; now it is different, many mechanical keyboard users can replace the shafts by themselves, and even perform "magic changes" to DIY unique private keyboards. In order to meet users' DIY interests and improve the service life of the keyboard, Xingui GM1000 specially adopts a five-legged axle seat, which is compatible with 99% of three-legged and five-legged axles on the market, and supports hot swapping, and can be replaced anytime, anywhere.

It can be seen that the RGB light beads of the keyboard are placed under the switch body, so that users will not easily touch the light beads when replacing the switch body, causing unnecessary damage.

The lighting of the keyboard also supports adjustment, with five levels of lighting speed adjustment and four levels of lighting brightness adjustment. The official preset 20 lighting effect modes for users to choose, including "like shadows, colorful waterfalls, flowers blooming and wealth, rainbow roulette" and so on. There is one for you.

Since it supports wireless connection, the keyboard naturally has a built-in power supply. The 3000mAh large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery can provide up to 100 hours of continuous use time; users can turn on or off the backlight according to personal needs, thereby increasing the use time of the keyboard.

Although the upstart GM1000 does not have a dedicated driver setting to provide key macro functions, the official has built a large number of shortcut keys in the keyboard to provide users with a more convenient operating experience, and each shortcut key has a standard, easy to identify and use.

I believe that many friends have already been moved after seeing the upstart GM1000, which can perfectly integrate the elements of the national trend into the mechanical keyboard, and has a good performance in terms of feel and function; especially the product price, for For friends who have just entered the pit of mechanical keyboards, it is very friendly. Raiders has experienced a lot of mechanical keyboards, but there are not many products like Xingui with complete accessories and thoughtful design.

In addition, the upstart GM1000 has two other color schemes: the red one is dragon and the tiger is leaping, and the green one is not only green, but also equipped with four kinds of shafts, and the appearance is super high. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. For friends of the wind, I believe you will not be disappointed.

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