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The new favorite of the peripheral party! This little keyboard is really over the top!

I don’t know when, I started to be dissatisfied with typing on ordinary keyboards. I felt that the keys were weak and had no sense of experience at all. In this way, I may have been disturbed by years of membrane keyboards! When I touched the mechanical keyboard for the first time, I was deeply impressed by the sense of pressing. The feeling of Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden is still fresh in my memory after many years. The grass of the mechanical keyboard is planted!

Time has passed, and mechanical keyboards are like children’s toys in my hands. I can’t put it down every time, but when I see a new product that is easy to use, I decide to buy it again. The cycle is endless~

This time, I bought the Heijue K690T pro bluetooth three-mode mechanical keyboard, and felt the wonder of the new product again.

The keyboard I have been longing for has finally arrived, and the outer packaging is relatively simple. However, the partners of the League of Legends professional youth training base marked in the upper left corner are really eye-catching. At the same time, it also shows that Black Lord is also favored by professional players in some aspects.

The accessories of this keyboard are relatively rich. In addition to the keyboard body, manual, TYPE-C cable, and 2.4G receiver, it also comes with a key puller, shaft puller, and four replacement keys for the MAC system.

The color scheme of K690T pro is relatively small and fresh. It has two colors of mint vanilla and lemon wafer to choose from. And the mint vanilla I chose this time can bring a touch of coolness to the hot summer visually.

Different from the K690T of the previous generation, it does not use spherical keycaps, but restores the original height keycaps, which is easier to use, no matter whether it is a new entry or a transition, there is no need to worry about the feel.

The standard 69-key compact layout is no problem at all for most usage scenarios. It will be more friendly to the business trip party.

In the upper right corner, you can freely switch between Bluetooth, wired and 2.4G wireless connections, and you can seamlessly switch between multiple devices. The indicator lights are caps lock, code pairing and power indicator respectively, the display is more intuitive, and the working status of the keyboard can be understood at a glance.

The keyboard has no foot support design, and the angle cannot be adjusted. However, its built-in inclination and the angle of the keycap can fully meet the usage habits of most people. After more than ten days of use, it is still very comfortable.

There are four very large non-slip pads on the bottom of the keyboard, unless it is deliberately, it is difficult for the keyboard to slide.

The merchant still kindly provided four MAC system keycaps as a gift. When the use environment is the Apple system, the keycaps are replaced, and it becomes an Apple-specific keyboard.

The keycap is made of PBT material, which is very wear-resistant, not easy to oil, and has an excellent touch.

As for the axis, Heijue's independent linear axis-Shanlan axis is used. Personally, I feel that the advantage of this kind of shaft is that it is lighter and quieter. With the bottom cotton and sandwich cotton inside the keyboard, although it cannot be muted, the sound is very small and will not affect the surrounding people at all.

The large key is designed with a satellite shaft. After factory tuning, the feel is basically the same as that of the small key, and the feel is very good.

Cool RGB backlight, can switch a variety of lighting atmospheres. E-sports atmosphere is full. The large-capacity battery can last for about 15 hours when RGB is turned on in wireless mode, so there is no need to worry about battery life.

Go to the official website to download the corresponding driver, and you can personalize the keyboard. Not only can the light effect be adjusted, but also the macro key setting can be performed. but,

The design of full key and no punching makes it easier to play games at ordinary times.

Not to mention the experience of use, this Heijue K690Tpro is also a new favorite of the desk set, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most beautiful boy in the audience.

Generally speaking, such a small and fresh keyboard is not only the new darling of the desktop, but its three-mode connection, RGB light effect, full key without redundancies, and long battery life allow me to work or Gaming is about doing more with less. Moreover, the unique Shanlaan shaft is light and lightweight, and it is more silent with double-layer sound-absorbing cotton, which will not affect other people, which is more in line with my expectations.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing, I’m Brother Ming, and I’ll show you more good things in life!

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