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The new favorite table for a tidy desktop, unpacking the Rapoo MT510Pro wireless keyboard

The Rapoo mechanical keyboard model I used last time was V860, which is a mechanical keyboard with high workmanship and high cost performance. At that time, I recommended several people around me to buy this keyboard. This time I unpacked Rapoo’s latest product MT510PRO wireless mechanical keyboard.

Let me express my surprise from the packaging box. Unlike the past, the material of the packaging box has been replaced by cardboard with an overwhelming structure, and a layer of colorful packaging is added on the outer layer. Rapoo has finally worked hard on the appearance and materials. .

MT510PRO belongs to 75% configuration, with a total of 84 keys.

· Keyboard body*1

· Data cable*1

· 2.4G Receiver*1

· Key puller*1

· manual*1

MT510PRO has a total of two keycap colors, which are "Navigation Diary" and "Meow Cute Holiday". , with a low configuration structure, it is a feminine mechanical keyboard as a whole, and the linear axis is more suitable for girls.

MT510PRO adopts aluminum alloy frame, CNC trimming, similar to iPhone frame technology, straight line design elements, there is an illusion of aluminum lumps, and the addition of metal elements improves the texture to a higher level.

It can be seen from the side that this keyboard belongs to the keycap suspension design.

From the above angle, you can see the MT510PRO’s USB-C data cable socket, power switch key, and non-slip feet. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 3.0, wireless 2.4G, and wired four connection methods. Because this keyboard is small and exquisite, it is suitable for wireless desktop matching and is pleasing to the eye. It is recommended to use Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to the computer, 5.0 can achieve ultra-low latency, and the built-in 4000mAh lithium battery can ensure long battery life. Currently, keyboards equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 are indeed rare. This keyboard may be used by users of XP and win7 systems.

The shaft equipped on the Rapoo MT510PRO is the Kuaiyin shaft developed by Rapoo itself, which is a linear shaft, quiet and soft to the touch.

· Trigger stroke: 1.3±0.5mm

· Trigger pressure: 45±10cN

· Paragraph sense: no

"Meow Meng Holiday" keycaps belong to Pbt five-sided sublimation keycaps, which have a matte texture, are not easy to fade, and are not easy to stick to fingerprints.

This 300-priced wireless keyboard is also equipped with RGB backlight effects, which is also a surprise action. You can set a variety of modes. For example, I prefer pure blue light and white light to increase the sense of atmosphere. When typing at night, you can also use the light to hit the keys. The wireless mode supports any 6-key non-retouching, and the wired mode supports all-key non-reciprocating.

Using the Bluetooth mode or the wireless 2.4G connection method, the Rapoo MT510PRO can be used for easy wireless desktop matching. I personally prefer to use the Bluetooth mode because it does not occupy the USB port of the computer.

Code word experience. As a low-profile keyboard, it is more suitable for typing and is a typical typewriter. The Rapoo Kuaiyin switch is also the switch for the first physical examination. The characteristic of the linear switch is that it has no sense of paragraph and is triggered by the sinking stroke. It feels soft and has no spring sound. Compared with the linear switches of the gold powder switch, the Rapoo Kuaiser silver switch is not inferior, and it is easy to type. I think it is suitable for girls who code every day. The beautiful color matching can also add a little color to the desktop.

The beautiful keycaps add a lot of color to the desktop.

If you use the keyboard for a long time, it is recommended to use a keyboard palm rest like Xiaogu.

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