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The new keyboard switch body with higher appearance + feel will be launched soon丨2023 Huannuo brand meeting sharing

With the beginning of April, various new products have been released one after another. This time, I was invited to participate in the Huannuo 2023 brand meeting on April 8. As a shaft factory that has always focused on cost performance, this year's meeting is also full of highlights. .

This article will share with you the content of this meeting, which also includes some real photos of the Huannuo factory. Welcome to pay attention, like and favorite for three consecutive times.

As a shaft factory's new product meeting, of course the focus is on the young ladies on site (laughs), and I will post some pictures of the young ladies first.

Miss loli face.

Miss Long Legs.

The cyberpunk style of the on-site layout, with RGB lights everywhere, is very e-sports.

Live map.

Almost all the shafts that Huannuo has produced so far, you can recognize a few of them.

The outfield of the meeting also exhibited some keyboards using the Huannuo axis, such as the Dareu family bucket that has used the Huanuo axis for many years.

The Kechuang series products that Amway has presented to everyone before also appeared at the meeting. I believe that this year, Jianlu and Keychron will also release many models using Huannuo shafts.

The large-scale tester provided at the on-site check-in is really good, including this new product and classic models such as the sky axis, purple gold axis, etc., and it has been used as a decompression artifact at home.

Returning to this new product meeting, Huanuo has been established for more than 30 years. Its earliest brand was called Huanyu. Presumably some old enthusiasts have heard of Huanyu and Huanyu Weidong. Afterwards, it was renamed Tengfei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and it was not officially named Huannuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. until 2014. The cumulative sales of more than 400 million shafts and more than 30 million customized shafts have been sold. The figures are quite shocking. that's it.

The new products released by Huannuo this time mainly include five shaft series and one micro-movement.

Spring Festival glass series shaft ---At present, the flagship series of Huannuo is the RGB axis series with high appearance and abundant materials.

The Chunjian Liuli series is a major new product at this conference. It includes 6 shafts with good looks and good names, namely: conch pearl shaft, hibiscus jade shaft, tortoise shell shaft, tourmaline shaft, indigo shaft and The upper and lower covers of each switch body are transparent, and have an integrated light guide column and a high-mirror light guide integrated base, which should be liked by many RGB players.

DS series customized shaft ---The flagship turquoise V2 axis is a small weight linear axis that I personally like very much.

As an upgraded version of the turquoise switch, because its trigger pressure is only 31gf, it is also nicknamed the myasthenia switch. It is the lightest switch in history. It is also equipped with a double-stage gold-plated spring with a better feel. It can make the light more uniform, which is suitable for both game use and office use.

CS series factory run shaft ---It is estimated that the price is relatively high, but the full POM axis will become smoother with use.

The shaft core of the full POM shaft is made of POM material, and the upper and lower covers are made of POK material. Since the bottom of the extended shaft core is used, the sound is more concentrated and the HIFI sound is stronger.

Low shaft series ---Switch bodies for special keyboards such as short switches, including customized versions and ordinary plug-in versions.

The short shaft is the latest product launched by Huannuo. It also comes with lubrication before leaving the factory, and provides two kinds of original factory feet and customized feet to meet the needs of more players.

In addition to the above four shafts that have been mass-produced, there are two strategic products:

Magnetic shaft series --- very technical shaft body, you can customize the pressure weight and trigger stroke, but there is no way to mass-produce it for the time being.

High-end micro-motion series---Different from the above-mentioned shafts, Huannuo's high-end micro-motions this time use POM material, and there is a silent version.

Some finished keyboards using the new switch body were exhibited on site. You can take a look first to satisfy your hunger. It is expected to be put on the shelves in the near future.

There are many models with small screens in the finished keyboards on display, as well as a lot of translucent and fully transparent kits. It seems that this year's key ring will continue to roll.

The on-site game session is also very interesting, there are shaft running and shaft loading competitions. If you are more interested in customized keyboards, you can follow the official double micro account of Xiahuannuo to sign up for the next meeting.

After the meeting, I stopped by the Huannuo factory to visit, and shared the shaft production line that may be mysterious to ordinary players.

The Huannuo shaft production line uses a sterile workshop, and the staff need to wear hair covers, dust-proof clothing and shoe covers to prevent dust from being mixed in during the production process. It corresponds to the consistency and feel of players. The daily production capacity is about Around 180w to 250w axes.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw my old friend Daryou, 囧, the picture below is a very common green axis.

In addition, there are some new customized shafts in production, so let’s type a code for confidentiality.

In addition, I also saw Huannuo's shaft body testing room. Players are concerned about the feel. There are quite a lot of equipment that can be used for quantitative testing, such as the high-power microscope used for detection accuracy in the picture below.

The picture below shows the spring tension testing machine, which is the pressure weight that players are concerned about, and it also has a great impact on the feel of the shaft.

Another point is that the service life that players don't pay much attention to is actually a place that manufacturers pay special attention to. There are many testers that have been testing.

Let me summarize the key points of this brand meeting and factory tour for the lazy people who have been dragged to the end:

This meeting released some new switches, including the high-value Chunjian Liuli series with RGB, the ultra-light weight green switch V2 with better hand feeling, the full POM switch with more solid materials, and more support. New products such as the short shaft of the installation scheme and the mouse fret made of POM material, the keyboard using these shafts will be launched in the next few months, you can look forward to it.

The factory tour answered some players’ questions. This year, Huannuo will focus on detail optimization and material optimization. For example, some users have reported that the shaft seat of the hot-swappable shaft body is not easy to plug and unplug. To solve this problem, Huannuo has improved the card point structure of the base. , the improved version of the shaft body will be on the market in May. In terms of shaft body materials, Huannuo is also developing new materials, such as the five-sided sublimation technology used in the upper cover of the HIFI shaft that I shared with you before. The shaft body The material is not only resistant to high temperature, but also has self-lubricating effect.

The above is the main content of Huannuo brand meeting and factory tour. Interested players may wish to pay more attention to the latest developments of Huanuo official in the future.

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