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The new NUC is here! The refreshing feeling of typing goes with you, the ultra-thin GK50 LP TKL low-axis mechanical keyboard

It's been a long time since I've played with the keyboard seriously. Recently, the mainframe that has been in service for two years has also been disassembled and sold, and replaced with the Big I series Big NUC Viper Canyon. That's right, it's the poisonous snake head host you saw. How to say, this is really too fragrant. Considering that this mic NUC is often carried back and forth to work, you only need to put a "board brick" on each side. For the convenience of portability, a lightweight It is also much more convenient to think about it while taking advantage of the keyboard.

I used MSI's GK50 on the desktop before, and I had a GM41 ultra-light mouse in my hand. And after changing the Big NUC, I changed to the MSI VIGOR GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL low-axis keyboard and the GM41W dual-mode mouse. I used this combination for about two weeks, and it feels very comfortable. Finally, I can also bring the refreshing feeling of typing gone.

The biggest attraction of GK50 LOW PROFILE TKL is its compact TKL design that can be easily carried, combined with excellent RGB lighting effects, it has an outstanding appearance. The keyboard has a mechanical short shaft, an ergonomic suspension keycap design and support feet that support three angles, and the functions are good. Let's take a look at the performance of this keyboard in practical applications~

MSI VIGOR GK50 TKL adopts a compact low-axis design. It is a 354x140 87-key layout, and the weight is only a pound, exquisite and thin. The 87 layout without a numeric keypad has many advantages, and the saved area allows the mouse to have a larger sliding space. In addition, the keyboard and the attached drawstring bag will make it more convenient to carry, and the Big NUC, GK50 TKL and GM41W can be easily packed into the backpack.

In the main keyboard area, there are fewer keys, so there are fewer multi-function keys. Among them, the MSI Afterburner graphics card overclocking software can be called out quickly through the Fn+F1 keys, but compactness is still its big selling point.

MSI VIGOR GK50 adopts a silver brushed metal A shell, which is strong and has a better texture. The keyboard's ergonomic high and low keycap design keeps fingers, hands and wrists in a more natural position, reducing stress and pain during long typing or gaming sessions. The height of the keyboard is only 33mm, and you can see how thin and light it is.

On the back of the keyboard, there are 5 non-slip feet and 2 supporting feet. There is a supporting foot on both sides of the back, which can make the keyboard tilt at three angles of 5°, 8° or 11°. The keyboard is designed with cable slots, which are convenient for hiding and combing cables. The data line is separated, equipped with a Type-C interface, and the USB interface on the other end is gold-plated, with a reasonable wire slot for easy routing

The keyboard adopts Kaihua's deeply optimized low-profile white switch, which has a service life of 50 million times. The total stroke is 3.0mm, the trigger stroke is only 1.5mm, and the trigger pressure is 50gf. The ultra-short keystroke can make users more comfortable in office. Less effort and faster in-game feedback. The keyboard has a not particularly obvious sense of paragraph, and it is definitely a typist's favorite.

The keyboard adopts octagonal ABS light-transmitting short keycaps, which have a skin-like touch. The full keys are printed with silver primer, and the characters are clear. Moreover, the keyboard has built-in storage capacity, which can support more than 10 kinds of preset lights, and also supports custom lighting effects. In the driver, you can customize and adjust the brightness, lighting effect style, etc.

MSI VIGOR GK50 LP TKL mechanical keyboard is tailor-made for my Big NUC! Compact 87-key low-profile white shaft design, brushed metal panel, delicate and light weight of one pound, ergonomic octagonal ABS short keycaps and excellent RGB lighting effects, the overall appearance is super cute.

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