The new office artifact, low-axis mechanical keyboard Keychron k3 pro out of the box


This is the first time to try a low-axis mechanical keyboard. Due to the large number of code words in normal work, the keyboard equipped with the company's computer is the most common type. After a day of use, I often feel sore wrists. Under the strong recommendation of my friend, I bought the Keychron k3 pro, a low-axis mechanical keyboard.

Although this is a domestic brand, it is quite popular among overseas players. Some time ago, The Verge, an authoritative overseas technology media, even rated Keychron’s keyboard as the best mechanical keyboard in 2022, which is very influential among foreign players.

Out of the box

The outer packaging box is exquisite and low-key. The black paper box with laser fonts is very distinctive. It is colorful and cool under the light.

In addition to the main commodity keyboard in the box, the accessories are also very thoughtful. There are conventional key pullers and an extra shaft puller. The keyboard is pre-installed with MAC system keycaps, and is equipped with 5 WIN system keycaps separately. In addition, there are two cards, a cable, and an instruction manual (the instruction manual is very intimate, the first half is in English, and the second half is in Chinese, which is more friendly to people who are not good at English).

Extremely simple appearance

The Keychron K3 PRO keyboard continues Kechuang’s consistent simple business style, with a 75% special mechanical keyboard layout, a compact 84-key suspension structure, and keycaps that are almost flush with the shell frame. Simplicity is the ultimate, and it is as convenient to carry as a book.

The thinnest part of the lower edge of the bottom of the keyboard is about 7mm, and the height of the keycap is about 18mm, while the height of the top including the keycap is about 22mm, which is very convenient for storage.

Nowadays, many flagship mobile phones need to wear a mobile phone case of 10-13mm. This thickness is really too thin for a mechanical keyboard.

The parts that can be seen on the Keychron K3 PRO shell are all metal design with super texture, the bottom shell is made of plastic material, and the weight of the keyboard is about 500g, which is super light.

The main body of the keys of the Keychron k3 pro keyboard uses a black-gray system, which looks low-key and calm. The red Esc and Enter keys are added under the main tone of black and gray, and a touch of activity is added to the calmness. In the office environment, it is not dazzling, but it is very textured.

Powerful performance design

The keyboard provides two options of wire control and Bluetooth. Needless to say, the stability of wire control is fast and stable, and the Bluetooth connection is also fast and stable, and it can be switched with one key. After several days of use, there has never been a disconnection phenomenon, and the Bluetooth connection has 0 delay. , very stable. And it is compatible with the three-mode connection function.

The F area of ​​Keychron K3 Pro adds shortcut key labels, such as device brightness adjustment, multimedia, volume control, etc. At the same time, the light control is also independent. You can directly switch between 22 different RGB light effects with one key. Handy. In addition, K3 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.1 connection, can adapt to 3 devices at the same time, compatible with Mac, ipad, Android, and Win devices, to meet the diverse needs of users.

The small hole next to the Type-C interface is the charging indicator

There are two-stage supports that can meet the needs of different groups of people. Switching them occasionally can relieve the pressure on the wrists for a long time at the desk.

Five silicone non-slip feet Four-leg non-slip design

The keycaps of Keychron K3 Pro are LSA-height keycaps to match the short shaft. The keycaps are made of PBT two-color injection molding process, and with the ergonomically designed feet, the entire keyboard looks like a ladder from the side. It can greatly reduce the fatigue of fingers and wrists. Because of the short key travel, the main sound is the sound of the keycap touching the bottom steel plate. It feels soft to use and the trigger is very sensitive. Office typing is very comfortable.

Compared with the traditional CHERRY MX switch body, the height of the LP short switch is reduced by about 35%, and the trigger is about 40% faster. The light-tone tea shaft handle optimized for codewords makes it easier to work. Not only can the keyboard be made very thin without a hand rest, but the key travel is also short and easy. People like me who are trying it for the first time can easily get used to it.

Through the official disassembly diagram, we can see that under the extreme thickness, the entire structure is not filled with sound-absorbing, but the ultra-thin design of the Keychron K3 Pro makes its own cavity relatively small, so when typing Noise is very small.

This keyboard of Keychron can adjust the keyboard layout through QMK/VIA software, connect to the computer through a cable and log in to the official website, and open source macro editing can be performed on the keyboard, so as to realize more level modification of combined keys and custom functions of keys , so that the playability of this mechanical keyboard has risen to another level, and it will bring more comprehensive assistance to users' strong demand for productivity.


The keyboard is one of the important tools for daily work, study, and entertainment, and the effects of different types of keyboards are also different. Keychron K3 Pro has distinct features. It is a low-axis mechanical keyboard that focuses on ultra-thin and portable. Good adaptability can switch back and forth between WIN and MaciOS systems. It is the first time I use it, which is very popular with me. If you just want a keyboard that is thin enough and convenient enough, then the K3 after the price reduction is indeed a good choice.

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