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The Newmen GM780 with a highly recognizable design, whoever saw it would exclaim how cool it is

Newmen can also be regarded as an old domestic brand of computer peripherals. The reputation of an old brand is solid. When the old brand starts to innovate and cater to the pursuit of young people, it is almost nothing but a blockbuster. Newmen recently launched the first new product equipped with Gasket structure three-mode mechanical keyboard GM780 and GM980 series. The highly recognizable design has captured my heart.

Newmen (Newmen) GM780 and GM980, as the name suggests, have 78-key and 98-key triple-mode keyboards. It has three poetic color systems, namely foggy mountains, scorching sun and stars. I chose the Newmen GM780 hot sun color, the mysterious beauty of the sun. The outer packaging of the Chinese painting style, flying cranes soaring towards the sun, showing the radiance and yearning of the scorching sun.

Unpacking the outer package, the main body of the orange upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard, and accessories include manuals, quick pullers, USB Type-C cables, hot sun-themed replacement keycaps, and replaceable switches. The replacement of keycaps and shafts increases the DIY flavor of the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard, allowing the lonely plain keyboard to be replaced with themed Chinese style keycaps according to your preferences.

When I got the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard, I couldn't wait to replace it with the sun-themed personalized keycaps. It is a very simple and smooth thing to replace the keycap and shaft body with the official quick puller. After the replacement, the upstart GM780 keyboard has a different taste.

The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard series provides four kinds of switches for us to choose from. They are starry sky switches and Dailuo switches co-branded with Kaihua, Kaihua BOX white switches and Jiadalong G Silver Pro. I use Jiadalong G Silver Pro has a good hand feel. The daily work is mainly based on keyboard codes, and the hand feel you like is very important. The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts the mainstream hot-swappable solution, and the holes support tripod shafts and five-pin shafts. It is almost compatible with the current mainstream MX structure shafts, which is convenient for us to replace the shafts at any time. You can even prepare an extra set, and change it when you get tired of using it.

The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts transparent shell design elements. The orange-yellow transparent shell with hot sun color is complementary to the decorative strip on the top of the keyboard and themed keycaps, and the visual experience is excellent. A good-looking keyboard provides a great work experience. The size of the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is 371mm×141mm, and the thickness is only 37mm. It is suitable for me who has a messy desktop and saves desktop space.

Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has four status indicators between the F area and the numeric keypad, which is convenient for judging the working status of the keyboard. The body structure adopts a stepped design, which conforms to ergonomics and the typing habits of most people, and typing is fast and not easy to get tired.

Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has three modes to choose from on the top of the keyboard, which are USB Type-C interface, power switch, wired and wireless mode switch, and the orange button in the upper right corner is the switch button for Win and MacOS operating systems.

What's interesting is that compared to other keyboard manufacturers on the market who put the 2.4G receiver in the battery box, the receiver of the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard is hidden in the parameter label on the back of the keyboard. The parameter label is a patch, which is fixed on the keyboard by a magnet. When the parameter label is opened, the receiver is inside. Although this ingenious detail design is not very useful, it is really interesting!

Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard 78-key keyboard design realizes the compactness of the keyboard and does not occupy a lot of space, but it inevitably deprives some keys. Because of this, many functions of the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard are realized through combination keys, and the key combinations and functions are described in detail in the manual China. Among them, the Fn+" key is to adjust various lighting effects.

Also, press Fn + space to change the RGB color, Fn + up and down keys to brighten and dim, and Fn + left and right keys to adjust the speed of the light change. Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard has a total of more than ten kinds of lighting effects for switching, such as drifting with the tide, rippling keys... everything you expect to find.

The upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard can connect three devices at the same time using Bluetooth, and then use the shortcut keys on the keyboard to switch between devices, and use the three keys of Fn+Q/W/E to switch between devices. It is also a great convenience for me who needs to rely on multiple devices such as computers and mobile phones when working. In actual work, the switching is smooth and free, and you can control it back and forth with a keyboard.

I was used to using a 100-key keyboard before, but I suddenly switched to the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard with 78 keys, and I still feel uncomfortable. The F area is missing, so I can slowly adapt to the use of combination keys; but in terms of playing games, the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard did not bother me at all.

Upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a built-in lithium battery solution. According to official data, the 3000mAh lithium battery can provide 100 hours of battery life in the dark state, and about 10 hours of battery life when the brightness of the light is the highest. There is no problem in daily use. The most common USB Type-C interface can be used for charging, and it can be used while charging. Battery anxiety will not happen on the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard.

It’s the middle of 618. If you happen to have a need for a mechanical keyboard, you can try the upstart GM780 three-mode mechanical keyboard with confidence, or you can choose the upstart GM980 if you are used to using a large keyboard, and choose your favorite switch body and color system. High-definition design, three modes, multi-device interconnection, multi-system compatibility, cool light effects, etc. Newmen is worth your try.

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