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The one that drags the wire is the real EVA ROG X EVA joint keyboard

Previously, ROG released the latest joint product ROG X EVA joint name, including a full range of products such as monitors, chassis, routers, power supplies, mice, keyboards, etc. It is said that it is an EVA joint name, but in fact, each model is integrated with the first EVA machine. The image features are innovatively designed.

Although many products are eye-catching, I can only start with the most practical mouse and keyboard because of my limited financial ability. On the day of 6.1, I successfully got the ROG X EVA keyboard. After buying it, I found that the whole network was sold out, and the premium price in the seafood market was 300+. I have to feel the strong attraction of EVA. I don’t know if Asuka or Rei Ayanami will be released next time, I don’t know how popular it will be...

Let's not talk nonsense, let's take a look at the keyboard, the black package is printed with the word "XEVA", and there is also the looming first model machine.

Everyone has seen that this keyboard is actually a color-changed model based on ROG's Ranger RX keyboard. As a product related to the first phone, it naturally adopts the classic purple, black and green color scheme of the first phone, and the words "co-branded product" are naturally indispensable at the bottom right of the keyboard.

Since it is an EVA co-branded product, EVA-related elements cannot be missing in the product. The warning line with a typical EVA style under the keyboard. Several large keys also adopt a very EVA-style design, and the Enter key is even more direct. I used the style of the first machine

The number one machine is directly printed on the space bar. The green pattern on the left side of the space bar also has a lot of background - this pattern is actually the EVA synchronization rate in the animation

If you think these EVA flavors are not strong enough, ROG also provides several keycaps with stronger EVA characteristics for replacement.

Especially on the ESC and F12 keys, the avatar of the first machine and the pattern of the AT position are printed respectively. With the light transmission effect of the transparent pudding keycap, this setting is very touching for EVA fans. However, all the keycaps except the space bar are made of ABS material, which is a little bit uncomfortable.

Let’s take a look at the back of the keyboard. The three colors of purple, green, and orange are exactly the painting of the first phone.

In terms of accessories, except for 4 replacement keycaps, the official said that the key puller is designed with reference to the shape of the Longinus gun... Anyway, I didn't see it

ROG naturally uses its own RX optical axis on the axis, which is different from other optical axes that rely on metal shrapnel to change the optical axis. The optical axis adopts a new type of micro switch technology, and the switch structure is added with infrared optical sensing components. , using the principle of light sensing to generate resistances of different equivalent values, the optical signal is a one-way transmission mode, there is no metal contact in the structure, naturally there is zero wear and corrosion, not only has the "billion times" level of pressing and tapping Long life, no noise and anti-interference ability is also particularly strong.

The most obvious difference is that the optical axis is embedded in the middle of the square volcano structure, which is better in terms of stability than the traditional cross-shaped axis. When using it, the direct performance is that the keys will not shake and feel more stable. The disadvantage is that the mainstream third-party keycaps have completely bid farewell to the optical axis...

Thanks to the suspension design of the keycap, the red X-shaped structure stabilizer inside the shaft body can be seen from the side, which effectively avoids the feedback difference and the keycap’s discrepancy caused by pressing different areas of the traditional cross key shaft due to the different force on the shaft body. Shaking can ensure that every tap is stable and accurate. The tapping feedback of the ROG RX optical axis is straight up and down without a sense of paragraph, coupled with the characteristics of zero delay in optical triggering, it feels like it is confirmed immediately when the keyboard is pressed, and it is hearty.

ROG products have always been strong in lighting. The LED beads of the ROG optical axis are in the middle, so its lighting effect is very uniform. After power on, the RGB lights are all green except for the ESC key.

After entering the awakening (run away?) state of FN+1, it is RGB time

With the support of ROG Armory Crate software, setting items such as button customization and macro function, RGB lighting effect setting and firmware upgrade are provided on the device page. The EVA limited edition can be directly identified in the software. In addition, there is AURA SYNC, which can fully meet the needs of programming personalized light pollution.

Generally speaking, this EVA limited product should be the most cost-effective, the most used, and the product that can best reflect the attributes of EVA among the ROG X EVA series products for EVA lovers—just like some people said before, why not Wireless keyboard, in fact, everyone who has seen EVA knows that running with wires is the essence of EVA, right? The wireless model (S2 mechanism) should be a hidden version. In addition, all the functions of the original Ranger RX keyboard have been retained on this keyboard, including IP57 waterproof, and all the USB2.0 ports on the keyboard have been retained. Whether the extra 200 yuan is worth it depends on whether you are serious. I like it.

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