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The original factory is still stable, office games are easy to handle, CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard experience

In my impression, the design style of CHERRY keyboard has always been relatively "conservative", such as the classic G80-3000, MX1.0, MX8.0 in the hearts of many peripheral enthusiasts, even high-end games such as MX8.0 The keyboard is also very restrained. In addition to RGB, the pure white keycaps are also extremely restrained. So, when I saw the CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard (hereinafter referred to as KC200), I even took a photo and asked my friends in the group: Whose keyboard do you think this is? The result can be imagined...

Different from the past, KC200 has really subverted everyone's impression of CHERRY's hard-core business style this time. The overall design tends to be more youthful, and the colorful color matching can also show that CHERRY is "working hard" to be close to the aesthetics of young people, as if saying : Look, I made a change, it's up to you...

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard has completely subverted my consistent impression of the design and color matching of CHERRY keyboards, but the "CHERRY" LOGO on the keyboard reminds me that CHERRY is also changing.

The color scheme of KC200 is very bold, and the first four colors are "Caramel Cocoa", "Red Strawberry", "Lime Rock Sweet Orange" and "Green White Mint". If you want to buy KC200, I would recommend buying it except for "Caramel Cocoa Flavor", because the other three colors are more "delicious".

This time I bought "Lime Rock Sweet Orange Flavor". After I got it, the color is better and more durable than the official picture. I am very satisfied. If you are a girl, I would recommend the "Red Strawberry Flavor", while the "Green White Mint Flavor" is full of freshness, suitable for both boys and girls.

KC200 adopts the setting of standard configuration + function keys, which not only takes into account 104 standard keys, but also adds four function keys, the defaults are volume -, mute, volume + and calculator shortcut keys.

Although there are many buttons, the size of the KC200 is not large. Thanks to the floating + narrow frame design, it is cleaner and neater than the general mechanical keyboard.

In terms of keycaps, except for the "caramel cocoa flavor" KC200 which uses ABS keycaps, the other three colors all use PBT spherical keycaps, which not only have outstanding appearance, but also are more wear-resistant and difficult to use for a long time Come on. The keycap font is printed in large fonts, which is effortless to look at. The quality and craftsmanship of the double-material injection keycaps are very good, and the delicacy of CHERRY is still there.

In terms of the shaft body, KC200 MX uses the original CHERRY shaft body, and the current options include red shaft, brown shaft, and green shaft.

This time, I chose the CHERRY brown switch more safely. Compared with the CHERRY red switch that I have been using before, the paragraph sense is obvious. Compared with the green switch, the sound has been well controlled. I am quite satisfied after using it for a while. In addition, the large key adopts a satellite shaft design, the consistency of the entire key is relatively good, and the rebound is relatively fast.

At the position of the three buttons "CAPS LOCK", "NUM LOCK" and "SCRLK", KC200 is designed with a white light indicator, which is convenient for judging whether the corresponding function is enabled.

In addition, the upper cover of the KC200 MX is made of aluminum alloy with a metal matte panel, which has a very good texture; the bottom is designed with a telescopic bracket, which is convenient for us to adjust the elevation angle of the keyboard according to our usage habits to obtain a more comfortable input experience.

As CHERRY's first office mechanical keyboard, KC200 MX adopts a standard 104-key arrangement, and the addition of a small keyboard is an upgrade of experience for both office and game users. Moreover, in addition to the standard buttons, it also considerately provides four additional function keys, which is convenient for us to customize the corresponding functions.

Not only that, KC200 MX also adopts a full-key no-reverse design, and has an anti-ghosting key function. With a high return rate of 1000Hz, it can greatly facilitate our daily office work and game entertainment.

The quality of a mechanical keyboard experience, in addition to appearance, "feel" should be a sufficient and necessary condition. My KC200 MX uses a CHERRY brown shaft, the trigger stroke is 2±0.6mm, and the trigger pressure is 45±20cn.

The biggest feeling I got when using KC200 MX for the first time was that it was "solid", especially in terms of shaft adjustment. CHERRY can easily adjust its own shaft. For the same CHERRY tea shaft, the pressing feel of KC200 MX is better than that of the coaxial body. Other keyboards are significantly more "advanced".

For users who have switched from membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards, I have always admired the brown switch, because the brown switch not only has the sense of paragraph that the mechanical switch body should have, but also takes into account the quietness of the red switch, which is better than the black switch. Save a lot of effort. Of course, for veteran players, they can choose a more extreme and suitable shaft according to their own needs and usage environment.

In the process of using the KC200 MX, I can clearly feel the force damping in the first half and the second half of the shaft pressing process very differently. At the same time, the shaft body of KC200 MX rebounds very quickly, and there will be no "sticky" feeling at all. For office codewords, it allows me to realize character input more effectively and easily. Moreover, thanks to the addition of four multi-function buttons, through the custom function, it can be customized as some common functions to further improve office efficiency.

Of course, there is no problem with KC200 MX for playing games. Although it is not as straight up and down as the linear axis body, the good thing is that the paragraph sense is more like an "assistant" function in the game. In most cases, " "Paragraph sense" is also a signal triggered, which can be used as an echo between the game and reality. In addition, the KC200 MX's full-key no-shock and anti-ghosting key design guarantees the accuracy of gamers under extremely fast operations, especially in some MOBA games, which can well avoid misuse.

The CHERRY KC200 MX mechanical keyboard should be the third CHERRY keyboard I have ever used. Of course, it is also the most special one. In terms of appearance, the KC200 MX’s colorful color matching and ball cap design make it look more fashionable and brilliant than any previous CHERRY keyboard, which I believe is also the expectation of many old CHERRY fans. In terms of "configuration", the addition of CHERRY shaft body, full key with no impact, anti-ghosting key, 1000Hz high return rate and four multi-function keys makes KC200 MX achieve both internal and external repair, and can easily be used for different tasks such as office and games. scenes to be used.

If your desktop happens to lack this "bright color", then I think CHERRY KC200 MX will be a good choice, it is really good-looking and very reliable!

In addition, as Double Eleven approaches, major manufacturers will have relatively large discounts. If you like this keyboard, you may wish to pay attention to CHERRY’s discounts on major e-commerce platforms. I believe you will not be disappointed. In addition to this keyboard, CHERRY's popular product 3.0S wireless version has a discounted price of 799 on Double Eleven, which is a record low compared to the daily price of 1299. Don't miss it if you like it.

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